Silver Hair Dye: Achieving and Maintaining the Silver Hair Look

Silver Hair Dye: Achieving and Maintaining the Silver Hair Look

The Colour

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Silver coloured hair has always been a sought after look. Amongst the bright rainbow-coloured dyes and the tie-dye trends, silver hair still remains a popular and sophisticated shade. With a silvery grey finish, you can be sure to look the best of the bunch! The silvery finish is a hard one to maintain and to upkeep, but with our silver hair know-how and knowledge, you’ll be pulling off the look in no time. Here, we have all the handy pointers and hints that you will need to make the awesome change to silver hair. 

The Process

Throughout every hair dying process, the maintenance of your hair should be of the highest importance. The first stage of getting silver hair involves bleaching, which can sometimes be a harsh process for your hair. It is important to get your locks in tip top condition before bleaching to make sure the hair doesn’t damage or dry easily. Regular conditioning and care in the run up to bleaching is the best way to keep your hair healthy and strong, aiding in locking in that colour for longer!

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The bleaching is done to create a blank canvas for the silver colouring to be placed onto. Silver is a difficult shade to use as a cover-up shade, so making your hair as light as possible before dying is the way to go! If you’re currently sporting a naturally darker shade, then it may require more than one bleaching process to get the hair a few notches lighter and ready to go.

It is then important to use a purple toner, to cancel out any unwanted colour shades appearing in your new hairdo. The purple shades are able to remove any remaining yellow or orange hues that may clash with a subtle colour such as silver. By keeping all colours under control, you can make sure that the silver hair you’re after is the silver hair that you’re going to get and nothing less!

Now with your canvas all prepped, you can start your silver hair masterpiece! Applying the dye from the root outwards, you can start to brush on the dye, making sure the hair is coloured evenly.  You can adjust and alter your shades of silver by either mixing different shades of dye in the mixing pot or by the duration you leave the dye on your hair. You can mix any shades of hair colour, just make sure that you use a majority of silver in your mix so any undertones you add don’t overpower the hair colour.

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In terms of duration, the longer the silver hair dye stays on your head, the stronger the shade will become. In some cases, the hair may initially look light blue/lavender but don’t panic, this tone will calm down after a while!

The Upkeep

Just as we have said before, the bleaching stage can potentially weaken the hair, so it’s super important to keep on top of regular hair care procedures such as conditioning. Finding the right product is key, so it’s essential that you find yourself some products that will condition and strengthen your hair to reduce any potential damage bleaching may cause. No matter what shade of hair dye you choose, it is always important that hair health comes first!

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When trying to maintain the colour of your hair, there are certain products you can use to make those chic silver shades last a little bit longer. Using shampoos and conditioners that contain sulphates can often remove colouring from the hair, so it is recommended that you use sulphate-free products to avoid this.

There are also colour depositing products that can be applied to the hair when the shade needs to be boosted. Every few weeks or so, you can apply silver or grey depositing products to your hair just to keep the shades as vibrant as you want them to be. Also, when your roots inevitably start to show, a quick top-up of hair dye is sure to do the trick!

So there you have it, the path to silver hair has now been paved and all that’s left to do is to try it out! You can easily dye your hair silver by building your own silver hair dye kit at home. This may allow you to test out different styles and shades!

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Silver Hair Dye: Achieving and Maintaining the Silver Hair Look

Silver Hair Dye: Achieving and Maintaining the Silver Hair Look

Silver hair can be a hard look to achieve, but we've compiled some handy tips and pointers to make getting grey or platinum hair possible!

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