The Most Famous ‘Do In Showbiz: Lady Gaga Hair

The Most Famous ‘Do In Showbiz: Lady Gaga Hair


Nobody comes close to Lady Gaga for her sense of style and individuality. Lady Gaga proves that you don’t have to stick to one particular style so why not take a leaf out of her book and have some fun with your hairstyle? Here are our favourite styles from the Lady Gaga Hair collection.

You may be wondering how Lady G manages to switch up her look so often while keeping gorgeous silky tresses. It is well known that dyeing your hair too often can cause it to become weak, dry and brittle. The secret to Lady Gaga’s ever changing style is wigs. This gal is not afraid to put on a wig to help her rock out a new style or length. This also explains how she achieves some of her outrageous haircuts. So bear this in mind and be sure to give your hair plenty of time to recover between dyeing sessions.

Lady Gaga Bow Hair Outfit

We absolutely have to kick off our list with the Lady Gaga bow hair outfit since it used to be her signature style. Lady Gaga came to our attention with her platinum blonde hair and adorable bow style. This was her go to look for quite some time before she started experimenting with more outlandish looks. The Lady Gaga hair bow has been recreated by plenty of fans so head over to YouTube to find tutorials.

Lady Gaga Telephone Yellow Hair

This isn’t the only time Lady G has rocked a yellow hair colour. In fact, in her new song Lady Gaga Telephone yellow hair is a huge feature. This brighter hue is bold and daring but looks awesome with her 50s vibe.

From Lady Gaga Short Blonde Hair To Rainbow Colours

Lady Gaga Rainbow Hair

Lady Gaga has had pretty much ever hair colour so once she stepped away from platinum blonde the fun really began. She debuted her rainbow style in Tokyo while touring Asia. Lady Gaga rainbow hair is no ordinary rainbow style. She had the longest extensions trailing in a long mane. The twisted beehive style allowed us to see all the different pastel colours she used.

Lady Gaga Long Hair

Lady G does love to step out with impossibly long hairstyles! One of the more recent lady gaga long hair looks was her David Bowie tribute outfit. We absolutely adored the meaning behind this outfit and loved her performance of some of his classic songs. This bright orange ‘do was largely inspired by his Ziggy Stardust look.

Lady Gaga Silver Hair

It is hard to believe that Lady Gaga short black hair used to be her style when you see the amazing light sleek silver hairstyle she showed off. The glamorous silver sparkly dress showed that Lady G has a sophisticated and sassy side. We love how her different hairstyles enhance different parts of her awesome personality.

Lady Gaga Bangs

This next style is the brightest blue and we absolutely adore it! The straight Lady Gaga bangs and choppy bob give a sleek style that works perfectly with the colour. We all wish we could go to Lady Gaga hair stylist but we think you could achieve pretty great results at home with the right haircut and some of our most vibrant hair dye.

Lady Gaga Hairstyle

We love this Lady Gaga hairstyle. This Breakfast at Tiffany’s inspired up-do is fabulous! The beehive style works amazingly with her grey/white fringe and stunning autumnal orange and greens.

Lady Gaga Hair Colour

We are always envious when someone rocks a super bright colour and we are loving the dark roots paired with this green style. This Lady Gaga hair colour is definitely one to try. If your school or work doesn’t allow bright hair colour then why not try a temporary dye for summer break or a holiday. We love the bold fashion statement Lady G has made with this hair colour, pairing this green hue with a more indigo blue jacket works for our favourite fashionista.

Lady Gaga Pink Hair

We have one final Lady Gaga haircut for you. Lady Gaga joined the cotton candy pink hair craze with gorgeous soft pink waves. We are hoping the pastel hair trend continues into 2018 because we are still totally in love with it.

This was just a snippet of Lady Gaga Hair. She has tried out so many styles we have lost count so if we missed one of your favourites why not share it with us on FacebookTwitter or Instagram!

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The Most Famous ‘Do In Showbiz: Lady Gaga Hair

The Most Famous ‘Do In Showbiz: Lady Gaga Hair

Get some hair dye inspiration from the queen of outrageous hairstyles. These incredible Lady Gaga Hair ideas are just what you need to decide which incredible hair colour is next for you.

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