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If you’re looking for an on trend, yet truly alternative hair colour that works with any style, it’s time to reach for the dark blue hair dye. Unnatural hair colour has been growing in popularity in recent years, with blue widely considered to be the most daring of dyes. This year has seen blue hair hit mainstream style in a big way, proving that this bold colour can work for everyone and need not just be reserved for the edgiest among us.

Summer of this year saw an explosion in popularity for bright blue hair colours such as aqua, turquoise and green-blue mermaid shades. While shocking blue hair is still a thing of beauty, this season’s must have shade has taken a darker turn. If you want to update your bright blue tresses or are thinking of taking the blue hair plunge for the very first time, choosing a dark shade of denim or navy blue hair dye is definitely the right call.

Since Katy Perry first rocked the red carpet with her vibrant blue ‘do at the MTV music awards, more and more celebrities have been catching the blue hair bug. This season’s trendsetters include Kylie Jenner, who proved that bold midnight blue hair colour can be a sophisticated statement, and Nicole Richie with her mesmerizing cobalt blue tint. Dark blue has been declared the undisputed champion of winter hair colours, with muted navy and grey tones surpassing the more fluorescent shades of blue, green and pink which ruled festival season this year.

Anybody can wear dark blue hair

Think you don’t have the skin tone or natural hair colour to pull off blue hair? Think again! This colour is surprisingly versatile and can be made to work with just about any style or skin tone, whether you’re going for a subtle tint, thick strips of colour or an all over blue look. Whatever you’re aiming for, we can help you to find the best blue hair dye to achieve that perfect finish!

As with any unnatural hair colour, you should choose your shade carefully to make sure it will complement your natural skin tone rather than making you look washed out. Don’t worry, this is surprisingly straightforward! People with cool skin tones should choose a shade of blue dye that has pink or purple undertones, such as midnight or royal blue hair dye. Whereas, those with warmer skin tones should choose dark blue hair dye brands with yellow or green undertones. Not sure how figure out whether you’re warm or cooled toned? Check out our guidance tips below!

Cool skin tones:

  • Dark brown, grey or dark blue eyes
  • Natural hair colour is ash brown, dark blonde, very dark brown or blue black
  • Very dark skin, olive skin, pale skin with pink undertones

Warm skin tones:

  • Golden brown, green, green blue or hazel eyes
  • Brown hair with red or gold undertones, red hair, strawberry blonde hair
  • Pale skin with peach or gold undertones, freckled skin, rosy skin

Choose your dark blue hair dye UK brand

When it comes down to choosing the best blue hair dye, you’ll find we stock an impressive range of semi-permanent and wash-in, wash-out brands. Whether you’re warm toned, cool toned, looking for a lasting finish or a temporary splash of colour, you’re bound to find just the right product here. Let’s have a look at some of our leading brands:

  1. Crazy Color
  2. Manic Panic
  3. Herman’s
  4. Stargazer
  5. La Riche Directions
  6. Splat

If you are at all unsure about making a dramatic change to your hair, try one of our wash-in, wash-out dark blue hair dye products such as Splat hair chalk’s Midnight Blue or Manic Panic’s Dye Hard temporary hair colour styling gel in Electric Sky. These amazing ultra-temporary dyes allow you to add a bright pop of colour to any style, which conveniently washes right out in one go. They’re ideal if you want to see how you feel about a particular shade of blue, or if your school or employer wouldn’t be impressed with you sporting an unnatural shade.

If you’re ready to take the plunge and dye a large section of your hair, one of our semi-permanent cream dyes should give you the powerful colour effect you want! Herman’s Amazing Semi-Permanent Hair Colour in Marge Blue makes an excellent choice for a bold blue hue; it is ammonia free and 100% vegan friendly! You would also look amazing in a darker shade like La Riche Directions midnight blue hair colour, with its smoky purple undertones. These stunning resealable hair dyes last from 8 to 12 washes, making them a perfect choice for people who like to update their colour regularly.

Working blue hair dye for dark hair

If your natural or current hair colour is quite dark, you will need to lighten your hair to achieve a bold dark blue hair colour. In actual fact, lightening your hair with bleach is recommended unless you’ve got very pale blonde hair to start with. Semi-permanent dyes cover your existing hair colour rather than altering it, so getting the shade you want will be easier on pre-lightened hair. This can be achieved quite effectively with home bleaching kits, particularly if you’re only aiming to lighten a small section of your hair for an Ombre or blue highlighted effect.

One enormous advantage of using our semi-permanent dark blue hair dye brands as opposed to conventional permanent dye products is that they are kind to your hair! Many of the dyes in our range are free from harsh chemicals and actually work to sooth and condition your hair, leaving it soft and intensely shiny after each application. What a relief not to worry about damaging your hair when you want to top up your colour! Whether you’re using a navy blue hair dye or a royal blue hair dye, your show stopping colour can stay vibrant for weeks.