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Want to try a new stand out hair ‘do? Forget your natural brown, black or blonde hair and dare to try a bolder, brighter colour! For a completely new look, you need a transformative colour such as teal hair dye. Many people are starting to realize how gorgeous dark teal hair dye can be especially when it is used on long hair. March to the beat of your own drum with an awesome new hair colour and embrace this fabulous hue of blue.

Why choose green or blue hair dye when you can have the best of both? If you are looking for that glossy and shiny finish, you need an outstanding new colour. Teal blue hair dye comes in shades of all varieties, from aquamarine to bright green. You can choose dark, light or any other kind of shade to make yourself look awesome.

The Best Teal Hair Dyes

Getting a new or temporary hair colour can feel daunting especially if you have stuck with your natural hair colour all your life but with home hair dye kits it couldn’t be easier! You may be surprised by how much confidence a new hairstyle can give you. With teal hair colour, you can be sure that you will turn plenty of heads. Teal is an unusual colour that consists of a blend of blue and green. It strikes a balance between the aqua beauty of blue and the natural feel of green.

Our teal hair dye for dark hair and other hair types are temporary hair colour dyes. They can last up to 8 weeks if you take steps to preserve your colour. The best way to protect your dyed hair is by using a dry shampoo, showering in cooler water, using colour protect shampoo and condition.

Plenty of celebrities have joined the craze for this awesome colour. We have seen Rihanna sporting long curly teal hair, Lady Gaga presenting a cute 50s style ‘do, Hilary Duff adding teal to her long locks and queen of the hair dye, Katy Perry switching to a blue/green hue. 
Hate the hassle of maintaining a dyed ‘do? Lucky for you this style looks awesome with dark roots peeking through. Maybe you would like to try a dip dye? This can look awesome with both light and dark coloured hair. A blend of blonde and teal will give you a more washed-out summer beach style whereas a dark brown or black colour mixed with this hue will give a punky vibe.

Teal Hair Dye Made Super Easy

Achieving teal hair colour will require lightening and toning of your natural hair for best results. If you want to achieve the best colour, we can help you by offering you the best hair treatment irrespective of your natural hair colour. Some of the tips below will help you get started so you can get the best in teal hair colour dye.

  • One of the first things you will need to do before dyeing your hair with teal is to bleach it. Bleaching will help you to reduce or prevent your natural colour showing through the dye. Dyeing hair without bleaching will result in a mix of your natural hair colour and teal colour, therefore producing a colour different from the expectation.
  • Next, you are likely to need toner to neutralise any unwanted tones in your hair. Using toner after bleaching your hair will take out the brassy tones left behind by this process. It essentially provides you with a blank canvas to apply your dye on to. The more neutral the starting colour, the better the hair dye will show through.
  • The next step is choosing the best brand and shade of colour for you. With the gorgeous teal hair dye Manic Panic, you can achieve a glowing finish. The Manic Panic amplified range is especially popular in this shade because of its bright finish. As with several other teal green hair dye options in our catalogue, you can transform from your everyday locks to a new refreshed style with the snap of a finger. You can also select from La Riche Directions, Splat, Stargazer and Herman’s. Each dye features different qualities from being vegan friendly to ammonia free so make sure to browse the whole range before you choose your product.
  • Before proceeding with dyeing your hair, it is usually advisable to perform a patch test to determine if a teal dye is the best for you. Making a mistake in your choice of colour can leave you with the wrong shade of hair dye. Performing a simple test strip could be a time saver and also help you to achieve your desired look with ease. It is also important to test you are not allergic to the hair dye as every brand contains different ingredients.
  • After applying the hair dyes, you may want to add other tones to your new look. Add a navy blue to the roots of your hair for a two tone or ombre effect. You could even try blue black hair dye for those of you who want to keep your dark natural colour.

Some of the most popular teal dye colours we stock include mermaid, siren’s song, UV turquoise and Thelma turquoise. We hand-pick some of the best teal brands in order to offer you the highest level of quality. We have a huge catalogue of dyes; this makes us one of the best one stop shops for hair dye so make sure to stock up on teal hair dye for your new style!