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  • Brushes & Bowls

    If you’re dye-ing to become a home hair dye aficionado, you’re certainly going to need some hair dye brushes & bowls in your styling inventory.

    As well as a huge range of awesome hair dyes from bright neon pinks to crisp silver shades, here at Dye My Hair, we have all the dyeing tools you need to dye your hair at home. With our simple range of hair dye applicator brushes and colour mixing bowls, you’ll be switching up your look in no time. Home hair colouring has never been easier!

    All Your Hair Dye Essentials In One Place

    For applying the hair dye, you’re going to need to be well stocked with plenty of tint brushes. We have three different types of brushes to choose from including a standard tint brush, dual-sided tint brush and a miniature brush.

    The standard-sized brush is perfect for general dye application. Longer bristles and a wider brush suit wider coverage of the hair. The dual-sided hair dye brush has two different lengths of bristles. One side has a thicker brush which is good for general application and its thinner side helps with precision application and hard to reach places. Miniature brushes can help with extreme precision and can help to add thin streaks or muted tones to the hair. They’re perfect for quick root touch ups and hair maintenance.

    All of our brushes are affordable, reusable and must-haves in your hair dye kit. Save yourself regular trips to the salon when you achieve your new look at home – for less!

    However, in order to create unique styles and hair colours, you’ll have to make sure you pick up a mixing bowl! As well as being a palette for your unique hair dye creations, the bowl will be perfect for blending and experimenting with new colours. The bowls are an inexpensive way to make your new look happen. You’ll be surprised at what miracles can come out of the colour mixing bowl!

    Complete Your Home Hair Dyeing Kit

    When you shop online with Dye My Hair you don’t only get the dyes, but we want you to have the complete hair dye kit so your fully prepared to get your new hairdo sorted. If you’re stuck for style inspiration, then we highly recommend checking out some of our Pinterest style boards. Full of ideas and styles, you’re sure to fall in love with one of our awesome styles.

    If you’re fed up of the endless trips to the hairdressers, you may want to start experimenting with home hair dye. These hair dye application brushes and handy hair dye bowls are certain to make these new looks possible. To make sure you are fully prepared for the home-dye procedure, why not have a look through our blog archives to find all the handy hints, tricks, tips and guides to getting the perfect hair dye style.

  • Gloves

    So you’ve decided to colour your hair, but maybe you’re just after a little something to make the process less messy than it needs to be? Well then, you should definitely consider picking up some hair colouring gloves. These single use accessories are a great way to keep your hands protected when dyeing your hair!

    Home Hair Colouring

    It’s difficult to make the hair dyeing process completely mess free, but by using some of our hair dye gloves it becomes a lot easier to stop your hair dye from getting on things you don’t want it to! Gloves are a fantastic way to stop your hands from turning all manner of crazy colours – because we know how difficult hair dye can be to get off skin! These one use items just make your life easier, offering a hair dyeing experience that’s free of hassle.

    Another great thing about our protective gloves is that they’re disposable, meaning that once you’ve let them take a hair colour bullet for your hands, you can simply chuck them away! This helps make the process of dyeing your hair as quick and easy as possible! At Dye My Hair, we’ve got all the kit you need to make sure your home hair dyeing process is speedy and simple!

    Premium Standard

    If you’re after high quality hair dyeing accessories, then you should definitely consider Dye My Hair! Our protective gloves are as good as home hair dyeing ones get! Not only that, but they’re also really reasonably priced – so they definitely are the best of both worlds.

    And it doesn’t matter what style you’re going for, hair dye gloves will ensure that the whole process is free from hassle – whether you’re after dip dye, ombré or something else entirely.

    At Dye My Hair we have just about every bit of hair dye kit you could ever need for getting a great look. This includes the following essential items:

    • Brushes & Bowls
    • Shampoos & Conditioners
    • Bleach Kits
    • Toners

    So there really is no reason to go anywhere else! If you want to a new hair colour that is bold and bright – making just about everyone jealous – then we really do have you covered.

    So what are you waiting for? Be sure to pick up some of our gloves for dyeing hair today! Our multipurpose single use gloves are certain to ensure that you can get the incredible hair colour you want – whether it be blue, red, yellow or something else! – with minimum amount of mess!

  • Shampoo & Conditioner

    Here at Dye My Hair we understand just how important hair care really is! With an extensive range of colour safe, moisturising and protecting shampoos and conditioners available, be sure to make Dye My Hair your next one-stop shop for all things nourishing! 

    What’s the importance of using Colour Protecting products?

    Although it’s not an absolute ‘must’, here at Dye My Hair we highly recommend utilising hair care products that are designed with hair dye ‘after-care’ in mind. Dyeing and bleaching can often be a harsh process on your hair, so it’s highly important that you help your luscious locks as much as you can on their way to recovery and sparkling stardom! 

    Locking in all those vibrant and funky new colours you’ve just added to your style, using Colour Protecting products is an effective way to achieve that professional sheen for much longer than with your usual, everyday go-to shampoo. Similarly, everyday shampoos can often contain sulphates and detergents, such as sodium/ammonium lauryl sulphate, which can often make up nearly 15% of each bottle; that’s a whole lot of harsh chemicals! Although great at cleansing your hair of built up dirt and oil, it can often strip your hair cuticles of its crucial colour molecules.

    If you’re looking for a test-assured way to lock in moisture, colour and volume then our extensive range of colour safe shampoos and conditioners are guaranteed to meet all your dyeing needs. 

    Our Top Tips for Washing Your Freshly Coloured Hair

    Although the washing process is pretty self-explanatory, here are a number of our top tips for achieving and ensuring that show stopping look day in and day out:

    • How Soon Should I Wash My Hair After Colouring? – Although we can’t speak for everyone, here at Dye My Hair we recommend waiting at least 48 hours before you opt for the wash! Although we understand that this isn’t practical for everyone, the longer you leave it the better!

    • What Water Temperature Is Best? – Washing your freshly coloured hair with warm water is much better than if you are to use hot water. By using warm water, you minimise the risk of opening up your hair cuticles and thinning the colour. 

    • I’m Planning on Applying a Number of Different Colours, When Should I Wash My Hair? – If you’re looking to add different shades to your hair, then we best advise that you wash and dry your hair separately, in between each dye session. 

    • What Should I Do If My Hair Bleeds After I’ve Washed It? – It’s highly common for newly coloured hair to bleed when wet. If this happens, we suggest that you ensure your hair is completely dry before you sleep or choose to wear light coloured garments. It may also be a good idea to make good use of those old towels and bedding just in case!

    Stay Colour Safe with Dye My Hair

    Although some may prefer to utilise regular shampoos and conditioners after the colouring process, our extensive range of colour protecting formulated products is a perfect alternative for those seeking something a little different. Please note that it is worth double checking your hair dye kit insert as to what types of shampoos and conditioners will work best for your look! Here at Dye My Hair we want our customers to get the most out of their hair dye experience. From their initial colour and product choice to the washing process, Dye My Hair is here to point you in the right direction!

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