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For a deep and dark hair colour finish that is sure to look sleek and sophisticated look no further than navy blue hair dye. If you have already tried a bright or neon shade then this dark hue is a great way to achieve a blue colour with a subtle dash of navy tones.If you are looking for a dark and mysterious vibe then adding navy blue tone to your tresses will be perfect!

With some of the best hair dye brands on offer, you’re definitely in safe hands if you choose to shop dark blue hair dye, here at Dye My Hair. When you shop with us you can select from some of the following awesome dark blue hair dye brands:

  • Manic Panic After Midnight
  • Manic Panic Blue Moon
  • La Riche Directions Atlantic Blue
  • La Riche Directions Midnight Blue

All of our navy dark navy blue hair colours offer a bold and brilliant shade of dark blue as well as being packed full of neat features. Both La Riche Directions and Manic Panic dyes are Vegan-friendly, as well as being ammonia, PPD and paraben free. If you are tempted by midnight blue hair dye Manic Panic you can be sure it will have conditioning qualities.

As well as having all these awesome features, this fantastic range of semi-permanent hair dyes is also available in multipacks! The La Riche Directions four packs mean you can rock the navy blue style for longer whilst saving yourself some cash through multi-buy savings! If you have a long mane of hair you will definitely need more than one tub to fully cover your hair.

Celebs With Permanent Navy Blue Hair Dye

Navy blue is a hugely popular shade in the celebrity world with many famous names and stars proving that navy blue is a colour to be reckoned with! It may not be as stand out and bright as some shades of aqua and turquoise hair dyes, but you can’t deny that dark blue dye produces some intense tones which are hard to get from any other colour.Time and time again famous celebrities have opted for this dark blue look.Here are some of our favourite stars that have previously experimented with navy hair dye.

  • Kylie Jenner
  • Bella Thorn
  • Maisie Williams
  • Nicole Richie
  • Lily Allen

The huge and high-quality range of hair dyes we have on offer makes the blue hair colour a possible shade for you. Dark blue is a gorgeous colour that you can incorporate into a whole variety of hair dye styles. Whether you want a full new head of dark blue hair or a blended blue effect, you can make navy blue dyes work for you! Why not experiment with some balayage, ombre or dip dye effects to really mix up you blue styles? It’s a colour sought after by many, so what’s to stop you having a go?

Navy Blue Dye For Dark Hair

Navy blue hair can work for almost anyone, as the shade will cover most types of dark natural hair colour. However, for the best results, it is often recommended that some shades of hair need to be pre-lightened before applying the dye. Intense natural hair colours such as fiery reds or dark browns should be slightly lightened before applying your new colour. You can achieve dark blue hair dye without bleaching but the colour won’t be as intense.

Dreaming of achieving a new blue-tiful navy look and not sure how to get there? We’ve compiled a quick checklist for you, with some extra tips for anyone who needs to lighten their hair first!

  1. Prepare Your Hair – if you’re considering turning your hair a few shades lighter, you should first consider the health and condition of your hair. Bleaching can be damaging and may weaken the hair so make your hair is in the best condition possible. Hair care products and conditioners can ensure that your hair is in tip-top condition before undergoing a vigorous process such as bleaching.
  2. Pre-Lightening Is Key – in order for the dye to show up on some hair, it must be bleached to avoid clashing with any vibrant natural tones. You can easily lighten your own hair at home with simple bleach kits and lighteners. Getting your hair to a level 9 or 10 is sure to create a blank canvas on which the blue dye can comfortably colour. If you are aiming for the midnight blue hair dye on black hair then you may be able to skip this stage.
  3. Try Out Some Toner – toners are an essential tool when getting the navy blue dye to work with dark hair. After bleaching, some unwanted tones and colours remain in the hair and could affect the completed finish of the navy blue look. Using a toner will neutralise these colours.
  4. Dye Away – Once the preparation stages are complete, it’s time to dye your hair blue! Make sure you have enough blue dye to cover the whole of your head, make sure you are happy with the colour before you make your midnight blue hair dye permanent. Always perform a patch test before you get started. Once you’ve fully applied everything, it’s time to get out there and rock a whole new look!

If you are ever stumped about how to dye your hair, we have plenty of guides and blog posts at the ready to answer all of your questions. If you’re not sure which shade of dark blue hair to try out, why not come and get some colour inspiration from our social media channels? We’ve collated loads of awesome navy hair dye styles to get your creative minds ticking!