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  • Bright Orange

    From beautiful, natural-looking auburns to bright orange hair colour; fiery hair is the perfect way to express your fierce personality! The warm shades of orange hair dye compliment most skin tones, sparkle beautifully in the summer sun and inject some warmth into otherwise chilly winter wardrobes.

    Shades of Orange Hair Dye

    Follow this easy guide to discover what orange hair dye you should choose.

    Shimmering ginger locks are a great way to cover up greys with a natural colour. If your work place or school doesn’t allow for bright hair colours, a natural ginger shade is a great way to add a burst of colour while still looking formal and smart.

    Natural orange shades like carrot orange hair dye can be very beautiful in a subtle way. Furthermore, many of our hair dye brands are vegan friendly, so you can look stunning and do your bit for animal welfare at the same time! You can read more about the different brands offering orange hair dye semi-permanent products below.

    Fluorescent and neon orange hair dyes require you to bleach your hair thoroughly before applying, otherwise your natural hair colour will stop the orange from being so bright. Semi-permanent neon orange hair is a very bold look that will really turn heads as you walk past… if you’re not ready for that level of commitment yet, try using neon orange for highlights or temporary hair stripes for your next night out.

    There are many different shades of orange hair dye, from pale pastel oranges to fiery oranges that verge on red and pink. Orange is a versatile colour that you don’t need to be too careful with. Having streaks of slightly darker and lighter orange dye in your hair creates a flame-like appearance and adds further depth to the colour.

    Temporary orange hair dye is a great option if you’re unsure just how bright you should go with your orange shades. Check out the great hair dye brands mentioned below to find hair chalks and wash-out dyes as well as orange hair dye semi-permanent products.

    For high-quality hair dyes, look at what’s available from these brands at DyeMyHair:

    La Riche Directions: Apricot and Mandarin are both very bright orange hair colours. Apricot is verging on a sunshine yellow-orange colour while Mandarin is a more mature shade with hints of red.

    • Manic Panic: the two shades of orange hair dye from Manic Panic are very similar – why not try using both? Psychedelic Sunset is a brighter, neon shade than Electric Tiger Lily which is more of a classic bright orange dye.
    • Paint Glow: the ultimate natural ginger shade is Paint Glow’s Orange Thunder semi-permanent hair dye. They also have a few temporary orange hair dyes including chalks and paints in neon shades.
    • Stargazer: last on our list of best orange hair dye brands but certainly not least. Stargazer’s Dawn shade of hair dye is a classic orange colour that’s neither too dark or too light.

    Orange Hair Dye: Semi-Permanent Application Tips

    To get a full, bright colour that lasts as long as possible, make sure you follow these simple tips:

    • Hair Maintenance: before you dye your hair, use keratin and protein rich hair products in the days or weeks leading up to the day you dye your hair. You need to make sure your hair is strong and in good condition before applying any bleach or dye, whether it’s semi-permanent or temporary orange hair dye.
    • Test Patches: test the bleach and hair dye orange colour on your arm 48 hours before you dye your head. Watch carefully to ensure you aren’t allergic and like the colour. If you have any side-effects from the dye, head to your nearest hospital for medical attention.
    • Applying Bleach: you should bleach your hair before applying the dye. Even on blonde hair, you can ruin your bright orange hair colour by having your natural hair colour fade through.
    • Following Instructions: read through the dye instructions on the box and follow them to the letter. If you leave the neon orange hair dye on for longer or shorter than they recommend, you may end up with a different shade than expected.
    • Hair After-Care: you need to do some after care once you’ve applied the hair dye. Orange colours can fade quickly so keep using your keratin and protein-rich products to make your hair strong. Depending on the brand, you can keep your hair looking rich and bright for 6 - 8 weeks.

    Follow those tips and you’ll have beautiful orange hair just like the celebs.

    How to Style Your Hair Dye: Orange Shades

    For stylish inspiration on how to wear your new orange hair, look no further than these 3 style icons.

    This alt-rock singer is as famous for her orange hair as she is for being the lead singer of Paramore. Hayley Williams has changed her hair a lot over the years, but we’ll never forget her all-over fiery shades of orange hair dye. Mixing neon orange hair dye with strands of vivid reds, pinks and yellows creates a rock look Hayley would be proud of.

    How much better would Twilight have been if Kristen Stewart had kept her orange hair during filming? Okay, so maybe it wouldn’t have improved the film that much…. But you can’t deny that the carrot orange hair dye really suited her style. The simple orange colour she used gave her natural brunette hair a warm orange tint. To achieve this you can experiment with using hair dye without applying bleach.

    Back in 2010 Nicki Minaj wowed everyone with her dazzling bright orange hair colour. She’s always been one step ahead of the crowd! Nicki went for an all-over, flawless colour paired with bright make-up and a fashionable white dress: a look you can easily replicate for yourself.

    No matter what shade of orange you choose, shine bright with our range of best orange hair dyes available at Dye My Hair.

  • Ginger

    It’s one of the most beautiful, precious hair colours in the world and for centuries, women and men alike have been wanting different shades of red hair. It is thought that only 1-2% of the world’s population have naturally occurring red (also known as ginger) hair, and that’s why a lot of us must resort to ginger hair dye! Why? Well because, who wouldn’t want to have bright, luscious orange hair? We’re all about ginger hair dye this season and it turns out so are the trends of the beauty and catwalk world, it doesn’t matter what shade it is, they’re loving every shade. You should be too, that’s why we’ve put together this article, to show you the best trends, styles and looks you can go for when you finally take that plunge in dying your hair ginger!

    Despite the myth, redheads actually originated in Asia not Scandinavia or Scotland. Most redheads have pale-skin, but it does look great with darker skin, it just doesn’t really occur naturally. The undertones of redheads can be anything from deep burgundy through to burnt red-orange and even strawberry blonde. You can get darker colours or lighter ones, as for dye, lighter shades of ginger take longer to achieve as they must lighten the hair follicles before dying. We advise anyone looking at going a light ginger to bleach their hair first and then putting the light ginger hair dye on.

    For those who are choosing a dark ginger hair dye, we advise to just simply put the dye on your natural hair. If you have very dark hair (like black or very dark brown) naturally then the ginger might not take to the dark ginger colour at first, so you might want to buy 2 boxes of hair dye or go to the salon more than once, some of our brands also do red hair dye for dark hair that you could try too. Changing your hair drastically might change the look of your face so you should be careful that the colour you choose is one that will suit you and your skin tone. Ginger is a really nice colour to go for if you want to look elegant, chic and modest at the same time.

    Ginger Hair Trends and Shades

    There are so many trends and shades you can go for with your hair when you become a redhead. You definitely want one that will sizzle and make heads turn your way and only the best ginger hair dye will do that! From a dark red hair colour, to bright and bushy, becoming a redhead is super versatile and fun! Who said only blondes have the best fun? Ginger’s are up there with the party animals too. It can make you feel a lot more confident and outgoing whilst giving your hair some life too. A big trend this season is to have softly contrasting roots, Selena Gomez has transitioned from a well-known brunette to a fun-loving blonde but kept her roots her natural colour. An idea for ginger hair is to have darker contrasting roots that give your hair more volume and make it look even more edgy. It’s such a pretty and convenient hairstyle and it’s not high maintenance either (which is good for busy dyehards on the go!)

    Highlighted ginger hair is also a hairstyle you need to try out at one point in your life and what better time than now? You can highlight your ginger red hair colour or you can put undertones in it and go darker. Whatever you decide, it is sure to look great. When getting a look like this done, it’s always an option to go to a professional salon with your selected dye as it’s can be difficult to create this look yourself.

    The fiery fade is another trend that is huge right now, this ombre style starts with bright, redhead orange at the top of the hair (by the roots) and ends fading into a light, peachy strawberry-blonde. Whilst looking intense it also creates a sense of softness, and innocence! If you’ve got a fringe this look is also a good idea, if you don’t then you might want to think about getting your own when you use this ginger hair dye on your hair!

    How to Style Ginger Hair

    Ginger hair is just like other colours and isn’t hard to keep updated or maintained as it’s a natural looking colour. You need not worry about bright blues or pinks that might be ruined by dark brown hair sneaking through, ginger works with your natural hair too! There are so many different styles that work with ginger hair too, just because your hair colour is bright doesn’t mean you can’t shine and be the daring type you are. Whether you go for a short, cropped wavy bob or you’re more of the corkscrew shoulder-length type of gal. Anything works with your dyed ginger hair, especially curls. Although straight hair looks good, nothing beats a natural ginger curl to get heads turning your way.

    Styling your ginger hair has never been easier than simply using a curling wand or brushing it up into a ponytail. If you want to be even more adventurous you can try braiding your newly dyed ginger hair into a fishtail plait or French braid, they’re so convenient and keep the hair out of your face all day (so it’s good if you’re constantly on the move!). If you’ve got longer ginger hair then you might want to keep it half up and half down. A nice hairstyle for longer hair is to braid your hair halfway and keep the rest out, it’s classy and means you can rock the hair up or hair down look whenever you want.

    Probably the biggest decision you’ll have to make before whether you want your ginger hair dye semi-permanent or permanent, it is a big decision, so you will want to mull it over for a night or two. Get your hair ready for the change and as soon as you’ve got everything you need from our store get started right away for the best hair dye experience! After all, gingers have the most fun, right?

  • Copper

    Silver, gold, rose gold. Metallic hair colour shades are the latest trend, but you haven’t seen a stunning metallic shade of hair colour until you’ve seen copper hair colour. There are so many hues with this metallic tone of red, from a passionate fiery flame to a passive sunset. Regardless of how you choose to wear your copper hair dye, one thing is for certain; you will never be sidelined or overlooked again! You will certainly be the center of attention. So let’s take a look at how you can transform your hair from dull to vibrant right in the comfort of your own home.

    Getting The Look

    If you are on a budget and you can’t afford a salon trip to get the copper red hair colour treatment you’ve been dreaming about, not to worry there is help at hand. Here are some step by step instructions provided by professionals in the industry to assist you in applying your new copper hair colour. To begin with, you will have to gather some tools to make your hair dye treatment as simple as possible. You should have most if not all of these items at home, if not, they will only cost you a couple of dollars to purchase.

    • Some copper hair colour dye
    • Colour safe shampoo
    • Colour safe conditioner
    • Hair tinting brush
    • Shower cap
    • Hair dye brush
    • Rubber gloves
    • Bowl
    • Bleaching kit
    • Vaseline
    • Hair brush
    • Old t-shirt

    How to Apply

    1. Things are going to get messy so wear an old T-shirt. 
    2. Get your hair ready by brushing out all the tangles and knots. 
    3. Divide your hair into 4 sections by parting it horizontally and vertically. 
    4. Roll up each section and clip it into place, leave one front section out, you will start by dying this part first. 
    5. Protect your skin from stains by applying the Vaseline on your ears and around your hairline. 
    6. Put your rubber gloves on. 
    7. Bleach your hair according to the instructions on the bleaching kit. 
    8. Get your copper hair colour ready by following the instructions provided on the box. 
    9. Apply the copper hair colour to half inch sections at a time; use the tint brush to apply the dye from the ends throughout the full length of your hair. Leave a gap of one inch between your hair and scalp. 
    10. Use your middle and index fingers to massage the hair dye into your hair. 
    11. Repeat the process throughout all four sections of your hair. 
    12. Put a shower cap on for the length of time specified in the instructions. 
    13. Once the time is up, rinse the copper hair colour out of your hair until the water runs clear. 
    14. After an hour, shampoo and condition your hair using the colour safe products.

    Hair Dyeing Tips

    • Buy two boxes of our best copper hair colour, the last thing you want is to run out half way through the process. If you have got long or thick hair, it is advised that you buy two boxes.
    • Do a strand test. Yes, we know that you are really excited about dyeing your hair but you won’t be so happy when your beloved copper brown hair colour turns out looking like swamp water! Do a strand test on an underneath section of your hair (about ¼ of an inch) so you can hide it if the colour doesn’t turn out the way you expected.
    • If the colour is different after the strand test or you’re adding copper hair dye for dark hair, consider bleaching before adding the copper hair colour. We recommend leaving the bleached hair for a few days before adding the additional hair dye.
    • Don’t use the bottle in the box. Since you are aiming for a salon finish, squeezing dye straight onto your hair isn’t going to do the trick. Instead, pretend like you’re a colourist, mix the dye in a bowl and use a colour brush for the application. We have a range of brushes and bowls available on our website.
    • If you just want to add a few highlights, use a clean mascara wand or a clean toothbrush and apply the dye where the sun would normally hit your hair, this is generally on the tips and around your face. This will give you great natural looking highlights. 
    • Colour works best on dirty hair, the colour will penetrate the strands better so don’t wash your hair for 24 to 48 hours prior to applying the colour.

    Copper and The Stars

    Copper and its many shades have been a classic showstopper for decades. But it takes a special kind of woman to pull it off in style and confidence. Here are some of your favourite stars who know how to rock a killer copper do.

    • Christina Hendricks: The stunning Mad Men star rocks her red locks like a true vixen. 
    • Lydi Hurst: Sports a subtle but elegant ginger colour in loose locks. 
    • Alison Hannigan: Ever since her Buffy days, her flaming copper red hair colour has continued to bewitch us. 
    • Rachel Evan: Stepped out of her fiancé's dark shadow with her copper penny hair colour.
    • Jayma Mays: The Glee sweetheart keeps her copper shade in meticulous form. 
    • Marcia Cross: Looks flawless in her pure copper curls. 
    • Rose McGowan: Usually a brunette, but this beauty can handle a bright and rusty shade. 
    • Olivia Grant: Knows how to dress up her delightful coppery hair curls. 
    • Reni Lane: Her copper tresses have us green with envy.
    • Tori Amos: Always gives us an eyeful with her flame coloured locks.

    Take Away

    Experimenting with hair colour is great; since there are so many shades of copper hair colour, why not try them all to see which one suits you the best? With the help of our dyes, you can find the perfect copper dyed hair for you. Now that you are ready to trade in your blonde or brunette mane for a shade of copper, why not check out you are guaranteed to find what you need here because there’s something for everyone.

  • Dark Orange

    For an attention-grabbing style there is nothing quite like Dark Orange Hair Dye! Once upon a time bright orange hair only existed as a result of bleaching gone wrong, but over the past decade or so, pop-culture has seen more and more people deliberately taking the tangerine plunge. Believe it or not, the hair colour orange is not a difficult shade to pull off. If it’s time for a change but you’re wondering if a colour as out-there as orange could suit you, we’re here to tell you that yes, it can! Whatever your skin-tone, natural hair colour or personal style, there’s a way to make orange hair work.

    Choosing orange hair colour shades

    When it comes to orange hair, our minds automatically conjure up the brightest of shades. While bright orange hair is undeniably stunning, it is not your only option when buying into this trend. Orange hair colour shades essentially fall into three categories: dark, bright or light. You can use your natural colouring and personal style to determine which shade is right for you!

    Dark orange hair colour was a seriously, smoking-hot trend of 2017 and that particular fire isn’t showing any signs of cooling down! The smoldering, copper-brown tones of dark orange hair suit most skin-tones, making this shade a safe bet if you’re unsure about vibrant colours or worried about changing your colour dramatically. If you’ve got dark blue eyes, dark orange hair colour could well be your shade. As dark orange and dark blue sit on opposite sides of the colour spectrum they are considered complementary, which means dark copper locks will make your blue eyes pop like no other shade can!

    Brown orange hair dye typically has red undertones. While it is usually quite a dark colour, it can also come in lighter brown shades with just the faintest zesty hue. This wonderfully complimentary shade will suit most people and can be a good option for those with naturally darker hair as they won’t have to lighten their natural colour too drastically. If you want a delicate shade of orange to add a subtle and sophisticated warmth to your colour, brown orange hair dye is the best choice.

    Now, let’s talk about bright orange hair colour shades! Pale-skinned and cool-toned people often make the mistake of thinking they cannot pull off the most vibrant shades of sunshine orange. In fact, precisely the opposite is true! Extremely vibrant orange hair looks best against the porcelain pallet of pale skin and sets off bright blue or bright green eyes magnificently. Think Paramore’s Hayley Williams!

    Unfortunately, with great colour comes great responsibility. Consider your immense good fortune at being able to wear bright orange hair balanced out with the work it can take to keep it vibrant. Just remember, you can prolong the life of truly radioactive orange hair colour shades by washing in cool water with a colour-preservation shampoo.

    It’s got to be orange hair dye for dark hair!

    If you’re a hair colour addict with naturally dark hair, you’re probably well-acquainted with the challenge of achieving the desired shade when you dye your locks. The truth is, dark-haired people usually have their work cut out for them when it comes to making the colour on the box a reality. Though if you’re considering orange hair dye for dark hair, things just got a whole lot easier for you!

    Medium to dark brown hair has orange undertones, which is why these shades are so quick to turn fluorescent orange if you so much as show them a bleach packet. However, if the colour you intend to dye your hair with also has copper or orange undertones, it doesn’t matter if your freshly lightened hair is looking a little brassy. Whether you’re going for a bright or dark orange hair colour, you’ll find you need to apply far less bleach than you would do prior to dyeing your hair any other lighter shade.

    Want to know how to dye black hair orange?

    If you’ve got naturally black hair you’ve probably been thinking that the hair colour orange is off limits. But we’re pleased to tell you that it’s possible even for very vibrant shades! Here’s how to dye black hair orange:

    Step One

    You are going to have to lighten your hair, but with any luck, one treatment should be enough! An at-home bleaching treatment like Dye My Hair’s 30 Volume Bleach Kit will work just fine, as you do not need to eliminate all the copper tones from your hair. Remember to adjust your treatment time based on your desired shade and create a more even finish by covering your hair in cling film to trap heat. For this same reason, it’s a good idea to keep the room-temperature quite high as you’re waiting for the bleach to develop.

    Step Two

    If you’ve chosen a very pale or bright orange hair dye semi-permanent product, you’ll have to take your hair down to a blonde or yellow colour, which may mean you bleaching it twice. If this happens, try and leave a week or two between treatments for your hair to recover!

    If you haven’t chosen your orange hair dye semi-permanent colour yet, here are some of our favourites:

    • Crazy Colour Semi Permanent Hair Dye in Orange or Tangerine. A medium-orange dye with red and brown undertones.
    • Manic Panic High Voltage Classic Cream Formula in Psychedelic Sunset. A strikingly vibrant shade. We’re talking sunglasses all round!
    • Paintglow Rebellious Colours Semi-Permanent Hair Dye in Orange Thunder. A smoldering dark orange hair colour with rich brown undertones.

    Step Three

    Once you’ve finished dyeing your hair, if the resulting colour is too vibrantly orange for your liking – don’t panic! You can easily cool it off with a blue or purple toning shampoo treatment. Then comes the aftercare! Try to avoid washing your hair for a good few days after you’ve coloured it so that the fresh dye can settle. Last but definitely not least: always use colour preservation products on your hair. That means shampoo, conditioner and styling products. These aftercare tips apply even if you haven’t had to lighten your hair first.

    That’s it from us, now it’s down to you to chase your tangerine dreams!

  • Auburn

    Auburn hair is an excellent colour choice for the fall and winter seasons. Auburn hair colour offers beautiful red and brown hues that are a welcome change from the lighter colours of summer. Do you currently have a different colour hair but are looking to change to a dark ginger? Or perhaps you already have stunning mahogany hair colour and simply need a touch up. Whichever it is, we have everything you’ll need to get the job done right here at Dye My Hair.

    Step 1: Pick Your Colour and Your Brand

    Step one of the dyeing process is to decide which colour will suit you best. Now, there are many things to consider when choosing the perfect colour fit. For example, you’ll want to research which colours work best with your skin tone. Some colours can accentuate your skin while others may be complimentary for a less drastic colour combination. Of course this is just a guide; it really depends on what type of look you are trying to achieve.

    Another thing you will want to consider is the colour of your natural hair. It is important to always be realistic when choosing a colour, if you have dark hair and desire an auburn look, this may be quite difficult. You’ll want to ask yourself, “Will this colour dye blend well with my hair or will I have to spend a longer period bleaching my hair first as I try to get the colour I want?”

    Consider your options and make your decision. Will you choose the red brown hair dye, dark ginger hair dye, or the auburn red hair dye? Would you want to use a permanent hair dye that will last for months to come or would you prefer something like an auburn hair dye semi permanent? After you have made those difficult decisions you can begin searching our awesome brands for that perfect shade.

    Here at Dye My Hair, we carry an excellent stock of high-end, top quality hair dyes. For example, you can choose from brands like Stargazer, Splat, Manic Panic, Paintglow, Crazy Color, Herman’s Amazing and La Riche Directions for all of your hair dye needs.

    Step 2: Prep and Dye Your Hair

    Before dyeing your hair give it a nice deep conditioning treatment. A conditioning treatment will help moisturize your hair. This is beneficial to those considering dyeing their hair because well moisturized hair allows the dye to take to your hair strands evenly. Protein treatments will also assist with freshening up your dry and damaged hair.

    A haircut may also be in the cards for you before you attempt to dye your own hair. If you get a haircut a few weeks before you plan to dye it you will significantly reduce the amount of split ends you have. This is a great idea because the less processed and damaged your hair is, the more likely your new dye will look shiny and beautiful!

    Another important step you’ll want to consider is bleaching your hair, if necessary. For a beautiful auburn colour you may not need to do this. However, if you have dark hair and you want to achieve a lighter look, you may need to consider doing this a few days to weeks before as it can be a lengthy process. If you need help with this step, consider using one of our Bleach Kits from Dye My Hair, we’ve got everything you’ll need to get the job done.

    Next, check to see if you have all of the proper utensils for dyeing hair. For example, a dye bowl will allow you to mix any colour without all of the lumps and bumps. Put on your rubber or plastic gloves and mix everything together. After you’ve mixed your dye, use a dye brush to apply the auburn colour to your hair evenly. Let it sit for the recommended time, rinse it out and voila! You’ve got a stylish new colour. Great Job!

    Step 3: Properly Care for Your Auburn Dyed Hair

    After you have had your hair dyed, it is important to ask your stylist about proper hair care procedures. Depending on the dye or colour you’ve chosen, there may be specific care instructions that will enhance its longevity. Although your stylist may have more tips, here are the basic hair care tips that you should consider:

    • Use shampoo and conditioners that are hair dye friendly.
    • Avoid brushing your hair when it is wet.
    • Wait a minimum of two days before washing your hair.
    • Rarely use blow dryers, straighteners and curling irons to protect from heat damage.
    • When utilizing heat, protect it with a proper hair serum.

    When all else fails, ask your favourite hair stylist for help. You can always take your new hair dye to them for assistance. In fact, when it comes to unique colours, they’ll be so happy that you have already done all of the leg work of finding that perfect fit.

    Step 4: Enjoy Your New Hair!

    That’s it; you’ve completed the journey to your new dark red auburn hair, now what? It is time for you to enjoy it, of course! Dress yourself up, throw on some make-up and spend a night out on the town showing off your new dark auburn hair colour. If going out isn’t your thing, maybe you’ll do a fun photo shoot or have a romantic date with your loved one; whatever you do, you’ll be doing it in style!

    Lastly, after you have spent weeks enjoying a beautiful new colour, be sure to come back for a new shade or touch up dye. We love when our customers return for their favourite brands, we hope to see you visiting Dye My Hair again soon!

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You should always choose orange hair dye for a bright, bold and stand-out hair colour. Orange is one of the most vibrant colours of hair dye, so it’s sure to give you the signature look that you’re searching for!

The days of everyone sporting natural coloured hair are well and truly gone! It is becoming more and more popular for style and fashion fanatics to indulge in more alternative, bright hair colours. Orange is the perfect replacement shade for any run-of-the-mill hair colours. Bold and brilliant, a fierce shade of auburn hair is sure to bring a new level of intensity to your look.

Orange Is The New Black

Orange hair has always been the strong sought after look with many iconic stars choosing to put some bright orange hair dye styling into their hairdos! It is becoming a true rock chick look with famous singers such as Paloma Faith and Florence Welch always proudly sporting their own iconic orange red hair shades!

Of course, one of the most iconic and impressive dark orange ‘dos belongs to Paramore’s Hayley Williams. As one of the most signature hair styles in music, Ms. Williams certainly isn’t shying away from embracing the ginger hair style – so why should you? If you’re looking to try out a new vibrant shade, we’ve got everything you need to make the transition to a set of fiery new locks!

The colour orange is bold and vibrant and has many different meanings in different cultures. The colour orange was referred to in Old English as ‘geolurhead’ which translates roughly as yellow-red. Orange conveys energy, enthusiasm and balance. A common representation is also fire, which represents a passionate personality and is also a metaphor for inner transformation within some cultures of the world. In history, some populations saw those of reddish hair dye to be leaders of particularly high rank.

Today, orange is often classified as a strong statement tone or dye to choose. However, there are so many options when it comes to selecting bright orange and dark orange hair dyes, each look can be highly unique. From muted ginger shades to crisp copper tones, there are a huge number of options when it comes to making the change to orange! Why not try ash blonde hair dye over orange for an incredibly bold colour transformation!

Putting Orange Hair Dye to Good Use

Achieving a bright orange hairdo is a feat which is possible for all natural shades of hair colour. As with many dye jobs, darker shades of hair such as brown or black need prelightening before apply a lighter shade such as orange. For extremely dark hair, multiple bleaching may be required in order to create a blank canvas for the dye to be applied to. We recommend getting your hair to a shade to a lightness level of around 9-10. By ensuring hair is lighter, this means that natural hair colour will not clash with the applied hair dye. As orange is a lighter shade, the lighter you can go with the pre-bleaching, the better your orange results will be.

Whatever your skill level when it comes to home hair dyeing, we’ve got a few tips and tricks as well as the best orange hair dye to make sure your dyeing process is successful and satisfying.

  1. Perform a patch test of your hair dye at least 48 hours before doing a full dye, this ensures you are entirely happy with the orange shade before you do a full colouring.
  2. Ensure you understand all the instructions on your hair dye packaging or in your guide before you start applying the dye.
  3. Keep your hair in tip-top condition on the run up to dyeing or bleaching. Your hair may be weakened during these processes so it’s best to keep in strong and healthy whilst colouring.
  4. Make sure you have enough dye to cover your full head of hair; we don’t want you to get halfway and not have enough to finish the job!
  5. Always ask for advice where possible! Double check guides, ask friends or take advice from your hairdresser or stylist. Dyeing hair can sometimes be very permanent, so make sure you are fully prepared for the process before getting underway.

The beauty of choosing orange colour hairdye is that there are so many shades and tones available. When shopping with Dye My Hair you have the options of the neon orange hair dye from some of the best brands in the hair dye market. When buying hair dye online with us, you can shop orange hair products from brands such as:

  • Manic Panic
  • Crazy Color
  • La Riche Directions
  • Paintglow
  • Splat
  • Stargazer

Our range includes semi-permanent and temporary hair dyes, hair chalk and hair gel. With shades from the subtle Dreamsicle Manic Panic Creamtones Perfect Pastel Hair Dye to the flamboyant Mandarin La Riche Directions Colour Hair Dye, we’ve got all tastes, shades and dye durations catered for. Whatever shade of orange you want to go, they’ll be something in our collection to suit your every need.

However, if you want your new orange hair to really glow then we have shades of UV orange hair dye that literally glow-in-the-dark! The Electric Tiger Lily Manic Panic High Voltage Classic Cream Formula Colour Hair Dye or the Paintglow UV Hair Streaks are the products you need to give your hair an awesome iridescent finish. The UV neon shades look delectable by daylight but will unleash a fiery colour when under ultraviolet or black lighting!

It’s just too easy to get a glowing orange finish to your whole ensemble. But if you would rather have something more subtle for your new stylish look why not go for a sunset orange? Or perhaps copper hair dye for the subtle diva style?