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  • Light Blue

    Kawaii pastel, the movie ‘Frozen’ and the cool wintery look are ever popular, which is why we can’t get enough of light blue hair dye and think you will love it too. Your favourite stylist (or you) will be able to take our pastel blue hair dye and transform your hair into a marvellous unicorn or mermaid look, anytime you want. With so many hair colouring options at Dye My Hair, you’ll be changing your look every few weeks! So take a peek at some of our hottest selections and let us know which ones you love.

    These are just a few of our trendy shades that will transform you into an ice queen or king. You can also use them to achieve some of the hottest looks such as our customer favourite, black hair with blue tips. If black hair isn’t your thing, Sky Blue Hair Dye also looks exceptional on blondes with attitude. Crazy blue hairstyles are ideal for everyday wear, photoshoots, Halloween parties (think Sailor Moon, trolls, Smurfs, etc.), cosplay events (Dragon Ball Z characters, Evie from the descendants, etc.) and any other occasion you could possibly think of.

    Ombre styles also work well with Light Blue Colour Hair Dye. You could search our expansive selection of blues and utilize something like pastel blue hair dye on the top of the hair and a darker blue on the bottom to create the ultimate ombre designs! Mix and match your favourite hues of blue and you’re sure to be a show stopper.

    Any of these fabulous blue dyed looks can be achieved with one or multiple of our top-quality brand dyes that are sure to impress any stylist. Here at Dye My Hair we carry reputable brands like Crazy Colour, Splat, Stargazer, Paintglow, Manic Panic, La Riche Directions and Herman’s Amazing. Not only do we carry top brands, but we ensure competitive pricing too. Why? Because we want you to have the best hair-do for less. So go ahead, pick your favourite and get your hair dye blue today. You are not going to regret it and if you decide to change your colour we have plenty more shades for you to choose from when you return to Dye My Hair.

    Hair Dye Accessories to Help Achieve Blue Hair

    Hair care accessories are useful to have on hand. For example, utilizing latex gloves will protect your hands and well-manicured nails from the staining of a quality hair dye. You might also consider using a dye bowl to mix your favourite Sky Blue Crazy Colour. The dye bowl will allow you to remove the lumps and clumps from the dye as you mix it, which is a must if you want to achieve the perfect smooth and even colour. A mixing bowl dedicated to hair dye also keeps you from ruining your favourite kitchenware.

    Our next favourite accessory is a hair dye brush. A dye brush of this professional quality will allow you to apply your dye exactly how and where you want it. Whether you want thin highlights, thick colourful strands or an entire head of Bright Blue Hair Dye, you can do it with a professional brush. No more struggling to apply it with your gloved hands. With a tinting brush, you can apply it with care and achieve colour, right to the roots.

    Before dyeing your hair, you will also want to check how the dye will attach to your current colour. If you have a super dark colour and are trying to achieve a lighter look, you might consider purchasing one of our bleach and toner kits to use as needed. If you need help deciding on this, consult with a professional or read our handy guides. After you have all of your favourite must-have accessories on hand, let the dyeing process begin.

    Tips and Tricks to Maintain Icy Blue Hair

    Icy blue hair is just like any other dye, it needs to be properly maintained. For advice, you could ask your favourite hair care professional about what products they recommend or check out our guides and blogs for more information. We think colour preserving shampoo, conditioners and serums are the best way to keep your hair colour looking fresh and bright. These products offer the perfect recipe for holding hair dye by removing harsh chemicals that may strip the colour.

    There are other tips and tricks to preventing fading. We usually suggest that you wait 2-3 days after dyeing your hair to wash it. The reason behind this recommendation is this waiting period allows your dye to set in while minimizing colour bleeding. Other important tips include avoiding using heated gadgets such as blow dryers, curling irons, and straighteners. Heat often harms hair, simply allow it to dry on its own and your lovely locks will be healthy as can be.

    Lastly, always purchase hair dye of any colour from a well-known source, like Dye My Hair. It is imperative that you do because these sources always provide a range of PPD free hair dyes, natural dyes and every shade that you could possibly imagine. We pride ourselves on offering top notch hair products and accessories to you, so join in the craze and get light blue hair dye.

  • Turquoise

    If you’re looking for a hair colour with some real wow factor to it, you should definitely check out turquoise hair dye! With Dye My Hair stocking an extensive range of semi-permanent turquoise hair colours, you’re certain to find a shade that suits you!

    If you’ve stuck with your natural hair colour all your life getting a new colour can seem like a pretty big change. However, there are plenty of pluses for changing your hairstyle. Turquoise hair colour can completely transform your look and is sure to look unique thanks to its blend of blue and green.Whether you’re after teal or bright blue, the look of a punk princess or a mystical mermaid, we’re certain to be able to help. Turquoise is the way to go if you’re bored of natural colours!

    From Temporary Teal To Bright Aqua Blue

    Turquoise is a colour that simply speaks charm and fun. It is a popular choice for those seeking the mermaid hair look because it looks just like the colour of the sea. How cool is that? If you want your hair to look as bright and flowing as the ocean, then turquoise is a superb hair colour to choose. This gorgeous colour evokes images of mystical creatures and fantasy lands.

    Loads of celebrities are similarly mad for turquoise. The amount of big names that have turquoise hair dye permanent is proof that this colour is a must. Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Jade Thirwall, Kesha, Demi Lovato and Joey King have all been snapped sporting turquoise hair dye. There’s just something about turquoise that you can’t get with any other colour; it has a shimmering quality that can’t be matched!

    The increase in popularity of turquoise as a hair colour over the past few years just proves that more people are enjoying this fabulous shade. Get yourself a green-y blue look now and get ready to impress your friends with your best turquoise hair dye. They’ll all be dyeing to get a look as good as yours!

    Best Long Lasting Turquoise Hair Dye

    If you’re ready to take the plunge in getting a head of turquoise hair, then you should definitely read our top tips below, especially if you are looking for turquoise hair dye for dark hair. The more prepared you are when it comes to dyeing your hair, the better the outcome is sure to be!

    1. Always bleach your hair first – especially if your natural hair colour is darker! We can’t stress the importance of this enough. If you apply dye to natural hair colour without bleaching then the turquoise will mix with your natural hair pigments and won’t come through as vibrantly.
    2. Though our hair dye products last for a long time – some up to eight weeks – it’s important to remember that they’re temporary. However, there are a number of ways you can extend the life of your turquoise hair. Avoid applying too much heat to your hair, try and wash your hair less frequently and with colder water, be aware that sunlight may fade your colour faster.
    3. Before diving headfirst into dyeing your hair, it’s always worth doing a patch test first. It will help you to make sure that you’ve picked the right hair colour for you. There’s nothing worse than dyeing your hair and realising the colour you choose wasn’t really the one you wanted.
    4. Take a look at some of the different styles you can achieve with hair dye before you go for full dye! As awesome as a full head of turquoise hair is, we definitely recommend checking out some other styles such as ombre and turquoise hair dip dye. With an ombre effect, you can include several different tones meaning the results may appear fuller and more vibrant. If you want to keep a hint of your natural colour then a dip dye effect is sure to be perfect for you.

    So if you’re itching to give turquoise hair a go, you just need to take a look at Dye My Hair’s extensive range of shades. There are many shades of turquoise out there to try. Out of the many shades we stock, there are

    • Atomic Turquoise
    • Mermaid
    • Turquoise Reef
    • Siren’s Song
    • Thelma Turquoise

    We also stock a number of awesome brands, ensuring that your turquoise hair colour is of the highest quality. Crazy Color, La Riche Directions, Stargazer, Splat, Paintglow and Manic Panic turquoise shades are all bright and vibrant. Choose the brand that is best suited to your hair and enjoy browsing Dye My Hair.

    So what are you waiting for? Dive head first into our fantastic selection of turquoise hair dye and get a gorgeous head of mermaid hair! If you need a little extra inspiration you can always check out our social media channels or blog posts. We regularly post style inspiration, brand information and awesome pictures to help make your decision easier!

  • Teal

    Want to try a new stand out hair ‘do? Forget your natural brown, black or blonde hair and dare to try a bolder, brighter colour! For a completely new look, you need a transformative colour such as teal hair dye. Many people are starting to realize how gorgeous dark teal hair dye can be especially when it is used on long hair. March to the beat of your own drum with an awesome new hair colour and embrace this fabulous hue of blue.

    Why choose green or blue hair dye when you can have the best of both? If you are looking for that glossy and shiny finish, you need an outstanding new colour. Teal blue hair dye comes in shades of all varieties, from aquamarine to bright green. You can choose dark, light or any other kind of shade to make yourself look awesome.

    The Best Teal Hair Dyes

    Getting a new or temporary hair colour can feel daunting especially if you have stuck with your natural hair colour all your life but with home hair dye kits it couldn’t be easier! You may be surprised by how much confidence a new hairstyle can give you. With teal hair colour, you can be sure that you will turn plenty of heads. Teal is an unusual colour that consists of a blend of blue and green. It strikes a balance between the aqua beauty of blue and the natural feel of green.

    Our teal hair dye for dark hair and other hair types are temporary hair colour dyes. They can last up to 8 weeks if you take steps to preserve your colour. The best way to protect your dyed hair is by using a dry shampoo, showering in cooler water, using colour protect shampoo and condition.

    Plenty of celebrities have joined the craze for this awesome colour. We have seen Rihanna sporting long curly teal hair, Lady Gaga presenting a cute 50s style ‘do, Hilary Duff adding teal to her long locks and queen of the hair dye, Katy Perry switching to a blue/green hue. 
    Hate the hassle of maintaining a dyed ‘do? Lucky for you this style looks awesome with dark roots peeking through. Maybe you would like to try a dip dye? This can look awesome with both light and dark coloured hair. A blend of blonde and teal will give you a more washed-out summer beach style whereas a dark brown or black colour mixed with this hue will give a punky vibe.

    Teal Hair Dye Made Super Easy

    Achieving teal hair colour will require lightening and toning of your natural hair for best results. If you want to achieve the best colour, we can help you by offering you the best hair treatment irrespective of your natural hair colour. Some of the tips below will help you get started so you can get the best in teal hair colour dye.

    • One of the first things you will need to do before dyeing your hair with teal is to bleach it. Bleaching will help you to reduce or prevent your natural colour showing through the dye. Dyeing hair without bleaching will result in a mix of your natural hair colour and teal colour, therefore producing a colour different from the expectation.
    • Next, you are likely to need toner to neutralise any unwanted tones in your hair. Using toner after bleaching your hair will take out the brassy tones left behind by this process. It essentially provides you with a blank canvas to apply your dye on to. The more neutral the starting colour, the better the hair dye will show through.
    • The next step is choosing the best brand and shade of colour for you. With the gorgeous teal hair dye Manic Panic, you can achieve a glowing finish. The Manic Panic amplified range is especially popular in this shade because of its bright finish. As with several other teal green hair dye options in our catalogue, you can transform from your everyday locks to a new refreshed style with the snap of a finger. You can also select from La Riche Directions, Splat, Stargazer and Herman’s. Each dye features different qualities from being vegan friendly to ammonia free so make sure to browse the whole range before you choose your product.
    • Before proceeding with dyeing your hair, it is usually advisable to perform a patch test to determine if a teal dye is the best for you. Making a mistake in your choice of colour can leave you with the wrong shade of hair dye. Performing a simple test strip could be a time saver and also help you to achieve your desired look with ease. It is also important to test you are not allergic to the hair dye as every brand contains different ingredients.
    • After applying the hair dyes, you may want to add other tones to your new look. Add a navy blue to the roots of your hair for a two tone or ombre effect. You could even try blue black hair dye for those of you who want to keep your dark natural colour.

    Some of the most popular teal dye colours we stock include mermaid, siren’s song, UV turquoise and Thelma turquoise. We hand-pick some of the best teal brands in order to offer you the highest level of quality. We have a huge catalogue of dyes; this makes us one of the best one stop shops for hair dye so make sure to stock up on teal hair dye for your new style!

  • Dark Blue

    If you’re looking for an on trend, yet truly alternative hair colour that works with any style, it’s time to reach for the dark blue hair dye. Unnatural hair colour has been growing in popularity in recent years, with blue widely considered to be the most daring of dyes. This year has seen blue hair hit mainstream style in a big way, proving that this bold colour can work for everyone and need not just be reserved for the edgiest among us.

    Summer of this year saw an explosion in popularity for bright blue hair colours such as aqua, turquoise and green-blue mermaid shades. While shocking blue hair is still a thing of beauty, this season’s must have shade has taken a darker turn. If you want to update your bright blue tresses or are thinking of taking the blue hair plunge for the very first time, choosing a dark shade of denim or navy blue hair dye is definitely the right call.

    Since Katy Perry first rocked the red carpet with her vibrant blue ‘do at the MTV music awards, more and more celebrities have been catching the blue hair bug. This season’s trendsetters include Kylie Jenner, who proved that bold midnight blue hair colour can be a sophisticated statement, and Nicole Richie with her mesmerizing cobalt blue tint. Dark blue has been declared the undisputed champion of winter hair colours, with muted navy and grey tones surpassing the more fluorescent shades of blue, green and pink which ruled festival season this year.

    Anybody can wear dark blue hair

    Think you don’t have the skin tone or natural hair colour to pull off blue hair? Think again! This colour is surprisingly versatile and can be made to work with just about any style or skin tone, whether you’re going for a subtle tint, thick strips of colour or an all over blue look. Whatever you’re aiming for, we can help you to find the best blue hair dye to achieve that perfect finish!

    As with any unnatural hair colour, you should choose your shade carefully to make sure it will complement your natural skin tone rather than making you look washed out. Don’t worry, this is surprisingly straightforward! People with cool skin tones should choose a shade of blue dye that has pink or purple undertones, such as midnight or royal blue hair dye. Whereas, those with warmer skin tones should choose dark blue hair dye brands with yellow or green undertones. Not sure how figure out whether you’re warm or cooled toned? Check out our guidance tips below!

    Cool skin tones:

    • Dark brown, grey or dark blue eyes
    • Natural hair colour is ash brown, dark blonde, very dark brown or blue black
    • Very dark skin, olive skin, pale skin with pink undertones

    Warm skin tones:

    • Golden brown, green, green blue or hazel eyes
    • Brown hair with red or gold undertones, red hair, strawberry blonde hair
    • Pale skin with peach or gold undertones, freckled skin, rosy skin

    Choose your dark blue hair dye UK brand

    When it comes down to choosing the best blue hair dye, you’ll find we stock an impressive range of semi-permanent and wash-in, wash-out brands. Whether you’re warm toned, cool toned, looking for a lasting finish or a temporary splash of colour, you’re bound to find just the right product here. Let’s have a look at some of our leading brands:

    1. Crazy Color
    2. Manic Panic
    3. Herman’s
    4. Stargazer
    5. La Riche Directions
    6. Splat

    If you are at all unsure about making a dramatic change to your hair, try one of our wash-in, wash-out dark blue hair dye products such as Splat hair chalk’s Midnight Blue or Manic Panic’s Dye Hard temporary hair colour styling gel in Electric Sky. These amazing ultra-temporary dyes allow you to add a bright pop of colour to any style, which conveniently washes right out in one go. They’re ideal if you want to see how you feel about a particular shade of blue, or if your school or employer wouldn’t be impressed with you sporting an unnatural shade.

    If you’re ready to take the plunge and dye a large section of your hair, one of our semi-permanent cream dyes should give you the powerful colour effect you want! Herman’s Amazing Semi-Permanent Hair Colour in Marge Blue makes an excellent choice for a bold blue hue; it is ammonia free and 100% vegan friendly! You would also look amazing in a darker shade like La Riche Directions midnight blue hair colour, with its smoky purple undertones. These stunning resealable hair dyes last from 8 to 12 washes, making them a perfect choice for people who like to update their colour regularly.

    Working blue hair dye for dark hair

    If your natural or current hair colour is quite dark, you will need to lighten your hair to achieve a bold dark blue hair colour. In actual fact, lightening your hair with bleach is recommended unless you’ve got very pale blonde hair to start with. Semi-permanent dyes cover your existing hair colour rather than altering it, so getting the shade you want will be easier on pre-lightened hair. This can be achieved quite effectively with home bleaching kits, particularly if you’re only aiming to lighten a small section of your hair for an Ombre or blue highlighted effect.

    One enormous advantage of using our semi-permanent dark blue hair dye brands as opposed to conventional permanent dye products is that they are kind to your hair! Many of the dyes in our range are free from harsh chemicals and actually work to sooth and condition your hair, leaving it soft and intensely shiny after each application. What a relief not to worry about damaging your hair when you want to top up your colour! Whether you’re using a navy blue hair dye or a royal blue hair dye, your show stopping colour can stay vibrant for weeks.

  • Navy

    For a deep and dark hair colour finish that is sure to look sleek and sophisticated look no further than navy blue hair dye. If you have already tried a bright or neon shade then this dark hue is a great way to achieve a blue colour with a subtle dash of navy tones.If you are looking for a dark and mysterious vibe then adding navy blue tone to your tresses will be perfect!

    With some of the best hair dye brands on offer, you’re definitely in safe hands if you choose to shop dark blue hair dye, here at Dye My Hair. When you shop with us you can select from some of the following awesome dark blue hair dye brands:

    • Manic Panic After Midnight
    • Manic Panic Blue Moon
    • La Riche Directions Atlantic Blue
    • La Riche Directions Midnight Blue

    All of our navy dark navy blue hair colours offer a bold and brilliant shade of dark blue as well as being packed full of neat features. Both La Riche Directions and Manic Panic dyes are Vegan-friendly, as well as being ammonia, PPD and paraben free. If you are tempted by midnight blue hair dye Manic Panic you can be sure it will have conditioning qualities.

    As well as having all these awesome features, this fantastic range of semi-permanent hair dyes is also available in multipacks! The La Riche Directions four packs mean you can rock the navy blue style for longer whilst saving yourself some cash through multi-buy savings! If you have a long mane of hair you will definitely need more than one tub to fully cover your hair.

    Celebs With Permanent Navy Blue Hair Dye

    Navy blue is a hugely popular shade in the celebrity world with many famous names and stars proving that navy blue is a colour to be reckoned with! It may not be as stand out and bright as some shades of aqua and turquoise hair dyes, but you can’t deny that dark blue dye produces some intense tones which are hard to get from any other colour.Time and time again famous celebrities have opted for this dark blue look.Here are some of our favourite stars that have previously experimented with navy hair dye.

    • Kylie Jenner
    • Bella Thorn
    • Maisie Williams
    • Nicole Richie
    • Lily Allen

    The huge and high-quality range of hair dyes we have on offer makes the blue hair colour a possible shade for you. Dark blue is a gorgeous colour that you can incorporate into a whole variety of hair dye styles. Whether you want a full new head of dark blue hair or a blended blue effect, you can make navy blue dyes work for you! Why not experiment with some balayage, ombre or dip dye effects to really mix up you blue styles? It’s a colour sought after by many, so what’s to stop you having a go?

    Navy Blue Dye For Dark Hair

    Navy blue hair can work for almost anyone, as the shade will cover most types of dark natural hair colour. However, for the best results, it is often recommended that some shades of hair need to be pre-lightened before applying the dye. Intense natural hair colours such as fiery reds or dark browns should be slightly lightened before applying your new colour. You can achieve dark blue hair dye without bleaching but the colour won’t be as intense.

    Dreaming of achieving a new blue-tiful navy look and not sure how to get there? We’ve compiled a quick checklist for you, with some extra tips for anyone who needs to lighten their hair first!

    1. Prepare Your Hair – if you’re considering turning your hair a few shades lighter, you should first consider the health and condition of your hair. Bleaching can be damaging and may weaken the hair so make your hair is in the best condition possible. Hair care products and conditioners can ensure that your hair is in tip-top condition before undergoing a vigorous process such as bleaching.
    2. Pre-Lightening Is Key – in order for the dye to show up on some hair, it must be bleached to avoid clashing with any vibrant natural tones. You can easily lighten your own hair at home with simple bleach kits and lighteners. Getting your hair to a level 9 or 10 is sure to create a blank canvas on which the blue dye can comfortably colour. If you are aiming for the midnight blue hair dye on black hair then you may be able to skip this stage.
    3. Try Out Some Toner – toners are an essential tool when getting the navy blue dye to work with dark hair. After bleaching, some unwanted tones and colours remain in the hair and could affect the completed finish of the navy blue look. Using a toner will neutralise these colours.
    4. Dye Away – Once the preparation stages are complete, it’s time to dye your hair blue! Make sure you have enough blue dye to cover the whole of your head, make sure you are happy with the colour before you make your midnight blue hair dye permanent. Always perform a patch test before you get started. Once you’ve fully applied everything, it’s time to get out there and rock a whole new look!

    If you are ever stumped about how to dye your hair, we have plenty of guides and blog posts at the ready to answer all of your questions. If you’re not sure which shade of dark blue hair to try out, why not come and get some colour inspiration from our social media channels? We’ve collated loads of awesome navy hair dye styles to get your creative minds ticking!

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If you’re like us and belong to the ‘brighter is better’ school of thought, then we guarantee you’ll fall head over heels for our incredible range of blue hair dye! Featuring sky blue, bubblegum and aqua shades you are sure to find your perfect colour.

If you are a hair chameleon or are looking for a hair change that will last you can search our different ranges from blue hair dye semi permanent to temporary. One thing we do know for sure about our blue hair dyes is that they will give you a bold new colour that is sure to get you noticed.

Brighten Up Your Locks With Bright Blue Hair Dye!

In recent years, countless celebrities have reached for the hair dye kit and rocked a stunning blue ‘do. From Katy Perry’s ‘Smurf’ coloured curls and Demi Lovato’s deep sapphire hue to Rita Ora’s powder blue strands and Hayley Williams’ aqua crop, all shades of blue have made it in the spotlight. These famous faces have all enjoyed sporting an unusual hair colour so if you are bored of natural colours why not take a leaf out of their book and check out our awesome blue hair dye brands.

Whatever shade you choose, you can be sure we will stock it. Not only do we have a phenomenal array of colours on offer, but we also stock some of the biggest and best brands in the industry such as:

  • Crazy Color
  • La Riche Directions
  • Manic Panic
  • Splat
  • Stargazer
  • Paintglow

Plus, we also stock blue hair dye Splat and other brand hair chalks or coloured styling gels. The blue hair dye wash out products are great if you’re on the lookout for an instant blast of colour that you can simply rinse out! With one of the most extensive collections of blue hair colour, why not make us your one-stop-shop for all your hair dye needs?

Want a ferocious colour that is easy to maintain? Use one of our blue hair dye semi permanentkits for a longer lasting transformation. Providing you implement a good aftercare regime, it should stay vibrant! However it’s important to add that as with any rich and brilliant hair colour, you will experience a certain degree of fading that can change the hue of your hair. During the fading process, the undertones in the dye become more apparent, which can result in your hair colour chromatically shifting, so bear this in mind before you take the plunge. This is especially evident in blue hair dye temporary but this may be just what you need for a one-night hair change.

To keep your colour looking fresh for longer, here are some tips and tricks you can try:

  1. Wash your hair with cool water! This may sound utterly torturous to all you hot shower fans out there, but this simple tip will keep your hair colour on fleek for longer. Also, washing your hair less frequently helps prevent premature fading.
  2. Keep heat styling to a minimum to prevent damaging your fragile strands. Excessive heat styling leads to breakage, exacerbated split ends and a lack of moisture in the hair, so make sure you treat your hair kindly.
  3. Add a little splash of dye to some plain white conditioner and stash away for regular top-ups. Not only will you refresh your colour, but you’ll intensively condition your hair in the process!

Remember, even Marge Simpson (A.K.A. the world’s most famous blue haired babe) has a little help in keeping her bouffant locks looking lush, so there’s no shame in a strong upkeep game. Whether you want to consistently rock a box-fresh, bold dye job or you want to allow the colour to fade and mellow, one thing’s for sure, you can guarantee to look amazing!

Best Blue Hair Dye For Dark Hair

We think blue hair dye looks especially gorgeous on those with dark hair. The blend of darker tones and blues creates a stunning midnight sky style. It brings out the natural shine in your dark locks. If you are looking for blue hair dye for dark hair, then be sure to browse our range. If you have naturally dark hair you may need to bleach your hair first for best colour results.

As with any striking colour, for the best and brightest results, we advise bleaching and toning your hair to a pale blonde shade (A level 9 or 10) before you dye. If you’re aiming for a pastel or pale shade, this is especially important! However, if you don’t want to pre-lighten your locks, you may be asking yourself “Where can I get the best blue hair dye for dark hair?” and worrying about finding a hair dye that’s pigmented enough to add a bit of dimension to your dark tresses. Well, let us calm your fears! Our collection of blue hair colours features plenty of intensely coloured, strong and vibrant products that will add a splash of beautiful colour to even the deepest and darkest ‘do. Even if you don’t select a blue hair dye permanent, the other types of hair dye are sure to look just as bold.

Love crazy colours but don’t want to commit to something long-term? Then you’re in the right place! We’ve got a phenomenal selection of semi permanent dyes in a dazzling array of blue shades, so you can get the temporary colour fix of your dreams. Plus, because here at Dye My Hair, we know a thing or two about hair colour, we’ve assembled a pretty amazing selection of colours for you to choose from. With dozens of stunning shades available, no matter what kind of blue dye you’re searching for, you can be sure to find it here! Our unbeatable selection includes:

  • Pastel Blue
  • Steel Blue
  • Electric Blue
  • Neon Blue
  • Midnight Blue
  • Dark Blue
  • Blue/Black