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  • Pastel

    For those looking for a soft and vibrant hue, Dye My Hair’s extensive range of pastel hair dye is just what you need! We offer a wide selection of gorgeous tones of pastel hair dye colours that are easily the perfect way to lighten up your look! A trend that has gained substantial momentum over the past few years, you’re guaranteed to get heads turning with a splash of pastel colour!

    Boasting a highly elegant and almost fairy-tale like persona, pastel hair dye is perfect for those looking to make a statement. Available in a range of colours, such as Pink, Orange and Purple hair dye you’re sure to be stuck for choice when you browse our selection!

    La Riche Pastel Colours

    Not only focusing on the more natural styles, La Riche also provides its clients with a funky and uplifting selection of pastel hues! Whatever you’re looking for, let La Riche point you in the right direction! Some of their most popular pastel hair dye colours include:

    • Lilac
    • Lavender
    • Pastel Pink

    Ideal for those looking to add a splash of soft colour, La Riche prides itself on providing its clients with fashion explosive colours that are bound to get people talking! Offering a mild punk undertone, your look will surely never be the same once you’ve dabbled in these pastel coloured hair dyes!

    Crazy Color Pastel Colours

    Launched during the midst of the punk rock explosion, there’s no mistaking the irrefutable colour showcased in their pastel toned dyes. If you’re seeking a funky new way to add a little edge to your style, then why not check out Crazy Colors pastel collection! With tones such as Marshmallow Pink and pastel blue hair dye, these light tones will give you everything you want from a hair dye experience.

    Locking in their delicate and desirable tones, you can rest assured that all of our temporary and semi permanent pastel dyes will leave your style fresh, fierce and full of colour for up to 8 weeks! This means you don’t have to be constantly dyeing your hair, but you aren’t committed to a permanent hair colour either.

    Working Pastel Hair Dye into Your Look

    Much like all of our hair dye products available at Dye My Hair, pastel hair dyes compliment all natural hair colours, so gone are the days of those monotone and boring shades! Pastel shades offer up unlimited possibility for style exploration, so what are you waiting for?! Mix these colours with your natural hair, or other pastel colours for a perfect look every time.

    Although full head coverage with one pastel hair dye colour can look out of this world, here at Dye My Hair we like to encourage expressionism and individuality! Why settle for just one tone, let your locks become your canvas! Why not work some pastel hue into some of the following styles:

    • Two Tone: With its stark and juxtaposed finish, pastel tones work amazingly well when showcased in a two-tone finish! An ideal style for the festival season, it’s time to be brave and embrace the colour!
    • Dip Dye: A funky way to add a little dip of colour to your natural shade, by adding a splash of pastel you’re look can be totally transformed! A blend of both sophistication and elegance, the hint of delicate colour will leave people (and even you!) wanting more!
    • Ombre: Although pastel tones aren’t considered ‘natural highlights’, who’s to say what you can and can’t do when it comes to dye experimentation? A quirky and alternative way to switch up your style, adding a light shade to your existing look can totally transform your look for the best!

    If we don’t have the perfect pastel shade for you, it’s not the end of the world! Why not try mixing your own to get that ‘perfect shade’. A simple process, achieved by mixing your chosen dye with the specially formulated Manic Panic pastelizer will let you evoke all those wicked styles you’ve dreamt about.

    Whichever pastel product your opt for, here at Dye My Hair we highly recommend that your hair is maintained to the best possible condition before you embark on the dyeing process. In doing so, you can rest assured that your hair is able to lock in those gorgeously fresh colours, keeping your style looking alive for much longer! Trust us, there’s nothing worse than watching your new style fizzle away!

    Here are a couple of top-tips for making sure your new look achieves its show-stopping purpose:

    1. Plan Your Colour In Advance - Although our extensive range of pastel hair dyes are suitable for all existing hair shades, bleaching and lightening might be a process needed to lighten your tone prior to application. We always recommend trying a patch test in advance so that you can truly be sure of the colour you wish to achieve! Furthermore, as mentioned above – if we don’t have the shade you seek; why not mix your own! All you need is a pastelizer/white conditioner and a wicked shade of dye!
    2. Always Have Too Much Dye – Having more dye than you need is way better than running out half way through a job! Always make sure you’ve got enough to complete a full application before you start.
    3. Have Fun! – Here at Dye My Hair we are huge advocates for experimenting with colour. With pastel colours, the sky really is the limit! Experiment until your heart’s content with our extensive range and why not even try mixing your own!

    So, what are you waiting for? Spring into action and liven up your look today with the help of our extensive range of pastel coloured hair dyes! From lavender to pastel pink hair dye, we’ve got the perfect delicate hue to quench your dyeing thirst!

  • Ultraviolet

    Unleash your inner party animal with some wild ultraviolet hair dye. By day you’ll be sporting a bright and funky colour, but by night, your locks will literally be glowing with alternative style! However, if you’re also in the market for a one-off night out party accessory, we have plenty of hair gels and chalks to cater for your temporary hairstyle needs.

    All our ultraviolet hair dyes are reactive under UV and blacklight so you’ll be able to completely switch up your daily hairstyle to an outrageously awesome glowing ’do. This makes Manic Panic ultraviolet on bleached hair the perfect party look. With our expansive range of glowing hair dyes, it has never been easier to get a glowing hair colour.

    Manic Panic Ultraviolet Amplified Hair Dyes

    Both the iconic Manic Panic High Voltage and Amplified Ranges include daring UV colours and shades. Here at Dye My Hair, we have plenty of semi-permanent UV dyes which are certain to give you an awesome radiant finish. The High Voltage range of colours offers vibrant and stronger shades such as ultraviolet red hair dye, whilst the Amplified range can last for up to 8 weeks for a longer style change. The Manic Panic ultraviolet faded look is also super stylish. These longer-lasting dyes are certainly for the seasoned partygoer or festival fanatic. When you pick Manic Panic UV hair dyes, you can choose from bold colours such as ultraviolet purple hair colour, yellow or orange. 

    Sporting brilliant hues such as these, you’re sure to be the centre of attention wherever you go! If you’re after a fun new UV hair dye then some dashes of Hot Hot Pink, Cotton Candy Cane and Pretty Flamingo are the certain ways release your inner rock chick.

    Manic Panic always caters for all and if you don’t believe us check out Manic Panic Ultra Violet review. The Manic Panic Dye Hard Temporary Hair Colour Styling Gel range features electric bright colours such as Flamingo, Lava and Banana. These gels are the perfect one night only products. It’s simple to apply and even simpler to wash out, so it truly is easy and hassle-free.

    Stargazer Ultraviolet Hair

    Much like Manic Panic, our Stargazer UV range offers options for both temporary and more permanent colours. The exciting range of Stargazer Semi-Permanent Hair Dye is perfect for those wanting to get the alternative look for longer. This jazzy collection of ultraviolet colours can last up to 6 weeks from one application. If you choose Stargazer dyes, you can choose from a variety of vibrant colours.

    As well as looking awesome, these products are less damaging to your hair. The dye is peroxide and ammonia free, so your hair will be kept strong and healthy while you prepare to dance the night away with ultra violet hair.

    For a temporary option, the Stargazer UV Hair Gel is simple to use and apply. If you’re planning a last-minute party or heading out for a rave then this is a totally temporary way round achieving that luminous look. Paired with glow sticks and luminous clothing you’re certain to look the part! Get the ultra violet without bleaching look and save the hassle of lightening your tresses. There are five awesome Stargazer colours to choose from, the only question that remains is which shade are you going to try out first?

    Paintglow Temporary UV Gels and Chalks

    Our range of Paintglow products is perfect for those of your searching for a temporary hair colour fix. If you’re preparing for a night out clubbing, or a one-off fancy dress party these UV hair products are the perfect costume accessory or add-on that you can use to stand out from the crowd. Complete any Halloween, fancy dress or Cosplay outfit with a dash of hair colour.

    • Paintglow UV Hair Streaks - there are plenty of different colours available in the Paintglow UV Hair Streaks range. This temporary hair gel can simply be applied to the hair with the wand applicator so you can use as little or as much as you like! The mascara-style hair colourer adds simple neon streaks that will easily wash out with a standard shampoo.
    • Paintglow UV Hair Chalk – this simple neon hair chalk is the ideal way to add a whole new dimension to your favourite going-out look. Simply apply by rubbing into dampened hair, the chalk allows for a hassle-free yet highly effective way of achieving an ultraviolet hair colour. Easy to wash out, it’s a product you can blend with others to create your own unique style.

    Embracing some alternative neon shades should be fun and expressive, so here are a few handy tips to make sure your UV experience all goes smoothly!

    1. Plan Your Colour – If you have a dark natural colour, make sure you research how well every colour and duration is likely to show up on your hair. Some hair products need hair to be pre-lightened and we don’t want any party plans hampered by a dye that doesn’t show up!
    2. Always Have Extra – You don’t want to run out of UV goodness before you’ve managed to cover your whole head. Have plenty of dye/chalk/gel at the ready to make sure you have everything you need.
    3. Never Play It Safe – Embrace the true alternative vibes of UV hair. Mix, match and find a style that is totally unique to you!

    We think you are ready to embrace ultraviolet hair dye. Here at Dye My Hair, we think the brighter and more unique your style the better! Dare to be different next time you want to change your hairstyle and enjoy a new glowing hairdo.

  • Bright

    Ever thought about using bright hair dye before? If not, then you should definitely read on because we’re about to tell you how a head of brightly coloured hair can totally transform your look!

    When it comes to hair dye, a lot of people will keep changing between the usual natural colours, like blonde, brown and black not knowing that there is a whole world of vivid and bold hair colours out there just waiting to create gorgeous hairstyles! Dye My Hair is one of the top retailers of vibrant hair dye, stocking just about every semi permanent hair dye colour you can think of! Why settle for brown when you can go for blue? Why bother with a natural blonde when you can have silver locks? Why not mix up your black hair by adding some pink streaks?

    The possibilities really are endless when it comes to bright hair colours. From primary colours to secondary colours and beyond, the only limitation is your imagination when it comes to hair dye.

    A Rainbow’s Worth of Choice

    If you’re ready to try out bright hair colour for yourself, you’re certain to find a shade to love in our range. It’s impossible to list every colour that we stock – it would go on forever! – so we’ve thrown together a small sampling of some of our absolute favourites:

    • Peacock Blue
    • Lime Twist
    • Electric Banana
    • Coral Red
    • Hot Purple
    • Spring Green

    Like we said before, these colours are only the tip of iceberg! Why stay blonde or brown when you can go red, blue, green, yellow or purple? Heck, you can go for just about any colour on the colour chart! Or you could even go for straight-up rainbow hair.

    And obviously you shouldn’t just take our word for it when it comes to the awesomeness of bright hair dyes! Just about every celebrity from Lady Gaga to Kanye West has given a bright hair colour a go! You don’t have to look far to find a celebrity with a bright hairdo that’ll knock your socks off. Just check out how incredible Kylie Jenner looks with rose gold hair, or Maisie Williams with teal locks! Cate Blanchett’s pink hair is also a knock out!

    Basically what we’re trying to say is, no matter which shade of the rainbow you go for, you’re bound to get a look with some bang! We stock hair dyes that are suitable for  dark hair and light hair, as well as for pale skin. There’s no need to worry about not getting the look you want, because we’re here to help you every step of the way!

    So Many Styles

    So you’ve picked a colour that really screams what you are all about. Now you’re probably thinking: ‘What next?’ Well, now you need to decide how you want to wear it! Of course, you can simply go for the usual way of dyeing your hair all over, but it’s important to bear in mind that there are a lot of options out there. So here are our favourite ways you can rock your new bright hair colour!

    1. Dip Dyeing. If you’re not quite ready to say goodbye to your current hair colour, then you should definitely give dip dyeing a go. It involves simply dyeing the ends of your hairs, giving you a groovy look that blends natural and unnatural hair colours in an awesome way! It’s a great compromise, or just a great way to combine two extraordinary bright hair dye colours together. You can get a hairstyle with a lot of depth by dip dyeing two shades of the same bright dye.
    2. Ombré. If dip dying looks too simple or strong for you, we highly recommend ombré instead! This hair dye style offers an almost gradient affect, giving your hair a smooth transition from one colour to another. The move from dark shades to lighter shades can create a really complex and beautiful effect that anyone would love to make their next look.
    3. Rainbow Hair. Yes – rainbow hair is just about as awesome as it sounds. If you don’t think you can choose just one shade of hair dye, then rainbow might be for you. A quick online search will show that there are dozens of fantastic looks out there than blend multiple bright hair colours together to achieve stunning effects!
    4. Hidden Hair Colour. Another interesting trend is hidden hair colours. What is it? It involves keeping your top layer of hair a natural shade, while dying lower layers more vivid and bright colours (It’s often used in conjunction with rainbow hair.) If you want to keep your crazy new hair colour on the down low, you should definitely look into this style!
    5. Colour Mixing. One last awesome idea for you... Some of the brands we stock (such as Splat) suggest mixing hair dyes together if you can’t get the colour you want. Awesome, right? Now there’s no colour unavailable to you!

    So get ready to take the world by storm with a bright new hair colour and take a browse through Dye My Hair’s awesome selection. We stock a whole range of incredible brands, including Manic Panic, Splat, Crazy Color, La Riche Directions, Stargazer and Paintglow, so you’ll be spoilt for choice!

    So what are you waiting? Get the hair colour of your dreams today!

  • Natural

    Are you seeking a fast and effective way to transform your look? Have you always dreamt of having a different hair tone but want to keep your hairdo a natural shade? If so, then natural hair dyes are the perfect go-to product for switching up your style! Catering for those temporary and semi-permanent hair dye needs, here at Dye My Hair we’ve got plenty of natural coloured dyes to choose from. You surely will be stuck for choice!

    Boasting extremely natural and realistic tones, you’re sure to turn heads with our extensive range of Natural hair dyes. You’re sure to get people questioning your natural hair colour, switching up your look has never been easier or more fun! Perfect for any occasion, our selection of tones such as copper or auburn, and with natural hair dye black options you can make any natural colour work for you.

    La Riche Natural Hair Dyes

    Maintaining and locking in colour for up to 6 weeks, La Riche Directions offer an extensive range of natural coloured hair dyes. Guaranteed to get anyone’s creative juices flowing, there’ll be no stopping your style exploration with La Riche. Free from ammonia and peroxide, this Vegan Hair Dye, you can rest assured that your hair will be in the best possible hands. A firm favourite of ours, opting for La Riche also ensures you’re choosing one of the safest ways to colour! Easily applied and with a 100% coverage, achieving natural coloured hair has never been simpler! Whatever your style or budget, some of the most popular natural hair colour shades include:

    • Tangerine
    • Dark Tulip
    • Flame Red
    • Ebony Black

    Perfect for those wanting to switch up their existing tone to something a little more natural looking, La Riche is here to lend a helping hand! Locking in its super rich and vibrant tones, La Riche’s natural hair dyes are ideal for those looking to stand out and add a little extra edge to their ensemble.

    With a semi-permanent duration, our selection of La Riche hair dyes is perfect for those seeking to switch up their style in time for a special occasion or as a safe and effective manner to add a little dip dye or streak effect to their existing shade!

    Crazy Color Natural Hair Dyes

    Served up in their funky and iconic pink bottles, our selection of Natural coloured Crazy Color hair dyes, much like La Riche, are a safe and effective way to transform your existing look. Launched in 1977 during the midst of the punk rock explosion, Crazy Color prides itself on transferring those vibes into their hair dyes. Guaranteed to deliver an application that is set to last up to a whopping 8 weeks, you can rest assured that your chosen colour will be locked in and staying as vibrant for longer! Transforming your look in as little as just 15 minutes, transforming your look has never been easier! If you’re tempted to try out some natural coloured dye, then why not check out these top natural shades from Crazy Color:

    • Vermillion 
    • Coral 
    • Bordeaux

    Adding a shed load of vibrancy and volume, Crazy Color is a sure fire way to add that extra edge to your look! Experiment today with the help of Dye My Hair and Crazy Color, you won’t be disappointed!

    Styling Natural Dyes into Your Look

    You don’t have to go the whole hog when it comes to natural hair dye! Although offering a stunning whole head coverage, why not try adding a splash of wholesome colour to your existing look through processes such as dip dyeing and adding streaks. Providing your look with a stylish and sophisticated finish, adding natural highlights can totally transform your look in an instant! If you’re looking for a way to style natural coloured dye into your existing ‘do’ then why not try out some of our recommended styles:

    • Balayage – A gorgeous way to achieve a layered highlighted effect, with a graduated finish, this look is sure to be a timeless classic!
    • Sun Splash – With a funky and natural looking layered finish, this natural sun-kissed look is the perfect way to liven up your look all year long. 
    • Ombre/Sombre - Similar to the somewhat ‘free-painting’ notion of balayage hair, the classic ombre hue is still a hit! Adding a natural highlight to your existing tone and facial shape, you can’t go wrong with a little ombre!

    Tips and Tricks – The Dye My Hair Recommendations

    Whichever hair dye product you go for, here at Dye My Hair we highly recommend maintaining your hair is in tip-top condition prior undergoing any dyeing process. This will help ensure that your hair locks in the entire vibrant colour from the dye and refrains from becoming overly dry and brittle!

    Here are a couple top-tips for ensuring your look achieves its show stopping purpose:

    1. Plan Your Colour In Advance - Although our extensive range of natural hair dyes are suitable for all existing hair shades, bleaching and lightening might be a process needed to lighten your tone prior to application. We always recommend trying a patch test in advance so that you can truly be sure of the colour you wish to achieve!
    2. Always Have Too Much Dye – There’s nothing worse than finding out half way through your dye job that there isn’t enough to complete your look! Therefore, always ensure there is more than enough to cover the required area! It’s always better to have more than less, right?!
    3. Have Fun! – Here at Dye My Hair we are huge advocates for experimenting with colour. Just because you are opting for a lighter more natural shade doesn’t mean you can’t have fun! The world is your oyster, so let your dye pallet be your canvas!

    So, what are you waiting for? Embrace our selection of coppery, auburn, and burgundy natural shades today! With an extensive range of temporary dyes from big name brands such as Manic Panic, La Riche and Crazy Color, there’ll be no stopping your style evolution! Rock your dream naturally inspired look today with Dye My Hair!

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Here at Dye My Hair, we absolute love everything to do with colour. On our store you’ll always be able to find yourself a plethora of different colours and shades that can suit almost any haircut and style you’re looking for. We make it 100% easy to grab yourself salon quality hair colour from your own home, but if you want to make your new ‘do truly spectacular; you’re going to need some top notch hair dye styles inspiration!

You may think that getting yourself some amazing hair dye styles for long hair and short is completely dependent on your most recent haircut? Wrong! Although this definitely complements all over styles of hair dye, the main factor that will pull off your killer new look will be what dye you choose and how you use it! On the Dye My Hair website we have host information for you to check out from blogs to guides; but for now keep reading and get versed in all of the hair dye styles that are available.

What Hair Dye Styles Are The Best For Me?

When it comes to choosing a hair dye style, there are a host of choices that will perfect your desired look. Whether you’re in need of a subtle hair colour to switch things up or something bright, beautiful and bold; we can tell you about all the tips and tricks for the best hair dye styles below before picking your colour.

Highlights and Low Lights: For the most subtle colour, highlights and low lights are you greatest friend. This style revolves around hair colours and styles that natural contrast with your current hair colour. Primarily you will have seen this beautiful look on famous celebrities such as Friends star Jennifer Anniston with her beautiful blonde hair and natural but desired dark brown highlights. One of the new variants of these hair dye styles is lowlights. Just like the one mentioned above, this natural style is perfect for almost all occasions; and it looks utterly stunning! The only factor that separates this style from highlights is the reversal of colour; meaning that if you’re rocking a dark hair colour, you’ll be able to add some golden blonde hair dye and make your hair a work of art.

Ombre, Sombre & Balayage: After reading those words we’re sure you’re probably pretty confused; but don’t panic! Soon you’ll be able getting ready to get the hottest colour hair dye styles at home. First of all let’s start with the classic ombre. You may or may not have heard about this style before, but either way it’s something to always take into account when updating your look due to its ease and beauty it imbues into your look. This requires adding a slightly lighter shade of dye to the tips of your hair in order to create gradual colour fades from your tips and up. This can be done with almost any colour and should especially be tried with the brightest shades! If your answer to cool styles to dye your hair is sombre however, this will require you applying a subtler tone to give a more natural look.

In recent years we’ve seen the pretty hair dye term Balayage take the world by storm! The popularity of this look comes from its easy process of gently pre-lightening sections of your hair to give a warm sun kissed glow to your scalp; and easily blends in when your hair would usually naturally grow out the colour.

Silver Blonde & Opal Hair Colours: Recently the popularity for these hair dye styles has sparked a huge trend around the globe. These thought to be unobtainable hair colours can now be achieved in a flash and give you a look the look of queen. Once you’ve picked through your favourite hair dying ideas and chosen a semi permanent hair dye product that fits your favourite shade and brand, it’s time to begin. As this style features incredibly bright and mesmerising style, unless you have naturally very pale hair it’s extremely important to bleach and tone your hair before you start. Bleaching will allow you to remove allot of the colour from your hair, while products such as toners will remove yellow brassy tones that may remain after the bleaching process. Once these steps have been completed, you’ll have a fresh and clean hair palette to dye your hair the bright sliver or opal shade you desire.

How To Get The Best Results With Different Colour Hair Dye Styles

If you’re looking to get the brightest and richest colour from your new hair dye in order to perfect your chosen hair dye styles; it’s always important to bleach and tone. With that in mind, take a read of our brief steps to completing your next look:

  1. Bleach – Choose a brand that you have previous experience with or one you trust and begin to apply it to your whole head of hair or the sections (if you’ve chosen to go with one of the hair dye ideas we’ve outlined above). This will remove any unwanted colour to and allow you to move on to toning.
  2. Using Toner – If you’re going to a very light silver hair colour that requires a very light finish it may be required that you also use toner. But don’t worry; it isn’t as scary as it sounds and your new hair dyestyles will be all the better for using it. Apply it to the right areas and it will completely remove unwanted colour and brassy tones and leaving you with your desired shimmering silver style.
  3. Dye You Hair- Apply your dye in correspondence to the new hair dye style you’ve chosen. If you need extra tips and tricks then the Dye My Hair blog section is an incredibly useful place to be! Check it out here.
  4.  After Care – If you want to keep your colour and hair health in tip top condition then it’s important to use specially formulated shampoos and conditioners, as well as avoiding over washing your hair. Check out the website to find your after care products.