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Blue hair is cool in every kind of way imaginable. When you set out to shop for blue colour hair dye, there are several factors you MUST keep in mind: the particular shade you like, your existing wardrobe style, your natural hair colour, and of course the quality of the blue hair dye temporary brands you buy from.

Consider this your ultimate shopping guide for blue hair dye permanent and temporary styles! Kicking things off, we’ve got 3 gorgeous electric blue hair styles from celebs and all the details on which brands sell which shades. There’s also a handy section at the end that covers how to use blue hair dye on brown hair: an essential read for any brunette.

Celebrity Electric Blue Hair Looks

Before you start shopping for blue colour hair dye, make sure you take a look at these 3 celebs with electric blue hair for inspiration! You can also find ideas on which matching electric blue hair dye you can use to achieve the same look.

  • Lily Collins is an author and movie actress, but she’s also starred in music videos. Most notably is her role in the music video for Claudia Lewis, a song by M83. Her electric blue hair wig with full fringe and naturally waved locks is inspirational! Try Capri Blue from Crazy Colour as an electric blue hair dye to get the same shade.
  • Back in 2015, Amber Rose was already ahead in the trends when she stepped out with blue hair dye temporary colours in her super short hairstyle. It started off as a very bright electric blue hair dye colour but over the weeks she let it fade and re-dyed to a delightful turquoise shade. The shade is similar to Siren’s Song from Manic Panic.
  • Joe Jonas. Let’s not forget that the craze for men with blue hair started when Joe dyed his hair for the first time. He went for a streaky look in his wavy hair – a similar blue colour hair dye to After Midnight from Manic Panic.

So, if that hasn’t set your heart onto the idea of electric blue hair dye, then don’t worry! We have plenty of blue hair dye UK shades available for you to choose from, including blue black hair colour dye and blue hair dye for dark hair colours.

Blue Hair Dye Brands

We have access to all the best blue hair dye brands at Dye My Hair. Currently we have over 60 different products from 7 tried and tested blue hair dye brands. Here is a short list of the best of the best:

Blue Hair Dye for Dark Hair

If you’ve naturally got dark, black or brunette hair you’ll probably have trouble achieving your desired blue shade, even with the best blue hair dye UK has to offer. But you do still have a few options. Firstly, you can try bleaching your hair so that the bright blue colours shine brighter. If you’re against bleaching, you can try these very dark blue hair dyes for dark hair to create a lovely dark hair tint.

Denim Blue from La Riche Directions is a good, dark blue hair dye for dark hair. The denim jean shade is dark and robust enough to give even the darkest hair a beautiful blue tint.

If you want to try something a little brighter, give Ultra Blue from Stargazer a try. This blue hair dye for dark hair will really dazzle in the sun, but keep in mind that it won’t totally cancel out your natural hair colour unless you bleach first.

The key is to test out the hair dye beforehand, so you know exactly how it will look over your natural colour.

Best Blue Colour Hair Dye

The best blue colour hair dyes are the classics, the ones that are undeniably blue and always popular. But sometimes that can get a bit old, so here are a few best blue colour hair dyes that are unusual in a good way!

Splat have a fantastic blue ombre dye kit. It contains 3 of their best blue colour hair dyes so you can create beautiful, ocean wave hair.

If you want to stick to an all-over block colour, try Peacock Blue or Bubblegum Blue from Crazy Colour! They will certainly make you stand out from the crowd.

Blue Black Hair Colour Dye

If you have naturally black hair and you do not bleach it, any blue dye you add will result in a blue black hair colour dye appearance. Use these shades with black low lights to create a beautiful blue black hair colour dye look.

Atlantic Blue from La Riche directions really looks like the deep, dark waters of the Atlantic Ocean. It goes very well with dark shades and even hints of murky green.

Bella Blue from Herman’s Amazing Semi-Permanent Hair Dye brand is a mix of a dark blue and steel grey to create an almost metallic look – this colour also looks great with black tints.

How to Use Blue Hair Dye on Brown Hair

Using blue hair dye on brown hair can be tricky. For blondes, the blue colour hair dye can turn green if not bleached first. For people with black hair, the blue hair dye permanent or temporary is difficult to make out but often creates a subtle hint that really comes out in the sunshine. But brunettes definitely get it the worst when it comes to using blue hair dye on brown hair.

Without bleach, you end up with a muddy blue brown colour. It’s really not attractive! So, to make good use of blue hair dye on brown hair you MUST bleach your hair first. If you’re not keen on bleaching all your hair, why not start with just the tips? A blue dip dye look can be very nice and you can just chop off the ends if you don’t like how it looks.

You have plenty of options when it comes to blue colour hair dye, regardless of your natural colour. You can check out the full range of blue shades, ombre dyeing kits, bleach and toners all in one place: Dye My Hair.