Dye My Hair Bleach Kit (30 Volume)


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This handy Dye My Hair Bleach Kit provides you with all the tools and guidance you need to bleach your hair at home!

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£ 4.99

  • Containing all the bits and bobs you'll need, this Dye My Hair Bleach Kit will help you kickstart your next big hair color transformation.

    These hair bleach kits are there to make it easier for those with darker hair to use some of the lighter and softer hair dye colors. With the bleach powder, cream peroxide and mixing tray, you can easily make the right formula for you. With helpful and detailed hair bleach instructions, you're sure to have all the know-how needed before you bleach. The rubber gloves and brush allow for precise application that will help reduce mess.

    Go ahead and begin your hair colour transformation with this full bleach kit. Don't dye your hair at home without this in your tool kit!

    Please Note: Results may vary depending on your hair type, base color and hair porosity. Always perform a patch test prior to use. Make sure that you read and follow the instructions included when using this product. 

  • Effect Removes Hair Colour
    Strength 30 Volume