Crazy Color Temporary Pastel Hair Spray 250ml (Lavender)


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  • Get a temporary change to your blonde hair with the Crazy Color Temporary Pastel Hair Spray 250ml in Lavendar.

    Turn your hair into a lavender purple colour in just one simple step. Apply to your hair and it will look great for the next three washes before returning back to blonde. If you plan on going to a festival or fancy dress part then you can change up your look on a temporary basis. Perhaps you are planning to create a new Cosplay costume but are indecisive about dying for a longer period or wearing an itchy wig for several hours. Now the solution is simple. No ammonia and peroxide means that your hair will be safe while still looking great.
    Add a cool temporary tint to your hair. Get the Crazy Color Temporary Lavendar Hair Spray today!