Crazy Color Temporary Pastel Hair Spray 250ml (Bubblegum)


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  • Are you looking for a temporary way to switch up your hair colour in a super simple way?  Then you should try some Crazy Color Temporary Pastel Hair Spray 250ml in Bubblegum.

    For those with blonde hair this coloured hair spray will turn your hair into a bright bubblegum blue colour. The colour lasts for 3 washes so it's perfect for a weekend away at a festival or use it to complete a Cosplay costume without having to permanently change hair colour or wear uncomfortable wigs for hours at a time. The spray is easy to add to hair so you can choose however you want to style your hair. A good example would be coloured tips for a Harley Quinn cosplay. There is no ammonia or peroxide so your hair will stay safe and look great.
    If you want an alternative hairstyle to suit your look then try out some Crazy Color Temporary Bubblegum Hair Spray.