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Herman's Amazing Bleach Kit (30 Volume)


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Make sure your new hair color comes out bright and bold by using Herman's Amazing Bleach Kit beforehand!

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£ 11.99 tax incl.

  • Want to make sure your hair is totally dye-ready? Then be sure to pick up Herman's Amazing Bleach Kit in 30 Volume!

    If you’re yearning to lighten your hair, then this is the product for you! With a generous 50g sachet of powder bleach and a 100ml bottle of 30 vol. cream developer, this bleaching kit contains everything you need to achieve a high lift, ultra-light result. Plus, this pre-lightener is completely Vegan, making it a perfect choice for lovers of cruelty-free beauty.

    So if this all sounds good to you, place your order for Herman's Amazing Bleach Kit now!

    Please Note: Results may vary depending on your hair type, base color and hair porosity. Always perform a patch test prior to use. Make sure that you read and follow the instructions included when using this product. 

  • Effect Removes Hair Colour
    Vegan Friendly? Yes
    Strength 30 Volume