#beastfromtheeast Inspired Silver Hair Dye

#beastfromtheeast Inspired Silver Hair Dye

This week parts of the UK and Europe have been hit by the #beastfromtheeast. For some parts of the country, this has been the first sighting of snow for several years. Is it worth getting excited about? Of course it is! We love all things snow and want to help you get the hair to match. After all, there is nothing better than a new hairdo to show your sense of fun and adventure. Whether you have been out playing in the snow or hiding inside away from the freezing temperatures we think that Silver Hair Dye could be the perfect way to revitalise your hair in this chilly weather.

You can stick to classic silver if you are looking for that perfect chic granny style. This surely is a hair color every hair dye lover needs to try at least once. Silver hair has an awesome shining quality that is sure to help your hair stay looking healthy and gorgeous.

Silver Hair Dye

Snowflakes are totally beautiful and mesmerising so why not take this inspiration to the next level with some Platinum Hair Dye? This light hair color has hints of silver which are sure to give your hair a magical glow. The overall effect is a shimmering white style. This is on the lighter end of the silver color spectrum so is perfect for those who already have light hair or are looking to take their locks a shade or two lighter. To achieve this more neutral tone you may want to consider applying some silver hair toner before reaching for the final hair dye. This will take out any unwanted tones in your hair such as brassy tones, and create a blank canvas for your new white style.

Platinum Hair Dye

It is important to remember that you will get the best silver hair dye results if you bleach your hair first. This will ensure your new color comes out in its purest form. Dyeing on top of darker hair color is likely to give more of a silvery hue effect. If this is the look you are trying to achieve then you can skip the bleaching process but if you are looking for a lighter shade you are going to need plenty of patience. Allow time for your hair to recover after bleaching so your hair is as strong and healthy as possible before applying the dye.

Types of Semi Permanent Silver Hair Dye

If you are aiming for a gray color rather than a light silver tone then why not consider a gray hair dye? Gray dyes tend to have different undertones than a silver color. Featuring blue, purple or even green undertones you can achieve the perfect shade of gray hair dye. With plenty of brands to choose from make sure to browse our gray hair dye section to find the best gray hair dye for you.

Grey Hair Dye

You can take silver hair dye another shade darker and create a dark gray color. This could be a great option for those who already have darker natural hair because less bleaching will be required. These dark dyes have an almost salt and pepper effect with rich dark colors blended with lighter silver tones.

Dark Grey Hair Dye

The final shade in today’s blog is silver blonde hair dye. This incredibly light shade of silver features blonde tones to give a fluffy and bouncy quality to your hair. If you aren’t sure about going completely Granny Gray then this could be your dream shade. This shade is like a lighter version of ash blonde and is perfect for those looking to achieve chic hairstyles.

Silver Blonde Hair Dye

Now you have heard our silver hair dye review of all our favourite shades it is up to you to decide which you will go for! We would love to see your hair transformation and snowy pictures so why not share with us on FacebookInstagram and Twitter?

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#beastfromtheeast Inspired Silver Hair Dye

#beastfromtheeast Inspired Silver Hair Dye

Silver Hair Dye comes in many shades, from silver blonde hair dye to Granny Gray, Dye My Hair is here to help you choose the perfect match for you. Read on to learn about the full silver color...

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