Bright Hair Colors Shine at the BRIT Awards

Bright Hair Colors Shine at the BRIT Awards

Last week saw celebrities, both British and international, flock together at the O2 Arena for the 2018 BRIT Awards. It was a night of festivities with many amazing performances and several big wins for musicians all around. Best of all, it was a great excuse for celebs to dress to the nines and show off their incredible hairstyles. The most beautiful hairstyles of the night showed a trend for bright hair colors and we are completely on board with the bright blonde hair craze that everyone is trying for themselves.

Here are some of our favorite blonde hair colors that stood out at the BRIT Awards last week.

Pixie Lott’s Iconic Light Blonde Hair

Bright Blonde Hair Dye

The combination of a pastel purple dress and the almost platinum blonde hair created a stunning bright blonde hair look for Pixie Lott. Although she has rocked a blonde hairstyle for years, it is always great to be reminded of the stunningly bright hair that we recognize so well. Seeing her bright blonde locks would make anyone rush for the bright hair dye to create their own Pixie Lott look.

Paloma Faith Looks Golden with Golden Blonde Hair

Nice Blonde Hair Colours

As one of the nominees for best female solo artist, Paloma Faith brought her A-game to the Brit Awards with a big golden blonde hair look. Paloma has had a few blonde hairstyles before now, but the rich warmth of this look is definitely at the top of the list of nice blonde hair colors. To get this look, you simply need to add bleach to darker hair to achieve this look, or get some blonde hair dye and add the warming color to fully bleached hair.

Anne Marie is the Platinum Blonde Queen

Platinum Blonde Shades

Anne Marie is a super popular singer known for the platinum blonde shades of hair color that she is often seen flaunting. This white hair color has a brilliant effect when combined with a colorful dress, just like the red gown that Anne Marie wore to the BRIT Awards. Getting this hair style isn’t all that difficult either. All you need to achieve this look is to grab some bleach and some white hair toner for a perfect white hair look.

Hailey Baldwin Make Cobain Blonde Incredible

Best Bright Colour Hair Dye for Dark Hair

There were a few celebrities at the BRIT awards who decided to mix blonde hair colors with dark roots for what is being dubbed the “Cobain blonde hair trend”. One example of this impressive look is Hailey Baldwin, who pulled off the whole look with a dark lipstick to make her bright hair color stand out even more. There are two ways to achieve this look. Either way, you have to start with the best bright color hair dye for dark hair. Apply to everywhere but your roots or simply apply everywhere and wait as your dark roots start to show again.

Emma Willis Shows Off Bright Pixie Hair

Bright Hair Colours

Another example of this blonde and brown mix is Emma Willis whose short, pixie hair style looked incredible with long locks of blonde hair sticking into the air. As short hair and blonde hair are sweeping the 2018 fashion scene, mixing the two together is a guaranteed way to look absolutely amazing. If you already have short hair or are thinking about getting it cut, think about adding some blonde tips just like this hairstyle.

So those were some of the best bright hair colors that caught our eye from celebrities at the BRIT Awards. If you’re feeling inspired, check out our bright hair dye brands like Manic Panic and La Riche Directions for all of your blonde hair needs. Don’t forget to give us a like and follow on FacebookTwitter and Instagram to stay up to date on all of the fashionable hair trends that are going on throughout the year.

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Bright Hair Colors Shine at the BRIT Awards

Bright Hair Colors Shine at the BRIT Awards

Check out our favorite bright hair colors of the celebrities at the BRIT awards 2018. This year was a triumph for Blonde hair colors so learn more about what is fashionable and how to get your own...

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