Get Inspired With Our Blue Hair Dye Brands

Get Inspired With Our Blue Hair Dye Brands

If you love a color then it’s easy and fun to switch up your wardrobe to incorporate it into your every look. But some people do not realise the ease and fun that can come from incorporating a color into their beautiful locks. In this short blog we’re going to walk you through some of the best blue hair dye brands and color shades so you can take the pigment that best resonates with your mood and style, and take it to the next level!

At Dye My Hair we have a tremendous amount of knowledge, as well as some of the best blue hair dye ideas around. Whether you’re someone who just can’t get enough of beautiful blue hair dye for dark hair or something playful and pastel; we’ll be able to guide you towards your next premium colour transformation!

Check out the full Blue Hair Dye Section here! Or keep reading for some more ideas for trying vibrant shades of blue hair dye and brands!

Amazing Navy & Dark Blue Hair Dye Brands

 If you’re looking for a shade of blue that offers rich color but subtle enough for you to pull off an every day elegant look, darker shades and navy could be the exact blue hair dye for black hair you’re looking for. Although these shades are very similar, navy offers a slightly darker tone which may be more suitable for darker hair colors.  The best attribute to some of the vibrant blue hair dye brands that we stock is that they are semi permanent; meaning safer and bolder color.

Are you still unsure about dark blue hair colour? You’ll also find that this dark shade is a fantastic colour for almost any time of the year!

Have a look below at a few color options for these styles below:

Navy Blue Hair Dye:

Navy Blue Hair Dye Manic Panic LA Riche Navy Hair Dye Atlantic Blue

Dark Blue Hair Dye:

Dark Blue Hair Dye Dark Blue Hair Dye Bella Blue Hermans Amazing

Teal & Turquoise Blue Hair Dye

If you cannot choose between blue or green; teal and turquoise could perfect your style.  At Dye My Hair this is just one of the many color choices that we cater for and we have a vast range of light blue hair dye products available. Remember, if you don’t want to transition to bright color completely, these colors can also be great for highlights and ombre styles! 

Check out some of our favourites below and their full sections.

Teal Hair Dye:

Blue Jade Teal Hair Dye Crazy Color 
La Riche Turquoise Teal Hair Dye

Turquoise Hair Dye: 

Atomic turquoise Hair Dye Sirens Song Turquoise Hair Dye Manic Panic

Light Blue Hair Colour

If you’ve got this far you either love blue hair dye or haven’t quite found your color yet. That means that there’s only one possible style left to choose; light blue. Although this hair color may seem generic, that’s far from the truth. With different shades such as bubblegum, voodoo blue and lagoon; there’s so much color choice!

Light Blue Hair Dye:

Bubblegum Light Blue Hair Dye
Angel Light Blue Hair Dye Manic Panic

Have you found your perfect product above but want to take the color down a notch? Remember that there’s always pasteliser! This will allow you to take any shade of blue hair dye and bring it to a gorgeous pastel tone. 

Do you want the best results possible? For the richest, deepest colors we always recommend a premium bleach kit. This assures that the color has a fresh palette to work on and won’t mix with your natural shade; giving you intense premium shades!
Dye My Hair Bleach Kit 30 Volume

If you need further inspiration then remember that you can check out the full range of Blue Hair Dye here! Already got your look sorted? Show us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram

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Get Inspired With Our Blue Hair Dye Brands

Get Inspired With Our Blue Hair Dye Brands

Take a look at our latest blog for blue hair dye brands and inspiration into your next look. With a vast range of blue hair dye shades and products, the style possibilities are endless.

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