The Latest Hair Dye Trend To Try: Reverse Balayage

The Latest Hair Dye Trend To Try: Reverse Balayage

We have heard of ombre and balayage but there’s a new kid in town! The Reverse Balayage is stealing the spotlight this month thanks to its easy maintenance and gorgeous finish. This hair color is exactly the opposite of a balayage. It starts with the lighter tones at the roots of your hair and graduates down to dark tips.

If you are looking for a big change then you could create a bigger contrast between the colors. Start with a platinum blonde to balayage dark brown for a look that is sure to get you noticed. Not so sure about this style? Just stick to a darker blonde to brown balayage and you are still sure to look just as awesome. This effect will look more natural too.

We have gathered some of our favourite Insta examples of the reverse balayage to help you decide on your new reverse balayage hair shade.

This first look is a very obvious balayage and is sure to have everyone asking you about your new ‘do. The reverse balayage blonde to brown color is the most classic style with most opting for it as a change from a completely bottle blonde ‘do or as a way to add more depth to their brown hair. The reverse balayage is very successful as a style for curly hair because this blends the tones even further. If you don’t have curly hair then this style will still look fab, or you could get practicing with the curling tongs.

This next style is a more subtle reverse balayage ombre. The delicious chocolatey tones are sure to appeal to those who are looking for a change from blonde. This rich color will add a touch of sophistication to your look. If you always have to touch up your roots with blonde dye then why not ditch this annoying routine and let your dark roots blend into your new reverse balayage brunette.

You don’t have to stick to just natural hair colors. This brassy blonde and purple style is the perfect upgrade from a dip dye. Blending the colors rather than having a straight line will really add to your edgy style. This style will also look awesome in a high ponytail. Imagine those sweet plum locks hanging down your back. This color will match with plenty of fashion styles and will allow you to keep your alternative edge.

The reverse balayage on bleached hair will give the best result if you are trying to achieve a lighter shade at the top. All you need to do is make sure to apply the bleach a few days before you are planning to dye your hair. Make sure to always read the instructions and perform a patch test in case of allergies.

This entire look can be done as a DIY reverse balayage. With a tinting brush you can blend the two shades together to create your very own balayage. Our top tip for achieving a reverse balayage at home is to ensure you have everything you could possibly need on hand. Make sure you have old towels, gloves, a mixing bowl and a tinting brush all within reach. This will help you minimise the mess as we all know dye can stain fabric and skin. It is also essential to make sure you have enough dye before you begin. You don’t want to only be able to dye part of your hair!

The reverse balayage light to dark doesn’t have to just be natural colors. Check out this stunning pink and purple style. We think we are in love! This style ticks all the right boxes for us, here at Dye My Hair. It is bright, beautiful and balayage!

Now you have seen all our favourite reverse balayage hairstyles from reverse balayage brown to pink! There are thousands of color combinations you could try so why not share your reverse balayage picture with us on FacebookTwitter or Instagram.

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The Latest Hair Dye Trend To Try: Reverse Balayage

The Latest Hair Dye Trend To Try: Reverse Balayage

Dye My Hair is bringing you the latest hair dye trend - The Reverse Balayage! This style features a light to dark color effect. blended together to create a beautiful enhanced natural style.

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