Cosplay Black Hair with Confidence Using These Costume Ideas

Cosplay Black Hair with Confidence Using These Costume Ideas

Do you love having hair that is as black as night? Then you will love black hair dye as much as we do. Some of the greatest characters in TV shows and Anime have black hair. That is why we’re here to prove to you that you don’t need to start bleaching up to new colors when you decide which character to Cosplay at your next Convention, Halloween or fancy dress party. So check out this list of our favorite Cosplay Black Hair ideas that are top of our list.

Snow White Cosplay

Best Black Hair Cosplay Character

The first and one of the best Disney Princesses of all time, Snow White is one of the best black hair Cosplay characters that you could choose. If you’re attending a fancy dress party then this classic costume is an unbeatable look that everyone will instantly recognize and adore. It isn’t difficult to get your hands on a Snow White costume and all you need is a quick touch-up on your black hair for the look to be complete.

Marceline the Vampire Queen Cosplay

Black Vampire Cosplay Hair Marceline Cosplay Black Hair

Get ready for your next adventure with this amazing Cosplay look. We all know and love Adventure Time and one of the best characters has to be Marceline. The best part of this Cosplay costume is the relative ease to get everything you need, and there are a few ways to make it look perfect. Take a look at the two different styles above. You can decide if you want to add a grey hue to your skin and if you want the plaid shirt or grey tank top. Top it all off with the wicked axe guitar and everyone will be looking at your costume at the next convention.

Wednesday Addams Cosplay

Addams Black Hair Dye

If you’re rocking the black hair look because you love Gothic fashion and culture then the next option will feel right at home. The Addams Family’s frightening little girl has an iconic pair of long black braids and a black and white dress in a perfect Gothic style. Use some black Cosplay hair dye to get the perfect color that is as black as Wednesday Addams’ soul.

Satsuki Kiryuuin Cosplay

Kill La Kill Cosplay Hair Dye

Those who love to watch Anime will know the long black locks and bright white Kamui of Satsuki Kiryuiin from Kill La Kill. If you want to dress up as the indomitable badass that rules over Honnouji Academy then you can’t look less than perfection. The costume, hair color and sword are all recognizable instantly, so you’ll have to make sure to get the right black hair dye for this hairstyle.

Ryuko Matoi Cosplay

Kill La Kill Cosplay Black Hair

We would be crazy to look at Kill La Kill characters and not suggest Ryuko Matoi, the protagonist who has an aggressive mean streak and half of a very large pair of scissors. What makes Ryuko different from the rest of the options of this list is that you will need to grab some red hair dye to add the eye catching streak at the front of her hair. If you manage to get this outfit looking just right, you’ll remember it as one of your best Cosplay costumes ever.

Mikasa Ackerman Cosplay

Attack on Titan Black Hair Dye Cosplay

Of all of the black haired anime characters female fans have the chance to replicate; Mikasa is at the top of the list for popularity. The Attack on Titan series is one that sits boldly in the minds of fans and Mikasa’s character was perhaps the most heartbreaking yet inspiring as a tale of dedication and loyalty. It is no wonder that people want to be just like her. Grab a red scarf and black Cosplay hair and everyone will know exactly which character you want to look like.

If you don’t already have black hair and don’t feel like making a big commitment, we have plenty of temporary black hair dye that washes out after one wash. So now you don’t have to worry about not being able to achieve the Cosplay look you want. The best part is how easy it is to get this look. You don’t need to learn how to temporarily dye your hair black. Simply apply the dye to your hair with one of our professional brushes, wait and rinse. Then after one wash or a few weeks (depending on your dye choice) the color will fade and your original hair color will be right there again.

If you want more great ideas for your next hair dye choice or anything else related to coloring your hair, give us a like and follow on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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Cosplay Black Hair with Confidence Using These Costume Ideas

Cosplay Black Hair with Confidence Using These Costume Ideas

With the help of this handy blog, you can Cosplay black hair in the best way. Find the right inspiration for your next black hair Cosplay costume idea right here.

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