Color Inspiration For Anime Hairstyles: Part 1

Color Inspiration For Anime Hairstyles: Part 1

The popularity of anime has just risen and risen over the years and it’s easy to see why... There are just so much fantastic shows around today – maybe too many! – that it’s impossible not to get sucked up into the world of anime. There’s also a lot of variety, with anime ranging from apocalyptic fantasies such as Attack On Titan to psychological thrillers like Death Note. So why not grab yourself some anime hairstyles?!

If you love anime as much as we do, you might have thought about getting an awesome anime hairstyle look. And what’s more iconic about anime characters’ looks than their hair styles? Whether you want to get a cool anime hairstyle for a cosplay costume or just an awesome everyday look, we’ve got you covered. Read on to find out what our favourite anime hair colors are and our favourite characters for each one. Because let’s be honest: it’s the bright hair color that often brings an anime look to life!

Black Hair Cosplay

Black hair can mean a variety of different things when it comes to anime characters. It can mean that a character is ordinary and unimportant or it can connote that they’re dark and mysterious... Giving that you probably don’t want to take inspiration from ordinary characters, we’re going to focus on the black haired characters that fall into the mysterious camp!

From the sneaky ninja Hinata from Naruto to the hardened warrior Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z, there are plenty of awesome black haired characters to choose from. These hairstyles for anime can be achieved in a flash; just check out our range of black hair dyes and you’re ready!

Hinata Anime Hairstyle Cosplay

Vegeta Cosplay Anime Hairstyle

White Hair Dye

On the other end of the scale from black hair, white haired characters are usually characterised as weirdos... Or, well, just a little bit odd. That’s definitely not a bad thing, with some of the best anime characters around being on the weird side!

Shiro from Deadman Wonderland is a solid of example of a strange yet easy-to-like anime character who’d be super fun to to cosplay as. With her super distinctive long anime hairstyle in white, there’s no doubt that people will know who you’re cosplaying as straight away! And if Shiro isn’t your thing, then Mirajane from Fairy Tail is another fantastic white haired choice.

Check out your white hair dye options here!

Shiro Cosplay Anime Hairstyles

Mirajane Cosplay Anime Hair Style

Red Hair Cosplay

You can probably guess what we’re going to say the typical red headed anime character is like... They’re hot-headed! If you’re got an impulsive personality, then you might want to consider picking up some bright red hair dye and going for a look inspired by your favourite character with a fiery personality!

Where to start with red haired characters? There’s Gaara from Naruto, Ezra from Fairy Tail, Renji, Hisoka from Hunter x Hunter... Though perhaps our favourite redheaded anime hairstyle is from Yoko’ in Gurren Lagann. Boasting a distinctive look, she’s the sort of character that moves from affectionate one moment to fiery with rage the next! Definitely an awesome character to cosplay as!

Check out our huge range of red hair dye here!

Gaara Cosplay Anime Hairstyle

Yoko Cosplay Anime Hairstyles

So there you have it! Part one of our anime hairstyles blog! Stay tuned for part two where we’ll be discussing characters that feature blue, green and yellow hair! Got some cosplay ideas yourself? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

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Color Inspiration For Anime Hairstyles: Part 1

Color Inspiration For Anime Hairstyles: Part 1

Here is our first part for inspiration towards your next Anime Hairstyles. In this guide we feature the colors black, white and red hair dye.

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