Get Ramona Flowers Hair and Other Scott Pilgrim Hair Ideas.

Get Ramona Flowers Hair and Other Scott Pilgrim Hair Ideas.


When it comes to reading or watching the perfect mix of kick-ass action fueled story and top notch comedy, it is nearly impossible to find anything on the same level as Scott Pilgrim Vs the World. Both the graphic novel and movie have created their own massive cult following as the characters, dialogue and story-line are uniquely unforgettable. In every Cosplay convention around the world, there will be at least one ode to one of the characters. Of course, perhaps the most admired and replicated look is that of Ramona Flowers. When people around the world choose to make this stunning Cosplay costume, the most important question becomes which Ramona Flowers Hair should I use? She is notorious for changing her hair every week and a half and the film showcases three vibrant colors of Ramona hair that avid fans can choose to replicate.

With this in mind, we’re helping you to make you hair the perfect Ramona Flowers Hair Color as well as some other hairstyles that stood out from the film. So take a look at some of these outstanding hair dye options that you won’t be able to resist.



Make a Good First Impression with Pink Hair

Ramona Flowers Pink Hair Hot Hot Pink Hair Dye

The first occasion that we and Scott get to see Ramona in the movie, she is rocking her hotter than hot pink hair. The color is so vibrant and exciting that it’s impossible not to notice her, even in the middle of a party that “sucks”. To get your own Ramona Flowers pink hair and stand out from the rest of the crowd, we recommend going for the most reputable hair dye source in all of Hollywood. That is why you can’t go wrong with the pink hair dye Manic Panic provides. To get that hotter than hot look, you will need the Hot Hot Pink Hair Dye that you can find on our website.

A Blue Hair Color Everyone Wants To Replicate

Ramona Flowers Blue Hair Shocking Blue Hair Dye

Before they were punched out of her hair by an incorrigible ve-gone, Knives Chau mimics Ramona Flowers blue hair with some stylish highlights. She has good reason to want to try out this style and you should too. With the help of the Manic Panic Shocking Blue hair dye you can look just like either of these iconic characters. The best part is that all Manic Panic hair dye on our website is semi-permanent, lasting up to 6 weeks, so you can change your hair color repeatedly like Ramona.

Get Into Their Heads with Green Hair

Ramona Flowers Green Hair Green Envy Hair Dye

If you’re planning on attending the opening night of the hottest nightclub since the Chaos Theater then we suggest you do it with the some of the best green hair dye Manic Panic can provide. While we recommend staying clear of your evil ex, you should definitely mimic Ramona Flowers green hair for that top notch Ramona Flowers costume, or just an exuberant hairstyle. The best option for this look would be the Manic Panic Green Envy hair dye so check it out now. This hair dye looks so good; you’ll be lesbians with your hair from now on.


Be the Salt of the Earth with Orange Hair

Kim Pine Ginger Hair Elective Tiger Lily Hair Dye

You don’t have to stick to Ramona Flowers Hairstyles for a great Scott Pilgrim themed Cosplay. If you ever want to look like the best Sex-Bob-Omb member then you have to try out the gorgeous ginger locks of Kim Pine. Don’t make the same mistake as Scott and underestimate her importance. If you think that her hair isn’t worth trying to mimic, check out the Manic Panic Electric Tiger Lily hair dye to turn the orange up a notch.

You Don’t Need Superpowers for White Hair

Manic Panic Bleach Todd Ingram White Hair Virgin Snow Hair Toner

We’ve all wished that we could punch a crater into the moon, open doors with our minds and make our hair go up and down like a miniature Super Saiyan. That is why Todd Ingram is one of the favorite’s choices for a Cosplay costume. All it takes to get this hairstyle for yourself is the Manic Panic Flash Lightning Kit and Virgin Snow Toner and suddenly your hair is completely white. All of Manic Panic’s hair dyes are also Vegan friendly so you don’t have to lose your superpowers to look just like your favorite evil ex.


With so many Ramona Flowers Hair options as well as plenty of other characters, it’s time for you to get searching for your next Scott Pilgrim inspired hair dye color to go with your Ramona Flowers outfits. Don’t forget to give us a like and follow on FacebookTwitter and Instagram for more super hair dye ideas and more.

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Get Ramona Flowers Hair and Other Scott Pilgrim Hair Ideas.

Get Ramona Flowers Hair and Other Scott Pilgrim Hair Ideas.

One of the most iconic users of semi-permanent hair dye has to be Ramona Flowers from Scott Pilgrim vs The World. Now you can try out some Ramona Flowers hair looks for yourself. Check out this fun...

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