Latest Celebrity Trend: Hair Ribbons

Latest Celebrity Trend: Hair Ribbons

We are now well into award season in celebrity land which is the perfect time to keep a keen eye out for emerging new trends! We have loved the sequined dresses and brightly colored lips, but what is happening in the world of hair? Styles are returning to a more simplistic and natural style. Chic and totally achievable for those who love to try new styles at home. Recently we have been seeing a rise in the amount of sweet and sophisticated hair ribbons.

Think there are only hair ribbons for toddlers? While there is nothing cuter than a child wearing ribbons in their hair, it is time for the adults to get a look in on this classic hair tie. Since you may be worried that hair ribbons will make you look too young and will turn back the clock to your childhood we are asking can you really create a sophisticated, red carpet-worthy look using a hair ribbon?

The most famous ‘do of the moment on Instagram has to be Millie Bobby Brown’s cute double bun style with chic black hair ribbons. This young actress looked absolutely adorable yet sophisticated in her pink sequined dress and black ribbon hair ties. How did she achieve this? By placing the bows underneath the buns to create fabulous flowing tails, you avoid the twee look of your childhood. Pull your hair tightly into a bun or ponytail for the best effect. Darker colored ribbons or more natural, rich tones are sure to also help create the fashionista style you are aiming for. Why not try burgundy, forest green or mustard yellow for an adult take on the hair bow ribbon UK.

This next style is all about pastel tones. If you have dyed hair, use a color chart to find the perfect match for your shade. The baby blue ribbon enhances the blue hue in this silver/gray hairstyle. Adding a splash of soft powder pink is the perfect opposite tone to pair with the blue. Why only wear one ribbon when you can wear multiple hair ribbons and bows to create a look that is unique to you.

Best Styles For Hair Ribbons and Bows

Our next style is the classic Snow White color combination. Pair your dark hair color with a brilliant splash of red. Choose bold bright colors to enhance your natural rich, chocolatey color and you are sure to receive plenty of compliments. Instead of asking where the best place to buy ribbon for hair bows is, why not search around your house for a spare ribbon tie. You could even head to YouTube to find a handy DIY. You will be surprised where you can find a piece of ribbon! Were you given a Christmas present tied up with ribbon or perhaps your new pair of pyjamas came wrapped up?

The next style is all about hair ribbons for ponytails. It is difficult to only use hair ribbon ties so it is definitely worth first using a hairband to keep your hair neat and secure. Ribbons can be a great way to hide your plain hair ties. Wrap your ribbons around your ponytail and leave the ends to gracefully hang. With this style, it is best to opt for a single knot as opposed to a bow for a more grown-up look. These branded hair ties are becoming super popular so save up your designer ribbons to complete your high fashion style.

Just the day to thrown on a jacket, throw in a ribbon.

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Our final hair ribbon bows are the most awesome color combination. Be brave and pair two bright colors together, just like this blue and yellow style. Be sure to spend plenty of time searching ribbon for hair bows UK for the shade that is going to work with your brightly colored hair. This style is sure to look especially cute with a fringe.

Once you have found your hair ribbon UK, search Dye My Hair for the perfect color match. Whether you opt for a natural color or a bright hair dye we are sure that a hair ribbon could be the final touch you are looking for. Have you ever made a ribbon DIY? We would love to see your hair ribbons so why not share a picture with us on FacebookTwitter or Instagram?

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Latest Celebrity Trend: Hair Ribbons

Latest Celebrity Trend: Hair Ribbons

Celebrities have set off a trend for adult hair ribbons. This sophisticated look will have you reaching for your best hair bows and ties!

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