Will The Pagenta Hair Color Trend Catch On?

Will The Pagenta Hair Color Trend Catch On?

Believe it or not ‘Pagenta’ hair is now very much a trend. It is a gorgeous blend of purple and magenta, hence the name and can be found all over Instagram! We absolutely love it when a new word is coined to describe a hair color and love it even more when it refers to such an awesome shade.

Pagenta hair color can be achieved in a number of ways. Find that one winning hair dye to create your brand new hue or get mixing and create your own version of the pagenta dye.

If you are opting for the first method then here are our purple hair highlights for this season:

Pagenta Hair Colour

The top spot absolutely has to go to La Riche Directions Dark Tulip Semi-Permanent Hair Dye. This deep purple features those fabulous magenta tones. Magenta hair color is more towards the pinker end of purple so by blending the two you get a dark violet hair color with warmer pink tones.

If you are just looking for temporary purple hair highlights in the new pagenta shade then we highly recommend the Splat Sugar Plum Temporary Hair Color Chalk. Again, this sweet tone has a lovely hint of pink. This hair chalk can be washed out so if you are only able to experiment with color at weekend or want to test the waters before getting a semi-permanent dye, then this is a great cost effective option. This is also a quick and easy way to achieve purple hair without bleaching, although bear in mind it may not show as brightly on darker hair colors.

In order to make the most of the pink tones in this color it is usually best to bleach your hair before you apply your final color. We think the Stargazer Eggplant Semi-Permanent Hair Dye could also be a great choice especially if you are looking for a purple hair ombre. Add some cute pink tips to your style for a more pronounced pagenta color.

As we already mentioned, you can create your own pagenta hair shade but always be sure to read the packaging to check the suitability for mixing the dye. It is usually recommended to only mix dyes if they are from the same brand due to the different ingredients used.

Ideas For Pagenta Hair Color

The color Pagenta is absolutely covering Instagram! Professionals and amateurs are enjoying trying out this hair color, proving you can achieve this look whether you go to a salon or dye your hair at home.

This mesmerising video shows the wonderful shining finish you can achieve with a new pagenta hairstyle. As you can see the lighter pink highlights show up wonderfully when braided.

This second picture shows pagenta looks just as good on purple hair short. Highlight your naturally dark hair color or go for a complete all over pagenta ‘do.

This third style shows just how much a few streaks of pagenta can enhance your locks. Add some bounce and shine back into your hair with this funky hair color.

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We are only just beginning to explore the possibilities of pagenta hair color so be sure to check in on our FacebookTwitter and Instagram pages for more positively purple hair inspiration. We would love to see your pictures if you have tried this new shade so be sure to share your favourite looks and hair-dos with us.

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Will The Pagenta Hair Color Trend Catch On?

Will The Pagenta Hair Color Trend Catch On?

Today we want to know will the Pagenta Hair Color trend catch on? Instagrammers are loving this blend of purple hair dye and magenta and so are we!

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