Choosing A New Color For Your Female Buzz Cut Hair

Choosing A New Color For Your Female Buzz Cut Hair

We love that Female buzz cut hair has become a huge positive statement in the fashion industry. Doesn’t it make for a beautiful style change! We love the definition and eye-catching appearance this super short ‘do can give. If you are thinking about joining the buzz cut trend or already have plucked up the courage to try this hairstyle then you might be looking for something to help you stand out from the crowd. With so many people now sporting this hairstyle, why not add a little color to set your new ‘do above the rest? We have put together this list of female buzz cuts photos to help inspire you!

First on our list has to be this green feminine buzz cut. If you are planning on going for a very close cut in true buzz cut style then this is a color to seriously consider. Choose between a green/blue, forest green or neon green. Find the shade that suits your personality and your wardrobe and you are sure to be rocking a killer new style.

Female Buzz Cut Hair, Green

Image Source Pinterest

At number two we have this awesome orange women's buzz cut with bangs. The short fringe gives an artistic edge to this brightly colored ‘do. We love the bright lip that has been matched with this fabulous color. If you are going to be brave with a new haircut why not go for a statement color too? Match with vintage styles or bold prints for a totally unique style.

Female Buzz Cut Hair, Orange

Image Source Pinterest

Third on our list is this sweet purple female crew cut. We absolutely adore the purple eyeshadow with this style. If you love purple then this could be the perfect way to tie in all your favourite fashion accessories and clothing items. This style is a little longer and is more like a pixie buzz cut so if you aren’t ready for the close shave then this is a smart alternative. 

Female Buzz Cut Hair, Purple

Image Source Pinterest

At number four we have this adorable baby pink hairstyle. If you want buzzed hair female but don’t want to lose your cute vibes then this color is the one for you. A soft pink can be paired with other pastel colors but will also look fab when paired with brighter clothing. This color and hue will give you plenty of style options.

Female Buzz Cut Hair, Pink

Image Source Pinterest

Our final look is a little more extreme so if you absolutely love to have your own unique flair then you need to learn how to create a style like this one. Geometric hairstyles are the way to go if you adore patterns and plenty of color. Apply different colored hair dye to each section of the pattern. The buzz cut makes this super easy to achieve because you don’t need to worry about keeping strands separated during the dyeing process.

Female Buzz Cut Hair, Geometric

Image Source Pinterest

Why Choose Female Buzz Cut Hairstyles?

In our opinion, this awesome cut will give you an easy to maintain hairdo which can easily be dyed. This means you can refresh your color in no time or choose a totally new shade every couple of months.

If you are worried about the speed of buzz cut hair growth then the solution is easy. Learn how to create your new hairstyle at home with some clippers. This way you save money by doing it yourself and you can trim back your hair whenever you fancy. If you want to know how to buzz cut hair with clippers then it is best to use clippers with an adjustable attachment so you can choose the perfect length for your style. Use your trimmer to gently cut your hair and be sure to get a friend to check or help you get all the hair at the back!

We have spotted plenty of female celebrities with buzz cuts, from fashionista Cara Delevingne to Kristen Stewart and Jessie J. If these ladies are brave enough to try out a buzz cut then we can be too! Pair with statement makeup and the edgiest outfit in your wardrobe for a chic, powerful vibe.

We would love to see your versions of the female buzz cut hair so if you have always loved showing off your short hair or have just plucked up the courage for a new hairstyle then why not share a picture with us on FacebookTwitter or Instagram.

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Choosing A New Color For Your Female Buzz Cut Hair

Choosing A New Color For Your Female Buzz Cut Hair

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