2018 Hair Trend: Our Favourite Celebrity Retro Hairstyles

2018 Hair Trend: Our Favourite Celebrity Retro Hairstyles


We’re back with yet another Hair Trend for 2018 and it’s a step back in time. Fashion and beauty experts are all interested in Retro Hairstyles for this year and we couldn’t agree more. There have been some really shapely hairdos from the 50’s until the present day and occasionally we see some celebrities bring back a hit from decades past. With the next year set to bring back even more of these wonderful hairstyles, we’ve been looking through some of our favorite celebrity retro hairstyles that we would love to see as part of the mainstream hair fashion scene. While these hairdos are all in natural colors, we can’t help feeling excited to think of the mixture of bright hair dye and retro hair that will take over.

1.Lily Collins

Lily Collins Hair

If you’re looking for vintage hairstyles for short hair then this first example is just what you need. The wavy side parting of Lily Collins is a big hit. The contrast between the flat left side with the voluminous back and right side creates a wonderful shape to her hairdo. Like most of the vintage hairstyles this effect will require a lot of time with the curlers. The side parting can change if you have a preferred side of your face as the eye will be drawn to the wavy curls. We would also recommend combining this look with rich and deep hair dye colors like Dark Red or Navy Blue.

2.Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift

For those who are dedicated to spending time on their hair or if you are attending a special event and need an extra special hairdo, this layered curl effect from Taylor Swift is the perfect look. The characteristic vintage quiff of womens vintage hairstyles is present in this look and the hair is layered into three light curls. We recommend using highlights for the curls and making the rest of the hair a slightly darker version of your desired color. Using Pastel Colors in this hairstyle would be particularly inspired.

3.Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani

Having long hair doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the iconic shapes of short haired retro hairstyles. Check out this amazing style from Gwen Stefani. By pulling all of the extra hair into a ponytail at the back, the large quiff can be styled to fit a short hair style. This is a really great look for light hair dye colors as well as a two tone effect with a secondary color on the sides and the primary on the top and ponytail. The best part is that this is such an easy retro hairstyle that anyone with long hair can get this look.

4.Paloma Faith


For everyone who enjoys the UK music scene, Paloma Faith is a well known advocate for stylishly colored retro hair as she often has her hair in bright colors like the picture above. The massive orange curls of this hairstyle are so voluminous that anyone will love having their own version of this look. The size makes bright and vibrant colors stand out so we would suggest adding a Bright Blue, Orange, or Green hair dye to make your new hairstyle take pride of place no matter the situation.

5.Dita Von Teese

Dita Von Teese

Another beautiful example of making vintage hair an everyday look is the unforgettable Dita Von Teese. For those who love retro hairstyles for long hair, you won’t find more examples of the many different types of vintage hairstyle than the plethora of looks Dita Von Teese has achieved. This example of a much more simplistic look is iconic as a solid Black hair color. So much so, we would be remiss not to suggest trying to combine the color and style achieved here.

These were our favorite examples of celebrities with retro hairstyles but that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of other looks from the 20th century that are worth replicating. We suggest you start searching for the hairstyle that suits you perfectly and when you’ve found it, come back to find the right hair dye to make your look unique.

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2018 Hair Trend: Our Favourite Celebrity Retro Hairstyles

2018 Hair Trend: Our Favourite Celebrity Retro Hairstyles

Take a step back in time for the next 2018 hair trend. Retro Hairstyles are back and we've gathered a list of our favorite celebrities with vintage hairdos that you will want to try out for yourself.

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