2018 Hair Trend: Bleached Blonde Hair

2018 Hair Trend: Bleached Blonde Hair


We’re back with more 2018 hair trends that might inspire your look for the upcoming year. After the plethora or stunning hairstyles from celebrities at this year’s Golden Globe awards, there are a number of looks to leave you inspired. A great series of hairstyles which took our interest were the Bleached Blonde Hair effects. The return of a few blonde hairstyles were expected for the New Year and the number of stylish women showing off their own blonde hairdo is enough to prove that the next 2018 craze will be the delicate yellow-white color effect.

With this in mind, we’ve found some of our favorite celebrity blonde hairstyles and what makes their color choice special. There are three main styles that leave us fascinated and it’s time for you to enjoy them too.

Nirvana Blonde Hair

Selena Gomez Nirvana Hair Margot Robbie Nirvana Hair

If you hadn’t already seen the stunning new blonde look from actress and singer Selena Gomez, you would be forgiven for not seeing the blonde hair craze from arriving in 2018. After a few months it is easy to see why the popularity of this look is taking off. Especially with the Nirvana blonde hair, named after the grunge band of front man Kurt Cobain and his iconic bleach blonde hair dye job. The dark brown roots of this hairstyle create a perfect contrast of color for a rough and tough look. The best part is how easy this look is to achieve, though it can take some time. Those with brown or darker hair can simply bleach your hair and wait for the roots to grow. Alternatively those with blonde or other colors will have to struggle with dyeing your roots. Other iconic Nirvana hair users include Margot Robbie and Charlize Theron.

To get this look started you will want some Blonde hair bleach which you can grab in our Bleach section.

Platinum Blonde Hair

Michelle Williams Platinum Hair Platinum Blonde Hair

There were a few examples of platinum blonde hair at the Golden Globes including the perfect pixie hair of Michelle Williams. Due to the amount of bleaching, short hairstyles seem to be more popular when achieving the platinum blonde effect. That doesn’t mean you can’t achieve this look with long hair, but those who already enjoy shorter hair should be inspired by the ease of achieving platinum blonde short hair. If you’re starting from a dark hair colour then two or three bleaching sessions and a white toner should produce the right color effect for what you desire. Make sure to do this over several days to let your hair recover after each process.

Check out our range of Hair Toners for your platinum blonde hairstyles.

Blonde Hair with Lowlights

Jennifer Aniston Blonde Lowlights Blonde hair with lowlights

The use of highlights is quite common but for the New Year, the tables have turned and the lighter hair colors are enjoying some lowlights to accentuate the brightness. A great example of this style can be seen with Jennifer Aniston and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Adding some lowlights to your blonde hair can create a really stunning natural hair color effect. Choose brown lowlights for a warming coffee color effect, or mix this idea with the previous and get platinum blonde with lowlights for either a really exaggerated lowlight effect with some black or dark brown lowlights, any vibrant unnatural color for a special look, or add blonde lowlights to your near white hair for a really special natural hair look.

Those were some of our favourite celebrity examples of bleached blonde hair to get you inspired. Will you be trying out a lighter hair color for this year? Which of these styles is the most exciting to you? If you’re still not sure about what hairstyle you’d like for 2018, give us a like and follow on FacebookTwitter and Instagram because we’ll be providing you with more hairstyle ideas for the upcoming year.

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2018 Hair Trend: Bleached Blonde Hair

2018 Hair Trend: Bleached Blonde Hair

Make your 2018 a special year with the help of some blonde hair bleach. With the help of this blog and some celebrity inspiration, you can get the perfect Bleached Blonde Hair for your next look.

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