2018 Hair Trend: Coloured Hair Braids

2018 Hair Trend: Coloured Hair Braids

With a brand new year beginning, brand new hair trends will see their place in our hearts and fashion and some all time favorites will return for another time in the spotlight. If you like to follow hairstyle trends then you will know that one such favorite will be the braid. With the return of this trend, the chance for an exciting and unique style isn’t far away. The next step will be some brightly colored hair braids that help you really stand out from the crowd.

To help you out, we’ve compiled a quick list of our favorite braiding styles that might inspire you. These styles can be used with any combination of hair dye colors so you can be as creative as you desire.

One Color Hair Braids

Blue Hair Dye

For those who want an easy option, the simplest choice is a one color hair braid. Whether it is one big braid or two smaller ones like this picture, a stand out color can really make a big difference. Using one color is particularly excellent for those with very long hair as it becomes much easier to dye and you can mix the color with your fashion for an all encompassing look.

Ombre Hair Braids

Ombre Hair Dye

The hit hair dye style of 2017 doesn’t have to disappear with the New Year as the picture above shows nicely. Try making the color of your braid light and your scalp dark to make your braids even more exaggerated. Thinking of all the different color combinations of braiding hair makes this look a whole lot more exciting.

Separate Colored Hair Braids

Pink Purple Hair Dye

Sometimes a bit of duality can be wonderfully refreshing and that is also the case with this braid idea. Separating your hair into a left and right side can lead to wonderful color effects just like this hairdo. The colors are only in the braids in this picture, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a completely dyed right side that differs from your left. Pick a red and blue combination for a 2018 Harley Quinn look, or go wild with any combination of colored braiding hair.

Combination Colored Hair Braids

Purple Green Hair Dye

This and the previous style are actually a two-for-one as they both require two different colors on each hemisphere of the scalp. Instead of making two separate braids, one big centered braid will combine both colors into a beautiful mix. We recommend spending some time at the color wheel looking for colors that can sit next to each other while looking complimentary. You can also add some braid highlights to make the combination into a triple mix.

Multicolored Hair Braiding

Rainbow Hair Dye

If you believe that more is more, then there is no beating an all-out rainbow of colors braided together into one giant mix of color. Simply dyeing strands into several different colors can make some unbeatable color combinations. Of course this option will require time and effort to achieve so the more veteran hair-dyers will be better equipped for this look.

Colored Box Braids

Box Braids

If you’re in the early stages of planning your full head of box braids then before you take the plunge, consider adding a colorful mix to make the look really different. Check out this style of box braids with color in the back by adding a dip-dyed hair effect. While this is a good option, you can also dye all of your hair, add highlights or create a rainbow effect for a really unique style. The options are endless when you’re creating colored box braids.

Whatever you choose for your braid hairstyle, you will need some great colored hair dyes, so head to the Hair Dye Color Section of our store to find the perfect option for you. If you’d like to learn about how to get some braided hair, check out our guide on How to braid your hair.

There are plenty more ideas available for your hair braids but you can never be too prepared so we hope you enjoyed some of our favorite ideas. Will you be making 2018 your special hairstyle year? What braid do you prefer the most? If you try out one of these styles be sure to show us on FacebookTwitter or Instagram and give us a like and follow while you’re there. We’ll be posting plenty of new 2018 Hair Trends so keep an eye on our blogs and social media.

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2018 Hair Trend: Coloured Hair Braids

2018 Hair Trend: Coloured Hair Braids

Colored Hair Braids are the next 2018 craze and we're here to help you get the perfect hair dyes and the right inspiration to make your hair look amazing.

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