Dye My Hair’s Top 6 2017 Hair Trends

Dye My Hair’s Top 6 2017 Hair Trends

Here at Dye My Hair, we have been reminiscing about all the fabulous hair trends 2017 has brought us. There are so many styles to choose from but we have narrowed it down to our 6 favourite 2017 hair trends.

This was a great year for bringing alternative styles into mainstream fashion. With more daring and bold haircuts and colours than before this is sure to be a memorable year. From buzz cuts to balayage and everything in between, we can’t wait to how these styles develop and evolve over the next year!

Summer 2017 Hair Trends

Balayage - If you enjoyed the 2017 hairstyles with bangs then you must have tried a sleek balayage to go with your fringe. This style took over from the ombre effect and continued with a similar theme. The idea behind this style is that it provides a softer alternative to highlights. The lighter colour is introduced further down the hair and is blended with the darker base colour. This style proved popular because it solved the problem of roots growing out. By starting further down the hair, the roots became a feature of this look.

2017 Hair Trends, Balayage

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Pastel – These soft and powdery colours were hugely popular in 2017. This even proved popular as a 2017 hairstyles male. Many famous faces embraced pastel pink and guys seemed to love shades such as mint green and baby blue. The trend saw men dyeing the tops or fringes of their ‘do. Women seemed to favour a full head of pastel coloured hair. We particularly loved the rainbow pastel trend and cotton candy styles. With clothing firmly following the same trend you could get a complete head to toe look.

2017 Hair Trends, Pastel

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Millennial Pink - We have already discussed the hair hit of the year, pastel hair dye but we thought millennial pink hair dye deserved to be recognised separately. Along with rose gold, this has got to be one of the top colours of the year in the fashion industry. These colours both have pink tones but the millennial pink shade is much softer. This colour can turn you into a pastel princess and has been reflected across retail industries. From accessories to clothing to decorations, this colour was undoubtedly top of the 2017 hair color trends.

2017 Hair Trends, Millennial Pink

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Fall 2017 Haircuts & Trends

Rose Gold - One of the top fall 2017 hair color trends was rose gold. This coppery tone of pink purposely left in brassy tones. Some opted to blend it with their natural colour while others went for full coverage. This colour perfectly matched the brown and orange tones of autumn and gave a gorgeous shine to the hair.

2017 Hair Trends, Rose Gold

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Women’s Buzz Cut – One of the most daring and popular 2017 haircuts female is the buzz cut. This style saw women taking the plunge and shaving off their hair. This was a huge change from the long hair trends of 2016! It also led to plenty of opportunities for hair dye fanatics. What could look cuter than a short brightly coloured ‘do?

2017 Hair Trends, Buzz Cut

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White HairWhite is set to be a big trend for fall/winter 2017/2018 hair. Fashion is moving on from trends like balayage and ombre to more monochromatic colours. For this style, you are going to need plenty of bleach and toner to neutralise your natural hair colour. If you already have dyed hair then you may want to consider giving you locks some time to recover before starting this intensive lightening process. Make sure your hair is as strong as possible by deeply conditioning your hair and you will soon be ready to try out white hair.

2017 Hair Trends, White Hair

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Let us know your predictions for hair trends 2018! Why not also share with us your best hair day snaps on FacebookTwitter or Instagram.

Have you tried any of these popular trends? Maybe you have strayed from the trends and tried a different style for 2017. Whatever your 2017 hair trends we would love to see them!

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Dye My Hair’s Top 6 2017 Hair Trends

Dye My Hair’s Top 6 2017 Hair Trends

Another year is coming to an end so it is time to look back on Dye My Hair’s Top 6 2017 Hair Trends

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