Look Festive With a Christmas Hair Color

Look Festive With a Christmas Hair Color

While your family and Friends are gathering together and getting ready to celebrate the most anticipated day of the year, it’s time to get a temporary hair dye for the perfect themed Christmas Hair Color that will make the season bright. When it comes to color, there are some hair dye ideas that stand out as more Christmas themed than others, so check out this little list of color ideas that we think will turn the special day into a spectacular event that won’t be forgotten.

The Fiery Warmth of Red Hair Dye

Bright Red Hair Red Hair wine red hair

Santa Claus’s suit, Rudolph’s nose, cranberry sauce and mulled wine are all iconic aspects of the Christmas period that show the colorful flare of Red. You can get the red that suits your style and personality to a tee. Are you energetic and want to brightly shine like Rudolph’s nose in the night? Try a bright red color like the Manic Panic High Voltage Inferno Red Color Hair Dye for an unmissable hair dye effect. If you’d prefer the rich sophistication of mulled wine then the Crazy Color Semi-Permanent Bordeaux Red Hair Dye is a stunning purple-red color that really encapsulates the season for a perfect Winter Hair Color 2017 look.

Embody Nature with an Evergreen Hair Dye

Alpine Green Hair Alpine Green Hair Green Hair Dye

Every year we work hard to decorate our trees with colorful baubles and lights that we often forget the purpose behind our favorite decoration that protects all of our Christmas decorations. These constantly green trees are a sign of perseverance during the winter months, which is why the La Riche Directions Alpine Green Semi-Permanent Hair Dye is a great way to show how tough you are during the Christmas period. Alternatively, for those who better suit a bright hairstyle, the Manic Panic Amplified Electric Lizard Hair Dye will look brighter than a North Pole Elf’s outfit.

Perfect Winter Hair with Snow White Hair Dye

White Hair Dye White Hair Dye

If you’re dreaming of a white Christmas, then don’t leave it to the weather to make your dream a reality. Getting a white toner is a great way to get that crisp winter’s morning effect, especially when you use the Manic Panic Amplified Virgin Snow Toner Hair Dye. The best part about making your hair a brilliant white color is that once the Christmas period is over, you have all the choice for your New Year hairstyle. That means you can have a 2018 Winter Hair Color that you want, whether it’s part of the fashion trend, or just a new color to suit the new you.

Get the Tinsel Effect Using Silver Hair Dye

Silver Hair Dye Silver Hair Dye

Adding a bit of sparkle to the season is a great way to impress your friends and family. By dyeing your hair an elegant silver, you can enjoy the magnetism of a metallic hair color that everyone will want to replicate. Some might believe that silver grey is boring but just look at this hairstyle and it’s clear to see that it is a refreshingly unique color that anyone can pull off.

Spoil Yourself This Christmas with Double the Hair Dye

Red White Hair Dye Red Green Hair Dye Silver Blue Hair

Each color that represents Christmas is made infinitely better when you combine it with another Christmas Hair Color. If you’re looking for the best winter hair for brunettes we would recommend mixing the Red and Green for the ultimate festive effect, especially if you combine the rich dark hair dyes. Of course anyone can go for this effect, but perhaps the best idea when it comes to winter hair for blondes is to take advantage of the light hair color and mix some White or Silver with a warming color like the red hair dye.

No matter what you decide to do for your Christmas Hair Color, we have all of the hair dye that you need to achieve the effect you desire. So start looking through our collection for everything that you could possible need. Don’t forget to give us a like and follow on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to get more ideas for your hair.

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Look Festive With a Christmas Hair Color

Look Festive With a Christmas Hair Color

If you're looking for some inspiration with your next Christmas themed hairstyle, look no further. Check out this blog with our favorite hair dye choices for making the best Christmas hair color.

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