The Ultimate Temporary Beard Dye For Your Festive Look

The Ultimate Temporary Beard Dye For Your Festive Look

Here at Dye My Hair it’s all about transforming your natural hair colour into a beautiful work of art. Normally this refers to getting your head of hair some beautiful highlights with some bold and vibrant colour or perhaps even the hottest new ombre transformation that’s trending! As you’re aware we bring you it all! So with that I mind we’ve decided to put together the top ideas and trends to show you how you can some temporary beard dye to transform your look this festive season!

You would have seen all of the crazy and alternative styles that can be achieved with a few spare minutes and a dash of dye, but many don’t realise that you can you hair into a work of it with great ease in a flash with some of the amazing products that we stock on the Dye My Hair website! And the same goes for getting yourself a Dyed Beard

So without further ado, take a list of some of our favourite dyed beards bellow and begin planning your new winter look! 

Blue / Green Temporary Beard Dye

One of the hottest new looks that men are beginning to adopt is the use of turquoise, blue and green dyed beards. Not only does this style look overwhelmingly bright and colourful, the new dyed beard will surprisingly give you a perfect sophisticated new style.

Fancy getting yourself this look for yourself? Take a look at out our huge ranges of colourful products below and get Dying beard now!


Another epic idea for the holidays is to grab some amazing temporary beard dye and get ready to get a Christmas tree inspired look! Add some baubles and you'll never need a Christmas jumper to prove your festivity again!


Multicoloured Beard Dye Styles

Why choose one beard dye colour when you can have them all, right? One of the most popular and eye catching new looks is with a wicked rainbow beard! Although this will require a couple pots of temporary hair dye there are plenty of semi permanent products that are incredibly affordable and starting at only £3.89 on the Dye My Hair Website. All you need is a couple of pots of your colourful new dye and a tiny brush and you’ll have your epic dyed beard in no time at all!

Multicoloured Beard Dye   Rainbow Beard Dye

Thinking of grabbing some cheap premium dye for your beard? Shop all the colours here and start planning your beard spectrum!

Or shop your beard dye by colour below!

Dye MY Hair Multcoloured Dye

Christmas Glitter Dyed Beards

Now that we’re all well and truly into the cold yet incredibly festive months of the year, it’s time to make sure that you’re getting yourself up to speed with Christmas 2017’s hottest male trend; the Glitter Beard. So far we’ve seen this fantastic shimmering works of art in many shapes and sizes and we know how to pull one of these beauties off. 

To give yourself the ultimate finish we recommend getting yourself a base coat of a vibrant beard dye so that any fallen glitter or missed patches won’t compromise your flashy new look! Take a look at a few of our favourite glitter beards below and their matching temporary beard dye products!

Purple Glitter Beard Manic Panic Sunshine Beard Dye

Purple Glitter Beard

Looking for a festive look without all the glitter? Then this is something you'll be ho-ho-hurrying to get your beard on! Grab yourself some white hair dye or toner and you'll be able to get yourself an unbelieveably lifelike Santa beard dye white look!

White Santa Beard Dye

So there you have it! Some of the hottest new look for Men who are just dying to get themselves a fancy new Christmas themed vibrant beard! Don’t forget if you’re looking to grab yourself any more tips and tricks for dying your hair or the newest hair trends; follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

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The Ultimate Temporary Beard Dye For Your Festive Look

The Ultimate Temporary Beard Dye For Your Festive Look

Get yourself some hot new temporary beard dye and get yourself the ultimate dyed beard for Christmas! Whether it's festive or fashion, we've got your inspiration!

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