Silver Hair Ideas: Coloured Tips

Silver Hair Ideas: Coloured Tips

Looking for a new look for this frosty season? Check out these awesome Silver Hair Ideas with coloured tips for the perfect blend of winter magic and colour. We all love to keep our fashion in line with the season so silver is sure to be a hit this winter. This steely colour reminds us of frosty mornings and winter walks but Christmas is all about bright colours and celebrations, right? This is why we wanted to add a splash of colour to our silver styles.

If you are unsure about the challenge of dying your hair two different tones, do not fear Dye My Hair is here. To begin, if you have dark hair or are looking for the best colour results then be sure to bleach your locks first. Once you have your blank canvas, section off your hair and begin applying the grey dye from the roots. Be sure to leave the tips for your second colour. Remember to patch test any products you will applying and use old towels because hair dye will stain fabrics.

Check Out These Silver Hair Color Images

If you want to achieve a style worthy of Pinterest silver hair then this is the place to bag some products and start experimenting. Our first style features a fiery red colour blended with a gorgeous silver hue. This style combines the two colours creating a merge effect rather than a solid line. We think these colours look awesome together! Blending bright colours with neutral tones can be a great way to create a cool style. This silver hair ombre effect is perfect for winter.

Silver Hair Ideas, Red

If you want to create a silver hair short style then this next one is sure to give you inspiration. This silver hair dye has been paired with a green dip dye for a daring yet on trend style. We think the brighter the green the better but if you are more into pastel tones, then that would look just as cute.

Silver Hair Ideas, Green

Our third style features more fiery locks. This time the bright orange has been highlighted with yellow. These colours are hidden underneath a soft silver hair color dye. If you are queen of the up-do then this is the style for you. Create awesome multi-coloured braids or fancy ponytails to show off your hidden bright hair secret.

Silver Hair Ideas, Yellow

Last but not least, check out this awesome pink and grey style. We love the extra streak of pink in the bun. This style just goes to show being free with your colour and not restricting yourself to only one area of your hair can get the best results. This soft pink is perfect for bringing out the silver hair highlights but a hot pink is sure to look awesome too. That is the beauty of grey silver hair dye, it can be matched with any colour!

Silver Hair Ideas, Pink

Silver Hair Color Styles

Now you have seen our silver hair color ideas it is your turn to start experimenting. To create your own styles inspired by these looks, check out our different colour ranges

It is time to decide which silver dye to use. This depends on which undertones you would like in your style. Some dyes will give a green undertone such as Herman’s Amazing Semi-Permanent Hair Colour in Sylvia Silver. Other hair dyes will give you a blue/purple undertone such as Manic Panic silver hair dye and Crazy Color Platinum hair dye.

We would love to see your finished styles so why not send us a picture on FacebookTwitter or Instagram. Whether you have taken the plunge and tried out silver hair dye or have opted for a different colour we would love to see your look. The more extreme the colour and style the better!

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Silver Hair Ideas: Coloured Tips

Silver Hair Ideas: Coloured Tips

Whether you already have silver hair and want to add a splash of colour or are looking for an awesome new style check out our silver hair ideas

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