Colorful Hairstyles Inspired by Christmas Pantomime

Colorful Hairstyles Inspired by Christmas Pantomime

With the festive songs on the radio and lights decorating high streets everywhere, it’s starting to feel a lot like Christmas has finally begun. People are making plans to enjoy the season to its fullest and just one of those ideas is a jolly old pantomime. Characters from Aladdin to Widow Twankey are creating roars of laughter from a room full of excited children and adults alike. We’re so excited to this year’s Christmas pantomime and one of our favourite parts is the colorful hairstyles from some of the characters.

We’ve been inspired by these wonderful hairstyles that we have a few great Christmas hair ideas that show off the best of the Panto period.

Dwarf the Competition with Snow White Hair

Snow White Hair Black Hair Dye

When it comes to Christmas hairstyles you might think that black hair would be the last color idea on anyone’s mind. But the beautiful black hair of Snow White is a stunning contrast against a snowy background. So if you live in the parts of the world with a layer of white everywhere, think about taking a page out of this fairytale book and get black hair dye for the perfect Snow White hair.

Have a ball with Pantomime Christmas Hairstyles

Cinderella Hair Hair Bleach

Sticking to the theme of Grimm fairytales turned into light and joyful performances, Cinderella has up swept with desire for a beautiful blonde hair colour. If you haven’t already tried out Blonde hair, then getting the sandy blonde of Cinderella is a great color to try. You will also make a great impression at your work or family’s Christmas party. Make your Cinderella hair a reality with a simple pack of hair bleach.

Bright Hair Colors Ideas from Widow Twankey

Widow Twankey Hair Red Hair Dye

Some of the best characters in pantomimes are the supporting roles. Just take a look at this voluminous red hairstyle from the unforgettable Widow Twankey. It may be a wig in this case, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be inspired to make your red hair look into a show-stealing color explosion. Just check out our Red Hair Dye section to get the most out of your next Christmas hairstyle. If you mix this hair color with some Green or White clothing then you will have the ultimate festive look.

Sink Your Claws into Purrfect Hair Dye

Dick Whittington Cat  White Hair Dye

Cats are always a delight, especially when they are able to talk. Just take Dick Whittington’s Cat for example. This helpful companion helps the title character become the Lord Mayor of London, all while looking fiendishly stylish. While many versions of Dick Whittington’s Cat have different hair colours, we love the pure white hair look, especially if you want to add a pair of white cat ears for an a-paw-able Neko hairstyle. So look through out white hair dye and get a superb feline hairstyle.

Climb to Lofty Heights with Green Hair

Beanstalk Green Hair Green Hair Dye

We’re so inspired by pantomimes our ideas aren’t confined to just characters. Seeing the long and curling green beanstalk from Jack and the Beanstalk reminds us of the flowing locks of a Green hairstyle. Just like red hair, this color is also a winner for Christmas, especially combined with a Santa hat. The perfect Christmas hairstyles are waiting for you when you choose a Green Hair Dye.

So those are some of our favorite Christmas Pantomime hair dye ideas. Did we miss out your favorite pantomime character? Which of the Christmas hairstyles will you be using this year? If you’re still not sure, give us a like and follow on Facebook, Twitter  and Instagram  as we’re always coming up with new inspiring ideas.

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Colorful Hairstyles Inspired by Christmas Pantomime

Colorful Hairstyles Inspired by Christmas Pantomime

If you're looking for only the best Christmas hairstyles then check out this list of our favorite festive hairdos based on the pantomimes that will be taking place all over the country.

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