Hairstyles Inspired By Royal Wedding Fashion

Hairstyles Inspired By Royal Wedding Fashion

The news at the surface of everyone’s minds is the announcement of the engagement of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. The press has gone wild but all we really want to know is what she will wear for her wedding day. We know the Royal family are in a whole different universe when it comes to fashion. They blend vintage styles with modern looks and always look perfectly poised so we wanted to create hairstyles inspired by Royal Wedding Fashion.

Kate Middleton, Royal Wedding Fashion

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The most recent Royal Wedding was that of Kate Middleton and Prince Harry. This big event took place in 2011 and was surely the biggest wedding of the decade! Kate stepped out in an elegant white dress complete with lace detailing but what we are interested in is the flowers she was carrying, for our hairstyle inspiration. Her modest yet gorgeous bouquet consisted of fresh white Lily of the Valley with natural green foliage. We would love to see you guys trying out a new green hairdo with your own flower accessories to create a fabulously floral new style. These are our top floral inspired green dyes:

Lady Rose, Royal Wedding Fashion

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Is Kate getting advice from her new friend, Lady Rose Cholmondeley? This former fashion model certainly knows a thing or two about creating a stylish wardrobe. For our next hairstyle, we are going to borrow Lady Cholmondeley’s first name for inspiration. The colour of a rose can vary but we think a splash of rosy pink is sure to bring some extra life to your new hairstyle. Paired with a white wedding dress, it is sure to look very striking. Check out our favourites here:

Royal Wedding Outfits Ideas

There was plenty of talk about the Royal wedding outfits best and worst but we loved the Royal wedding guests dresses. Many of the ladies opted for gorgeous turquoises and aqua tones so why not take your hair inspiration from their glamorous outfits and try out the Manic Panic Amplified Semi-Permanent Hair Dye in Atomic Turquoise or perhaps the Stargazer Semi-Permanent UV Hair Dye in UV Turquoise to help you dance the night away at your next wedding celebration.

Turquoise, Royal Wedding Fashion

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Pippa Middleton wedding guest was the most important of all. Kate’s sister was an instant hit with the press thanks to her charming smile and amazing outfits. Pippa, like many of her family members, loves to sport a long hazel hairstyle and we totally love that she keeps it natural. If you would like to return your hair to a natural tone then why not check out our natural hair dyes!

Pippa Middleton, Royal Wedding Fashion

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We can’t wait for Royal wedding guests fashion to be top news again and are excited to see what Meghan Markle wears when she walks down the aisle. Just like the Middleton’s, she loves to have her hair in long luscious locks so we can’t wait to see if she opts for an up-do or a loose and natural style.

With at least a year to wait, there is plenty of time for guests to plan outfits at the Royal wedding. We wonder which colours will be popular! Perhaps the rose gold trend will continue and be seen in the Royal wedding outfits, in which case you will need the rose gold hair to match. Check out the Crazy Color Semi-Permanent Hair Dye in Rose Gold for that perfect pink style. If you fancy more of a peachy tone then we also recommend Herman’s Amazing Semi-Permanent Hair Colour in Rosie Gold. You have heard our Royal Wedding fashion ideas but we would love to hear yours too! Why not tag us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram with your best wedding ‘do.

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Hairstyles Inspired By Royal Wedding Fashion

Hairstyles Inspired By Royal Wedding Fashion

Hairstyles Inspired By Royal Wedding Fashion From Guests Dresses and Outfits

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