Ebony Hair Dye - La Riche Directions, Herman's Amazing Colour, Stargazer

Ebony Hair Dye - La Riche Directions, Herman's Amazing Colour, Stargazer

As the nights draw in and darkness descends, we are all getting ready to settle in for the winter. With many of us spending more time indoors this is the perfect opportunity to have a pamper session. Why not have fun with hair dye and give yourself a new style? Take the plunge and test out Ebony Hair Dye.

Crazy Color Black Hair DyeLa Riche Directions Ebony Hair Dye

The first question is what exactly is ebony hair dye? What is the difference between ebony color vs black? As you can see by the image above at first glance they look incredibly similar. However ebony has lighter tones and is in fact an extremely dark brown. The colour is inspired by the wood of the same name and is often used to make items such as piano keys. So now you know what ebony black colour means you can select a new product to try.

A clear frontrunner for ebony hair dyes is La Riche Directions. The Directions ebony hair dye has the perfect balance between black and brown tones to create a more natural glow to the hair. Plenty of Youtubers have published Directions ebony hair dye review so make sure to have a browse. This product is designed to last for up to 6 weeks so is perfect for those who want a temporary change. When the Directions ebony faded you can add other tones to create a funky new ‘do or enjoy the purple/brown hue it leaves.

The effect of this hair dye on your hair will depend on how you apply the hair dye. For full coverage a tint brush will give the best results. If you don’t want to have Directions ebony diluted then be sure to save some hair dye for topping up your roots. If you have light hair colour this will be particularly important for maintaining a deliciously dark style. We have put together a quick shopping list to help you prepare for your hair dyeing adventure:

Accessories Ebony Hair Dye

  • La Riche Directions Pre Colour Shampoo – This shampoo is specifically designed to nourish hair before using hair dye.
  • Vinyl Gloves – Hair dye can stain skin so using gloves is super important if you don’t want the evidence of your hair change to be all over your hands. Don’t forget you will also need some old towels as fabric can permanently stain.
  • 3 Piece Dye Bowl & Brush Set – This handy kit includes a mixing bowl, regular tint brush and dual sided tint brush. Achieve full coverage quickly then use the dual sided tint brush to get those tricky places. Minimise mess with the handy bowl.
  • La Riche Directions Colour Protecting Conditioner – If you don’t want to have the La Riche Directions ebony fade effect then this conditioner will help preserve your new bold colour for longer.

Which Ebony Black Hair Dye To Choose

La Riche Directions Semi-Permanent Hair Dye (Ebony Black) – This hair dye is perfect for anyone looking to transform their locks to a darker colour. The subtle brown tones will help create a more natural result. The Directions ebony on brown hair is sure to have your friends noticing the difference.

La Riche Directions Ebony Hair Dye

Stargazer Natural Tone Semi-Permanent Hair Dye (Natural Black) - This ebony hair colour features the most brown tones for that natural style, after all it is unusual to find a person with jet black hair. If you look closely you will notice most people with black hair have brown tones too.

Stargazer Ebony Hair Dye

Herman’s Amazing Semi-Permanent Hair Colour (Black Dahlia) – This is on the darker end of the colour spectrum but still features that natural glow. This option is particularly good for people who are worried about damaging their hair. This dye nourishes your hair while you apply.

Herman's Amazing Hair Colour Ebony Hair Dye

We hope you will be feeling more confident about trying ebony hair dye. This close relative of black hair dye is sure to take away the unnatural look that a jet black hair dye can give. Who knew there were so many shades within the colour black? Whichever shade you opt for we would love to see the results on FacebookTwitter or Instagram!

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Ebony Hair Dye - La Riche Directions, Herman's Amazing Colour, Stargazer

Ebony Hair Dye - La Riche Directions, Herman's Amazing Colour, Stargazer

What is the difference between ebony and black hair colour? Read here to discover ebony hair dye

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