A Guide To Crazy Color Hair Dye

A Guide To Crazy Color Hair Dye

If there is one thing that can be guaranteed with Crazy Color Hair Dye, it is that you will be able to achieve the brightest of hair color results with their awesome Renbow colour brand.

To make sure you have got the best base for creating a strong and long lasting colour make sure to pick up a Crazy Color Bleaching Kit. Once you have got the right base for a strong colour you can jump right into choosing which shade you would like.

The Renbow colour chart will help you get exactly the shade you are looking for with each colour having its own shade number. If you are looking for directions colour charts can be extremely helpful.

Unusual Colors For Night Owls

If you are into alternative fashion such as gothic style or consider yourself to be in touch with your spiritual side then these deep rich colours are perfect. The colours we have selected all look as if they could have been plucked from the night sky, perfect for complimenting you unique style.

One of the most popular colours is the capri blue hair dye and it is easy to see why. This bright colour seems to shimmer and shine in the light. The Crazy Color Semi-Permanent Capri Blue Hair Dye looks like the perfect night owl colour and is sure to look absolutely gorgeous for any occasion.

Harness the power of the moon with a silvery grey hair colour. The Crazy Color Semi-Permanent Platinum Hair Dye is perfect for achieving that glowing light of the moon effect. One of the most popular shades of grey is graphite grey but what colour is graphite grey? It is pretty similar to platinum so if you are looking for the extra shine then this hair colour is the perfect balance.

Become a shining star with Crazy Color stargazer hair dye. We think the Crazy Color Semi-Permanent Neutral hair Dye looks just like the bright light of a star so get out your telescope and become the brightest star of them all.

Tap Into Nature With Crazy Color Hair Dye

Do you love to be one with nature or just feel inspired by the colours that can be found within our natural world? Then check out this crazy color hair dye review of our favourite nature inspired dyes.

Pastel hair has been a pretty huge hair trend this year and we have to confess to having a soft spot for Crazy Color hair dye lavender. This beautiful vibrant purple can be found in nature as the herb lavender. It is amazing to think nature can produce such a gorgeous colour and now you have the chance to show it off in your hair! What are you waiting for? Try out the Crazy Color Semi-Permanent Lavender Hair Dye before it is gone.

This next colour has been inspired by one of the most powerful elements in nature, introducing the Crazy Color hair dye fire. This incredibly vivid red is as hot as the real stuff! If you have always dreamt of the brightest red locks then this Crazy Color Semi-Permanent Red Hair Dye is the dye for you.

If you a looking to achieve rainbow colour name every shade and we have got it! Rainbow hair has been a massive trend and is one of our favourite colourful natural wonders. Crazy Color boasts a huge range of colours so you are sure to be able to show off every colour of the rainbow.

This hair dye comes from Crazy Color hair dye USA but Dye My Hair would like to give everyone the opportunity to try these fab dyes which is why we ship to many different countries. If you are planning on dying your hair make sure to patch test your product just in case Crazy Color hair dye ingredients are not suitable for you. We have every confidence that you will have no problems when using Crazy Color Hair Dye since they have been helping you achieve awesome colours since 1977! If you take the plunge and try out a Crazy Color hair dye then be sure to tag us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

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A Guide To Crazy Color Hair Dye

A Guide To Crazy Color Hair Dye

Get the brightest hair with Crazy Color Hair Dye, featuring a shade for every colour of the rainbow!

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