Back to School Hairstyles

Back to School Hairstyles

It is time to head back to school and we hope you have all had a fab summer! If you still want to keep your cute summer vibe while at school, college or uni then check out our back to school hairstyles. You will most likely have to ditch the bright, crazy hair colours but there is no reason why you can’t have fun experimenting with natural colour hair dyes.

Back to school hairstyles 2017 are set to be all about braids, buns and half-up half-down styles. With the summer being dominated by the adorable double bun, there is no reason not to carry on this trend when school starts! For back to school hairstyles 2016 braids were the most popular ‘do. This year braids have got fancier and are still one of the top trends.

Back to school fashion is all about cute chic. You want to show you have grown up in the last year but what is the harm in still looking adorable while you have the chance. It is all about celebrating being young and enjoying the fabulous fashion that comes with it. Are you ready for back to school hairstyles step by step? We want to talk about the latest in colours, up-dos and haircuts!

This Way For Cute Back To School Hairstyles

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Let’s start with back to school hairstyles for short hair. If you decided to have a serious lock chop over the summer or have always loved your short hair then why not try an easy up-do. It is a myth that there are fewer options for styles when you have short hair. You can create little braids and funky styles. If you are the kind of person that is always late in the morning then you are going to need a style you can achieve quickly. This bedhead style makes messy hair acceptable! What could be better? Make back to school hairstyles easy! The tousled hair trend looks especially fab on shorter styles. To keep your hair out of the way and add a little extra something to your style why not add some hair grips to keep a little bit back. Pin at the back of your head and add a twist to create this cute do. If you want to add more depth to your colour then why not add some subtle red or burgundy highlights, natural enough for school and perfect for matching the gorgeous colours of autumn.

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If you are looking for back to school hairstyles for medium length hair then why not have a go at creating the double bun style. To spice up your look and to step up the challenge why not add braids to the back of your hair? This braided style works perfectly for dip dyed hair. The dark roots provide the perfect background to the lighter colour braids and buns. Why not go for an ash blonde dye to really make those colours pop. This is a double whammy for trends with back to school hairstyles braids and those adorable double buns!

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Last on our list is back to school hairstyles for long hair. Nothing is going to show off those long flowing locks like a low ponytail. Tie your hair just above the nape of your neck to help your hair flow beautifully. To add a quirky element to your ponytail, braid the side of your hair and tie back into the ponytail. To hide your hairbands why not twist a piece of hair around them and pin in place. This style looks fabulous for highlighted or ombre hair. The colour contrast gives the appearance of even longer hair! Check out our range of natural dyes to find one to compliment your existing shade or go for full colour coverage.

Be A Trendsetter With your Back To School Hairstyle

When creating back to school hairstyles for natural hair there are hundreds of style options. Natural hair colours are sure to keep you out of trouble but don’t have to be dull. From dip dying to highlights, there are so many ways you can add tone and dimension to your hair so start experimenting now!

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Back to School Hairstyles

Back to School Hairstyles

Nobody wants the summer to end but when it does make sure you are on trend with our Back to School hairstyles!

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