Five Great Color Ideas for Short Hair.

Five Great Color Ideas for Short Hair.

For decades women have been using short hair to look refreshingly vibrant. From the bouncing curls of Marilyn Monroe to the super short shave of Cara Delevigne, short hair has been fashion forward for generations. With so many styles to choose from, there are many options that will be suit everyone. So if you’re looking for a new look that keep your hair refreshing, or for a more business-oriented style, there is a color to suit your choice. You may be planning to make the swap to short hair, or have been rocking the style for a while but want a new color switch up. Here at DyeMyHair, we’ve got some inspiring color ideas to get your creative juices flowing. Check out our list of great color ideas for short hair and start imagining what you want your next dye job should look like.

Colors for Professional Short Hairstyles.

White Hair Dye

We understand that a professional job can affect the color choices available. Because there are so many short hairstyles that have a formal fashion sense, it is a great idea to think about mixing color with practicality. The first example is the White Hair Dye that combines an uncommon color with a natural effect for a great finished look. You can either highlight your hair over a dark color like the picture above, or you can make your whole style bright white. You could also combine both ideas and create an ombre effect or dark roots effect.

Black Hair Dye

Mix business and pleasure with a bit of Black Hair Dye for an understated yet stunning look. By adding black to your hair, you can appear professional at work while remaining interesting with some more interesting styles. A good example can be seen in this image. The lack of color creates an opportunity for the wavy curls in this hairstyle to stand out. If you love to experiment with style then this is the perfect choice that will look great whether you’re at work or out with friends.

Red Hair Dye

If you’d prefer something a little more colorful that still falls within the realms of professional then your best option is the Red Hair Dye. A dark red color provides a great autumnal look that isn’t overstated, perfect for work. If you want to try out a lighter red color then perhaps think about copying the style in this image. The small amounts of bright red highlights can really liven up a hairstyle without looking completely unnatural.

Cute Colors for Short Hair

Blue Hair Dye

For those who think life is too short to have anything other than exciting hair colors then getting a short hairdo is a perfect way to combine the rarity of color and style. For those who love a watery effect, check out the Blue Hair Dye that will really stand out from the crowd. You can get a solid color for a vibrant look or you could mix blues like the picture for a unique color effect. When you’re looking at getting some blue hair dye, consider trying the semi-permanent hair dye in our selection of dyes as it can be handy to return back to an original light color should you wish to change your color on a regular basis.

Pink Hair Dye

A really cute idea for a short hair style can be a light pastel color. The Pink Hair Dye look is really taking hold in recent years and now you can join in. You can get a look like the one in the picture with a light color for a trendy bob look. Or you can choose a more intense shade of pink like the flamingo pink which will make you stand out above the rest.

So those are the five great colors ideas for short hair that we love the most. With so much to choose from, check out our Color section to see which color will suit your new style. Whether you already have a short hair style or are excited to get one, we have the color to pair with your style. Is there a color choice that we missed? Which color do you think is the absolute best for a short hair style?

Be sure to try out a new color and send a selfie to the DyeMyHair Facebook, Twitter or Instagram cause we love seeing what you do with our dyes.

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Five Great Color Ideas for Short Hair.

Five Great Color Ideas for Short Hair.

If you have a short hairstyle or are looking to get one, take a look at this blog about great color ideas for short hair. Whether you're looking for professional work hair or a vibrant expression...

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