Check Out The Top Hair Color Ideas For August

Check Out The Top Hair Color Ideas For August

Now that you’re all well and truly aware of all the bright and colorful hair styles that have been up and coming over the last few weeks, here’s our top hair color ideas to give you some extra inspiration!

Here at DyeMyHair we are absolutely barking mad about everything color. That’s why we only stock the best brands and vibrant colors so if you’re shopping with us; you’re guaranteed to stay one step ahead of all the fabulous top hair color trends that drop! But that’s not all we do for you. If you’ve followed us on social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and especially Instagram you would have noticed that we’re pretty hot at giving you top quality hair color ideas!

With that in mind we’ve decided to put together our favourite top hair trends of August in case you missed some of the wonderful styles we’ve posted over the last few weeks. So sit back, and get ready to hear where you can get the hottest hair styles and how you can recreate these stunning hair trends with the ease of our affordable premium products!

Brilliantly Bright Hair Color Ideas

If you’re sick of being stuck with your natural hair color and just cannot wait to sink your roots into a vibrant shade, check this incredible new trending hair style. This new style shows off the ultimate color that’s perfectly bright and ready for your new fall hair styles.

Bright Hair Dye - Bow

The fabulous blue and purple shades within this stylish hair style are some of the best around. You’ll probably find that most of the hair dyes on the market won’t be nearly as bright and as intense if you’re looking to recreate this beauty. But if you’re looking for some of the best hair color to get a totally jaw dropping look, check out a few of the vibrant colours below, and take your style to the next level:

Shockingly Subtle New Hair Color Ideas

If you’ve been looking for a way to give yourself a striking new look without adopting bright vibrant hair dye colors, this could be the style for you! This elegant style features the use of brilliant pastel blue hair dye along the roots that gradually face into stylish silver plaits. The fantastic style also incorporates the use of hair chalks which allow for a pinch of extra color that can be washed out and switched up on the fly.

Sounds pretty amazing right? Why not check out our full selection of blue hair dyes and silver hair dye products? But if you want to recreate this exact look, which we couldn’t blame you if you did; check below for a list of our recommended products!

Blue & SIlver Plaits

Our Favourite Elegant Ombre Hair Color

We know that having the most striking and colorful hair is pretty desirable to us all, but with busy day to day life it isn’t always practical. That’s why this beautiful ombre style is one of our top contenders for the best fall hair color ideas. Featuring a gorgeous purple and silver hair dye colors that fade down from your natural hair shade, this really is a must have! Check out the amazing products so you can recreate this gorgeous pastel hair color yourself:

Purple & Silver Ombre

These amazing hair color styles are pretty incredible right? If you’ve been looking to get yourself a top tending hair style and be a cut above the rest, don’t forget to keep in touch with our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram so you’ll always be one step ahead of the latest hair styles and colors!

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Check Out The Top Hair Color Ideas For August

Check Out The Top Hair Color Ideas For August

Check Out The Top Hair Color Ideas For August and get yourself a look to Dye for!

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