Amazing Semi Permanent Hair Color from La Riche Directions

Amazing Semi Permanent Hair Color from La Riche Directions

For those who aren’t aware, the range of hair dyes on the Dye My Hair website is definitely extensive. We are always dedicated to providing you with any color that you desire. With all the ideas we keep giving you and the extra entertaining options you come up with on your own, we all rely on the short-term color that a semi-permanent hair dye will provide. If you’re looking for quality color on a temporary basis then La Riche Directions have you covered. For up to 6 weeks you can have the hair color that will keep you looking fresh and fashionable.

Let’s take a look at some of the options available to you from the La Riche Directions Collection. Whether you’re looking for light or dark, there is a colour to suit your style. So here are some of the colors that you may enjoy trying out for yourself.

Bright Hair Dye by La Riche Directions

Bright Hair

For those who have already bleached or have naturally blonde hair, a light hair dye is a great option. If you’re looking at a pastel color that will really look amazing then these colors are perfect for you. The La Riche Directions Pastel Pink will create that perfect Millennial Pink style that has been trending during the past year. Another excellent pastel color option is the La Riche Directions Lilac hair dye that has a very subtle color. This is a good look for those who want a funky hair color that suits the colder seasons. Or you could instead remove the color in your hair with La Riche Directions white toner. This will remove the yellow from your blonde hair so you can have the perfect brilliant white hair style just like Daenerys Targaryen.

Deep Dark Hair Dye by La Riche Directions

La Riche Dark

These quality temporary hair dye options are deeper than your best friend’s drunken philosophies. So if you want dark then nothing is darker than the La Riche Directions Ebony Black dye. If you love Gothic fashion then you already know how important rich black hair dye can be. If you’d prefer something more colorful then how about the La Riche Directions Poppy Red that makes for a very suitable color for the autumn and winter months. The full body red will suit the leaves changing color. If you’d rather rebel against the seasons then maybe show you’re an evergreen. The La Riche Directions Alpine Green is a deep shade of green that will make your hair look really noticeable.

Getting Extra Care for Your Hair

Hair Dye isn’t the only thing worth considering when you want to change your hair color. You want the best color for your hair so getting some La Riche Directions Pre Colour Shampoo will make sure your application goes smoothly. The La Riche Directions Protecting Conditioner will preserve the amazing look that you’ve achieve with help of the shampoo. You can also get full kits like the Lagoon Blue Dye Kit or the Poppy Red Dye Kit that come with shampoos and conditioner as well as the dye, so you get everything you need in one place.

See the Results for Yourself

If you want a La Riche directions review then there is nothing better than seeing the results for yourself. Check out these pictures of people who have used La Riche Directions Dark Tulip, Blue Lagoon and Turquoise on their hair. We think the results look amazing. Pictures courtesy of Pinterest.

The Dark Tulip Hair Dye here looks really good as an Ombre effect. You can get this look really easy by checking out our guide to bleaching your hair.

For those who want some vibrant color, the Blue Lagoon Hair Dye is an excellent choice.

We really like how rich this Turquoise Hair Dye looks. This is a perfect look for anyone who loves quirky colors.

With results like those and the numerous different color options available, you can’t help but love La Riche Directions. For non permanent hair color you will love using this amazing brand. If you’re in love with what you’ve seen, check out the La Riche Directions Colors section.

If you decide to give it a try then be sure to send us a selfie to our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram cause as always, we love seeing what you do with these dyes.

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Amazing Semi Permanent Hair Color from La Riche Directions

Amazing Semi Permanent Hair Color from La Riche Directions

If you're looking for some semi-permanent hair color then La Riche Directions has everything that you need. Check out this blog about the rich light and dark colors available from this brand of non...

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