How to Braid Your Hair

How to Braid Your Hair

Always wanted to know how to braid your hair? Dyed hair or natural coloured hair looks fabulous in a braid or several braids. Thanks to the internet we can all become amateur hair stylists with how to braid your hair guides so get ready to try out hair braids styles. It can make your bright colour boldly stand out or can give you a festival vibe to your look. If you have always been scared of getting tangled in knots when you plait your hair then these handy how to guides may end your nightmare bad hair days!

One thing braiders will know is it is always helpful to have some hair products on hand to tidy up those stray hairs. We don’t want any stragglers in our plaits! From easy braid hairstyles to more challenging styles for the hair up-do experts we have got just a little taster of some of the awesome styles you could be trying at home.

How to braid your own hair in two braids

Instagram user @missysueblog is braid obsessed which makes her the perfect person to teach us how to create two easy plaits. As you can see from the image this is a good example of how to braid your hair by yourself. This is a loose plait for those of you who don’t like hairstyles that feel tight. Perfect for a day at the beach this braid is sure to stay looking cute even after you have had a dip in the sea. The two braid style is especially useful for managing long hair and keeping it neat and tidy.

How to braid your own short hair

We love this video from @sophiehannahrichardson whose pink and peach dyed hair looks amazing with these fun crown plaits. Braids for short hair can be a challenge. There is nothing more annoying than having those stray ends sticking out of the middle of your plait but with this cute style, those messy ends are hidden behind the rest of your hair. If you want to keep your hair off your face but don’t like fully tying it up then this could be a cool solution for you. This style incorporates different braids. All you need to do is French plait against your scalp and finish off the ends to create this alternative style. @sophiehannahrichardson sure has a fabulous unique style when it comes to creating festival hairstyles. Follow this link for the video.

How to braid your own hair to the side

This handy post from Instagram user @how_to_braid shows how to make the perfect waterfall braid and makes it look less scary! This is the best of braid hairstyles for long hair because it keeps your hair neatly pinned down but still leaves the ends to flow freely. We reckon this style would be best practiced on friends to perfect the steps before trying on your own. Have fun at your next girly night in by practicing hairstyles. This is also an awesome way of showing off dipped dyed hairstyles with the ends of your locks free to dazzle. You could even braid first and dye second.

How to braid your hair like a headband

Headband braids or crown braids look insanely complicated. Instagram user @buablink makes it look so easy in her how to video! Don’t be afraid of the milkmaid braid anymore with this easy style trick. One thing you might be thinking is how is it possible for hair to stay on top of your head looking cute without accidentally looking like you have stepped off the set off The Sound Of Music. The answer is in the accessories and colour. This style looks amazing with an ash blonde colour or with dyed hair that features dark roots. Accessorising with some flowers or bling will help give you that sweet summer style you have been looking for. If you want to make the most of your bangs then this is a cool way to naturally frame your face and highlight your fringe. Follow the link for this video.

Think you have found your perfect braid style? Then how about some dyed hair to go with it! You have heard some of our colour suggestions but we would love to know what colours you would like to try with your braids. We think bright colours will look fabulous in a braid and imagine how quirky a UV coloured plait would look. For those who want that summer glow or love autumn reds and browns then a natural style would look fancy when you follow one of the how to braid your hair guides.

Feeling a little more confident with how to braid your own hair? We would love to see your hair trials so why not share with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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How to Braid Your Hair

How to Braid Your Hair

Always been afraid of getting in a tangle when your braid your own hair? With this how to braid your hair guide, you will become a plaiting pro in no time.

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