Amazing Hairstyles from This Summer’s Movies

Amazing Hairstyles from This Summer’s Movies

This summer has been a wild ride of cinematic excellence. Kicking off with the very definition of girl power, DC’s Wonder Woman was a roaring success. The season was never short of out-of-this-world heroes with movies like Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, Alien: Covenant and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 making their way to the big screen. But we’ve just scratched the surface of great movies. With so many quality movies, we were wondering which had the best characters with noteworthy hairstyles. Seeing as hair can make such a big difference to the appearance of a character, it’s worth thinking about who had the most Amazing Hairstyles from this summer's movies.

So with that in mind, here is a little list of our favorite movie characters from the summer with regards to their hairstyle. In no particular order, let’s look at which hairstyles made an impression with us over the course of this summer.

The Dark Curls of Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman
Is it any wonder that this empowering character was in our list? The long flowing locks of Gal Gadot were beautiful in this film. As an Amazonian Princess you would expect nothing less than the perfect curls. People say that blondes have more fun, but not when you’ve get to fight the bad guys of the world with sword and shield. The great part about this hairstyle is that anyone can replicate it. The color is such a dark brown that anyone can dye to this color unless they’ve already dyed to black which would require a low strength bleach to achieve. Everyone who knows how to use a curling iron can also replicate the hair for a perfect Cosplay look that doesn’t require a bright hair color.

If you want to try this style then our Natural Hair Dye Section has everything you need.

An Explosive Look with Atomic Blonde

Atomic Blonde
One of the more recent additions to the big screen is Atomic Blonde that made its way worldwide after a successful showing at South by Southwest Film Festival in the US. The protagonist Lorraine Broughton, played by Charlize Theron, is worth the movie’s title. Combined with Wonder Woman, she proves that this summer was filled from beginning to end with strong female leads. Her bright white blonde hair is as lethal as the MI:6 agent herself. We also love any excuse to get bleaching, because getting that Atomic Blonde hair is always a great look and creates a lot of potential when looking for another change to hair color.

Check out our Blonde Hair Bleach Section and see why we love bleached blonde hair so much.

We Need More-a Gamora Hairstyles

Gamora Guardians of the Galaxy
If you love a perfect blend of funny, badass and thrilling story in your movies then you’ve probably already seen Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. You may have also noticed how killer that dip dye hairstyle looked on Gamora, Zoe Saldana’s green skinned character and the most badass female in the galaxy. The effect is pretty simple to achieve as well. If you want to replicate the effect all you have to do is bleach the lower half of brown hair then add a Hot Hot Pink dye to the bleached area. Talk about so easy that anyone can do it, even those who are completely new to home dyeing.

Check out more Pink Hair Dye here to change up your dip dye for a similar look.

So that’s our list of famous hairstyles from movies for this summer... oh wait.


Don’t worry Groot. We know that the greatest hairstyle of this summer was the moss green color of our favorite miniature guardian. He must dye his hair regularly because his roots aren’t showing in this summer’s fun time movie. If you love short hair and are used to using gel, gum and paste to fake that bed head look, then simply adding some green hair dye to your hair will complete your Grootish look. Please do it. Look at his little face. Do you really want to upset him more?

Get some Green Hair Dye here.

Green Hair

Now we’ve remembered all of the most amazing hairstyles from this summer's movies, who do you think wore the best hairdo on the big screen? Was there anyone that you really loved that we missed? Let us know what you think of our list.

Are you going to go as any of these characters for Halloween this year? If you give any of these styles a try, be sure to send a selfie of your new look to our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram as we always love seeing what you manage to create.

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Amazing Hairstyles from This Summer’s Movies

Amazing Hairstyles from This Summer’s Movies

Check out our list of the most amazing hairstyles from this summer's movies. With movies like Wonder Woman and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, this summer has been a winner for beautiful women with...

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