The 7 Styles of Cara Delevingne Hair

The 7 Styles of Cara Delevingne Hair

It is common knowledge that Cara Delevingne hair is legendary so we have put together a list of ‘The 7 Styles of Cara Delevingne Hair’. She has had many many more hairstyles than this but we have picked our favourite Cara hair highlights!

Let’s kick off this list with our very favourite Cara Delevingne hair color. She is not afraid to try new styles and go from long to short hair. One of her most recent looks is a short pink style which she has been showing off at promotional events for latest film, Valerian. Some fans may be puzzled as this new fantasy science-fiction film features Delevingne with her classic long blonde locks. The shorter pink hairstyle she now has is due to the Life in a Year movie she is currently filming. Cara Delevingne Jaden Smith have both ditched their longer locks for this film with Jaden chopping the dreads and Cara sporting pink hair and then fully shaving her head. This pink cropped hairstyle may be set to be the Cara Delevingne 2017 best look. We can’t wait to see the Life in a Year Trailer!

Cara Delevingne Pink Short Hair

Image from Pinterest

Cara Delevingne’s Classic Purple to Strawberry Blonde

We have seen Cara’s pinky locks but she has also sported a purple long hair style. This classic Cara Delevingne haircut is spiced up with a splash of purple. The pastel tone still gives her the smoky, grunge-like style that she is so celebrated for. This youthful styling is a great style for this young model and actress. This is sure to be a winner with teens and the beanie hat adds that student vibe to her look. Achieving this style outside a salon is easy so you can soon be modelling your own fancy locks. If you have darker hair then you are going to need to lighten your hair first. Find out how by checking out our Tips For Getting Blonde Hair blog post. Next all you need to do is choose from a range of purple dyes and get applying!

Cara Delevingne Purple Long Hair

Image from Pinterest

The next style we love, here at Dye My Hair is her strawberry blonde long tresses. Surely this is worthy of posting on Cara Delevingne Instagram. With that famous middle parting and sweeping style we find that Cara often creates styles that are achievable by her fans. She has the beauty of models in the industry but has that extra special relatable quality which makes her so popular in films. This hair is similar to the style featured in the Cara Delevingne new movie, Valerian and The City of a Thousand Planets. Already becoming a highly rated Cara Delevingne imdb movie, we reckon this is the style she will be most remembered for. Work your natural hair into a lighter shade or simply add some highlights to create your very own long sweeping style.

Cara Delevingne Strawberry Blonde

Image from Pinterest

Cara Delevingne seems to love experimenting with blonde shades as seen in this golden blonde shorter style. This sophisticated style is on trend and looks fab, but we have all realised by now that she can rock absolutely any style and colour. This has made it to our list as one of the best Cara Delevingne hair short styles. If you are thinking about getting your long hair cut then Cara has proved that a brave new do will look gorgeous and is sure to get you noticed.

Cara Delevingne  Short Blonde Hair

Image from Pinterest

Cara Delevingne’s Muted Tones

This is one of the most recent photoshoots of our top model. Miss Delevigne shows off her hair in a white androgenous style. She rocks the lightest of hair colours and looks like a powerful lady. The gelled messy style gives us a taste of just another of Cara Delevingne new hair looks. It is beyond belief that so many different styles can suit one face but that is the magic of Cara.

Cara Delevingne White Hair

Image from Pinterest

Remember Cara’s character in Suicide Squad? She sported a black long style that is sure to appeal to those of you into alternative styles. The Enchantress certainly lived up to her character name with this incredibly long hair style. This has got to be the easiest style on our list, all you need is a bottle of black hair dye and you will have the same black-as-night locks featured in Suicide Squad. This creepy supervillain is frightening yet hypnotising. If you would love to have gothic vibes then dye your hair black and never look back!

Cara Delevingne  Suicide Squad Hair

Image from Pinterest

Our final colour is one that few people can successfully pull off. The increasingly popular grey Cara Delevingne hair is the height of style and sophistication. It almost gives a futuristic vibe due to the muted colour and silvery tones. For the brave dye hards out there this is the style to attempt because your friends may not be brave enough to try it.

Cara Delevingne  Grey Hair

Image from Pinterest

So did you agree with our list of seven favourites? Why not make your own list for the 7 styles of Cara Delevingne hair or try out your own Cara inspired hairstyle. Share your ideas with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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The 7 Styles of Cara Delevingne Hair

The 7 Styles of Cara Delevingne Hair

Who doesn't love Cara Delevingne? A model who can also act - she is down to earth, relatable and has the best hair! We are exploring our favourite 7 Styles of Cara Delevingne Hair.

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