August Hair: Summer Hair That’s Prepared for Autumn

August Hair: Summer Hair That’s Prepared for Autumn

With summer coming to an end towards the end of September, you may find yourself at a crossroads between creating a summer hair effect or to wait for autumn to come around. With the latest in hair color about to end and a new set of hair begins, the decision can be tough. But there is a great solution to your troubles. With just over a month of summer you have the opportunity to do some preparation on your hair and enjoy the effects for the current period. If you’re already looking at changing hair colors from dark hair, you will have to lighten your hair before you change. So why not take the first step now and then make a change to one of several autumn hair colors when September ends.

Bleaching for a Brighter Color

Light Brown Bleaching

If you have a dark hair color like a chocolate brown, you will want to start your change in hair color by bleaching to a lighter brown. Be aware of the strength of the bleach you are using as 30-volume peroxide will lighten two to three levels which will be enough to move from dark to light brown. There are other strength peroxides so be sure to get the one you need. Once you’ve bleached your hair it should look something like the picture above or if you want a layered look in autumn try to dip bleach the tips of your hair for a little longer. You should now have a perfect color for an end of summer look. Enjoy complimenting your hair with summer dresses and large hats when you’re partying on the beach, or dining in the beer garden of your favorite restaurant.

Go to our Bleach Section to get the first step to your hair color change.

When Autumn Arrives

Brown Hair to Red Hair

The best trick is to change your hair color once you begin to see the leaves going through their own color change. By now you should have a small amount of roots showing which will make for a great transition once it’s all dyed and will add another layer to your hair if you decided to dip bleach in summer. Check out this before and after picture. The tips are a lighter dye but you can use one dye and get a great result. You can have the hair color of the season by mimicking this effect.

Now that you get an idea for what to do for a great hair change, the only thing you need to decide is the color you want to become when autumn arrives. So here are a few hair color ideas that work well while the leaves are falling all around.

Purple Rain

Purple Rain

Sadly, autumn and rain tend to go hand in hand, but instead of being blue about it, you can be purple instead. The subtlety of an autumn purple look is the result of dying from brown instead of blonde. When the weather start to get colder and you’re wrapping up in a coat, you will begin to appreciate how well your hair encapsulates the atmosphere around you.

Our Purple Hair Dye Section is available for all your purple dye needs for this autumn.

Autumn Ombre Orange

Ginger Hair

What better color to make an autumn impression than orange. You can bring the season inside while you sip at your pumpkin spiced Coffee. There is probably no better way to embrace the season. Like all autumn hair colors, subtlety is the key to a great look. If you keep your hair darker at the top when making your summer look, you can create an ombre orange style that creates a layered effect that works really well. Avoid the light orange dyes for something like an electric tiger lily color that will be affected more by your brown hair.

Check out our Orange Hair Dye Section to plan your autumn look.

Revel in Red

Red Hair

One of the greatest things about red hair is that when it looks as subtle as the picture, you will really suit the season well. The muddy red that comes from a mixture with brown will mimic the autumn leaves perfectly so you will definitely look great. If you compliment this color with the right autumn fashion and everyone will think you’ve had your own stylist sort out your look.

The Red Hair Dye Section on our website that sells popular hair dyes and delivers them straight to you.

So there is our little trick for making the most out of August by enjoying a lighter hair before your autumn hair dyeing. Are there other autumn hairstyles you think will work well with this trick? Do you have any cool tricks for getting the most out of your hair dye? Let us know what you think are the best autumn hair colous 2017.

If you give this a go and love the look, be sure to show us a selfie of both your August and Autumn hair on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram because we always love seeing what you can do with these little tips.

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August Hair: Summer Hair That’s Prepared for Autumn

August Hair: Summer Hair That’s Prepared for Autumn

Get the most out of your autumn hair by turning the bleaching process into a summer hair style. Then when autumn arrives you can dye to one of several colours for the latest in hair color 2017.

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