Herman’s Amazing Direct Hair Colour: Brand Focus

Herman’s Amazing Direct Hair Colour: Brand Focus

Wholly professional colour in a whole variety of shades! Herman’s Amazing Hair Colour is a brand worth considering when it comes to deciding on which dye to use next. This brand features a whole load of fresh colours, as well as a toner, and which are sure to set your creativity flowing. In this post, we’ll take a tour of our favourite Herman’s colours and look at the benefits of getting Herman’s on your hair!

Plenty of Amazing Herman Hair Colours

From @hermansproffesional Instagram page

The Herman’s range of hair colours is sure to have something for everyone. Their quirky and alternative naming system not only attracts plenty of attention but just shows how fun and full of character their colours really are. You can try out anything from a beautiful bubbly Bella Blue to a pretty perfect Polly Pink. The question is, which Herman’s Amazing Hair Colour to try out first? Here’s a few we think are sure to catch your eye:

  • Sylvia Silver: everybody's rockin' the Granny Hair recently, and Herman's silver and grey hair dyes are an easy way for you too to achieve that look. Ideal for lightened hair, this colourant should be used alongside toner to ensure full coverage and for best colour results. Want to test out a few more greys, then Mathilda Granny Grey and Gilda Granny Grey should certainly be top of your checklist!

Instagram User @eevakatriinae (wearing Sylvia Silver)

  • Rosie Goldperfect for a pastel pink delight, this shade of Herman's Amazing Rosie Gold is a top pick when it comes to bright and bubbly new colours. Use as an option for a full new head of hair, for even for a graduated ombre look, this style is sure to complete any and every pink look which you could hope for!

Instagram User @heartgrenaded (wearing Marge Blue)

  • Marge Blue: based on a truly iconic character hairstyle, this Marge Blue hair colour is sure to be your brand new favourite shade. Who doesn't love a brand new blue look? It's all too easy to get lost in the ocean of possibilities that is Marge Blue. If you're on the hunt for a brand new blue-tiful look then make sure to have a look at the Thelma Turquoise or the Bella Blue!

Instagram User @arepala (wearing Fiona Fire)

  • Fiona Fire: unleash a ferocious shade of red with this Herman's Amazing Hair Colour! Red are a perfect choice if you're looking to stand out from the crowd, as they often come in an exciting range of flamboyant shades. For a sharp and sophisticated red shade, then be sure to check out the fierce shade of Bloody Mary - guaranteed to give you that overall regal look!

So, those are just some of the shades of Herman's that are simply ideal for creating a new stylish shade. There's a whole palette of shades to choose from, so head on over to our DyeMyHair Herman's brands section. But why should you chose Herman's Hair Colour over the rest we hear you ask! Well, we're glad you asked because here's why:

  1. Vegan-Friendly Products: Herman’s Hair Dye is proud to be 100% vegan, which means the production is cruelty-free and not tested on animals. This means with Herman’s, you can shop a high-quality hair product knowing that it has come from an ethically sound manufacturing background.

  2. Temporary Colour Solutions: Ideal if you are looking for a quick change, or just for trying something a little new, these colours have a longevity of up to 12 washes. Although this may be dependent on your hair colour, porosity and how often you choose to wash your hair.

  3. Easy Application: The handy resealable tub which the hair dye comes in allows for easy application, and what's more, you can use as little or as much as you like! Changing your style has never been so easy, why not try out a new stunning shade of Herman's Amazing Hair Colour today!?

So there you have it! As well as the gorgeous selection of Herman's colours available, there's plenty of fun features which certainly makes this hair dye brand a reliable one. If you haven't tried out a shade yet, then you'll probably be in need of some colour inspiration! Make sure to check out our Instagram page, as well as the official Herman's Professional Instagram page (linked above).

For more styles, latest products and plenty of awesome content make sure to check out pages on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest!

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Herman’s Amazing Direct Hair Colour: Brand Focus

Herman’s Amazing Direct Hair Colour: Brand Focus

Herman's Amazing Hair Colour is a fresh and funky hair colour brand which features some of the most bright and exciting colours. Vegan-friendly, ethical and easy to use, what's not to love about...

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