Red Hair: Our Top 10 Celebrity Inspirations!

Red Hair: Our Top 10 Celebrity Inspirations!

If you’ve always dreamt of showcasing a vibrant new shade of red but have been reluctant to reach for the dye, then why not let our latest Celeb-inspired blog help guide the way to true style-dom! 

With an abundance of A-Listers opting for the fiery shade over the years, now’s the time to switch up your style in time for the Summer Season! From the more vibrant tones to those filled with auburn hues, here at Dye My Hair we’ve got just the natural or vivid tone to suit. With products from a number of Big Name Brands such as Herman’s Amazing, Manic Panic and Crazy Color to choose from, be sure to let the following styles inspire your next dye job: 

1. Rhianna

Renowned for rocking a multitude of funky and quirky shades, you too can rock this vibrant shade with the help of Dye My Hair. A style that’s sure to get heads turning in your direction, this fiery look is perfect for all occasions!

Rhianna Red Hair

2. Kat Von D

A much deeper tone that’s perfect for all existing hair colours, this gorgeous look by Kat Von D is enough to inspire the most seasoned of hair dye veterans! If you’re looking for a style that oozes depth and volume, then be sure to try this look for yourself!

Kat Von D Red Hair

3. Sharon Osbourne

No matter what your age, rocking a gorgeous colour to that similar to Sharon Osbourne’s is a fast an effective way to spruce up your day to day look. By adding a splash of funky colour to your style has never been as easy with the help of Dye My Hair. A shade that’s most definitely a timeless classic, you can rest assured that this colour will rock your world!

Sharon Osbourne Red Hair

4. Florence Welch

Showcasing a gorgeously natural shade, Florence Welch proves that red heads have the most fun! Boasting gorgeous undertones, this show stopping style will most definitely set your style alight! A hue that’s perfect for livening up your look all year round be sure to try it out for yourself!

Florence Welch Red Hair

5. Hayley Williams

Looking for a shade that’s sure to get people talking? If so, then let the stunning Hayley Williams guide your style with this vibrant look! Renowned for rocking a number of funky styles, we can’t get enough of this orange tinted style!

Hayley Williams Red Hair

6. Cheryl Cole

Boasting a rich and desirable style, we can’t get enough of this gorgeous shade! A tone that offers the perfect blend of both red and purple hues, this fruitful style is sure to add a splash of colour to your existing style! Perfect for the Summer and Festival season, be sure to accessorise your style in true colour!

Cheryl Cole Red Hair

7. Julia Roberts

Showcasing a much more natural style, we love Julia Roberts’ sophisticated style. This gorgeous style is ideal for those looking to add a splash of delicate colour to their day to day look. A style that’s still guaranteed to turn heads, be sure to treat your natural shade to a re-vamp with help from this stylish shade.

Julia Roberts Red Hair

8. Drew Barrymore

If you’re looking for a shade that’s playful yet natural at the same time, then why not take inspiration from Drew Barrymore’s gorgeous style? Boasting a tone that’s bright, bold and bound to attract attention, you too can achieve such a look with the help of Dye My Hair!

Drew Barrymore Red Hair

9. Christina Aguilera

If you’re still unsure on whether or not to dive straight into a whole head dye-job, then why not take some inspiration from Christina Aguilera’s 2-toned style! A quick and easy way to add a little vibrancy to your style, showcasing red coloured tips is the perfect way to accentuate your style in true fashion!

Christina Aguilera Red Hair

10. Demi Lovato

Another deep and desirable tone, this shade is sure to become a firm favourite. Treat your locks, from root to tip with a splash of colour this Summer Season! We can’t get enough of this stunning shade.

Demi Lovato Red Hair

Regardless of your style, here at Dye My Hair we’ve got the products to match! With an extensive range of Dyes, Chalks, Gels and Hair Mascaras to choose from, it’s about time you made Dye My Hair your next one-stop shop for all things vibrant!

Have you got a rockin’ red style that you’re dyeing to showcase? If so, then why not hit us up on Social Media? You find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest

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Red Hair: Our Top 10 Celebrity Inspirations!

Red Hair: Our Top 10 Celebrity Inspirations!

If you've been thinking of opting for a vivid and vibrant Red style, then it's about time you checked out our Top 10 Celebrity inspirations! With an abundance of funky and colourful shades to...

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