Purple Hair: Our Favourite Celebrity Looks!

Purple Hair: Our Favourite Celebrity Looks!

If you're mad for all things Purple or Pastel toned then this blog is sure to set those creative wheels in motion! From vivid Violet to picturesque Purple, we've got the exact tone to match your style! If you're still stuck for style inspiration on how to work in those Purple hues, then why not check out our Top 10 favourite celebrity styles! 

1. Kelly Osbourne

Purple Hair: Kelly Osbourne

If you love bold colours and sharp finishes, then this wicked style choice by Kelly Osbourne is sure to stun! Opting for a more vibrant shade, this style is sure to become your next favourite!

2. Nicole Richie

Purple Hair: Nicole Richie

If you've been searching high and low for the perfect way to work your pastel shade, then why not let this gorgeous look by Nicole Richie ignite your style! Boasting a humble and intriguing tone, this style is guaranteed to ensure your Spring/Summer style blossoms!

3. Demi Lovato

Purple Hair: Demi Lovato

If you're looking to add a punch of colour to your existing style, then why not take some inspiration for this wicked look by Demi Lovato! By adding a splash of Purple to your tips you'll be able to add that extra edge to your style, no matter what the occasion! 

4. Katy Perry

Purple Hair: Katy Perry

For those that love to make a style statement, let Katy Perry's gorgeous style guide the way! Opting for a full head coverage can ensure that your unique style really does stand out from the crowd and that your luscious locks do all the talking! Similarly, if you love vintage and retro fashion, purple is a perfect pairing for ensuring those quirky prints stand out!

5. Lupita Nyong'o

Purple Hair: Lupita Nyong'o

If you have naturally darker hair, then purple is a wicked choice to add a dash of edge to your look. Working its magic to produce a mystical and alluring tone, why not take some inspiration from Lupita Nyong'o and this wicked style!

6. Cyndi Lauper

Purple Hair: Cyndi Lauper

If you're all about those pinky purple tones, then why not show your true colours with the help of Cyndi Lauper's wicked style! Sure to liven up your style, this bold and boisterous style is perfect for rocking into the early hours!

7. Jessie J

Purple Hair: Jessie J

lf you love shades that offer a crazy amount of depth, then why not opt for a do similar to Jessie J's! Boasting a sleek finish, this funky colour is sure to bring out your true colours! 

8. Ke$ha

Purple Hair: Ke$ha

A perfect style idea for those that love pastel tones, this lilac inspired look from Ke$ha is guaranteed to get those Spring/Summer vibes flowing! A great colour choice for the warmer weather and lighter evenings, you can rest assured that this tone will lighten up your style in a matter of minutes!

9. Nicki Minaj

Purple Hair: Nicki Minaj

If you're a huge fan of those highlight tones, then why not opt for something similar to Nicki Minaj! By creating an almost washed out, highlight effect, this style perfect for creating that highly unique look!

10. Selena Gomez 

Purple Hair: Selena Gomez

If you're in the market for a more aubergine inspired shade, then why not check out this wicked style by Selena Gomez! Boasting a playful hue that offers a sense of depth to the finish, this style is guaranteed to get heads turning in your direction!

So there we have it, Our Top 10 Favourite Celebrity Styles for Purple and Violet Shades! Regardless of your favourite shade, here at Dye My Hair we've got the exact style to match! And even if we don't have the exact pre-mixed dye to suit, we offer an extensive range of pastel-izers, chalks and gels to ensure your style never has a dull moment! With a HUGE range of Purple, Violet and Lilac tones from brands such as Manic Panic, La Riche Directions, Crazy Color and Herman's Amazing, there'll be no stopping your style exploration with Dye My Hair! 

Do you have a wicked style you'd like to share with us? If so, then why not hit us up on Social Media! You can find us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and even Pinterest

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Purple Hair: Our Favourite Celebrity Looks!

Purple Hair: Our Favourite Celebrity Looks!

Are you thinking of reaching for the hair dye? Do you love all shades of purple? If so, then let our latest Celebrity inspired blog help guide the way!

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