The Best Hair Dye For Dark Hair!

The Best Hair Dye For Dark Hair!

Do you have naturally dark hair or hair that’s already of darker tone? Are you looking for a funky new way to spruce up your look for less? If so, then Dye My Hair is here to lend you a helping hand on your quest for flawless locks!

Regardless of style interest, budget or inspiration, be sure to treat your barnet with the help of Dye My Hair! Gone are the times of all that salon fuss; it’s never been easier to achieve those salon quality tones with our range of self-dye kits! With big name brands such as Manic Panic, Crazy Color, La Riche Directions and Stargazer, you’re sure to find a shade to match your awesome style!

Dyeing Naturally Dark Hair – Where to Start?

If you’re new to the dyeing process, then worry not! We’ve compiled all you could ever need to know into this funky blog to help you on your way to your true expression of style! From the before you dye ‘do’s’ to the aftercare ‘don’ts’, this blog is designed to ensure your get the most out of your newly lightened locks!

Do I Need To Pre-Lighten/Bleach My Hair?

Many with naturally dark or already dyed, darkened hair choose to pre-lighten their hair to ensure that they get the most out of their newly selected shade! Here at Dye My Hair we truly believe that this is just a matter of preference! It’s not believed to be a necessity that you bleach or pre-lighten natural dark hair, however many do so to achieve a shade that’s highly similar, if not exactly the same, as the one exemplified by the colour swatch.

However, if this is a process that you feel you’d like to perform, we highly recommend that you keep your hair highly moisturised and conditioned. This is to ensure that your hair maintains its healthy stature, as quite often, the bleaching process can strip away at the hair follicles and leave your locks desperately damaged!

With a range of Bleach Kit’s available, such as the Crazy Color Bleaching Kit and the Manic Panic Flash Lightening Kit, your style is sure to never be the same again!

Which Shades Show Up The Best?

If you love to make a statement, then you’re sure to love our extensive range of Semi-Permanent Hair Dyes! From UV Reactive Dyes to Hair Chalks, there’s something for everyone and something for every existing hair shade!

Some of the most popular Crazy Color shades for naturally dark hair include:

  • Sky Blue
  • Pine Green
  • Fire Red
  • Violette

Offering up a duration of up to 8 washes, you can rest assured that your look will have plenty of time to turn heads! With its peroxide free formulation, these vibrant and temporary dyes are sure to bring even the darkest of tones to life!

If you’re seeking hues of a more poignant nature, then why not embrace experimentation with our extensive range of Manic Panic Hair Dyes! Some of our most popular shades for naturally darker tones include:

  • After Midnight
  • Infra Red
  • Venus Envy
  • Rock ‘n’ Roll Red

Offering up show stopping and eye-catching tones, these richly pigmented dyes are sure to be a hit wherever you go! Sure to ensure you leave nothing but a blazing trail of style awesome-ness, why not try them out for yourself today!

Will The Lighter Tones Show?

If you’re worried that the lighter tones won’t show without pre-lightening or bleaching your hair first, we highly recommend that you stick to tones that offer highly pigmented and rich colours. This’ll prevent the overall shade looking washed out, and more importantly, prevent you from being disappointed!

However, if you’re looking for a more subtle, delicate and lightly dyed effect, we highly recommend utilising Splat’s range of Hair Dye’s. Despite lasting up to a whopping 6 weeks, these semi-permanent dyes provide a less intense effect on non-bleached hair!

Do I Need To Care For My Hair Differently?

 Nope! There’s nothing different that you need to do when caring for your recently dyed hair! Here at Dye My Hair we recommend that you always care for and maintain your hair the best you can, especially after a dye-job! Don’t forget that this is a taxing process for your luscious locks, so treating them good is the least you can do! Shampooing with sulphate free shampoos and maintaining a strict hair care regime will ensure that you get the most out of your newly unleashed style!

So, there you have it! Our whistle-stop run down of the best dye’s for dark hair! Regardless of whether you have naturally dark locks, or are just looking for a lighter shade to spruce up your style, we’ve got exactly what you need at Dye My Hair!

Do you have a style that you’re excited to show off? If so, then why not share it with us on social media? You can find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

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The Best Hair Dye For Dark Hair!

The Best Hair Dye For Dark Hair!

If you've got naturally dark locks and are looking to add a splash of funky colour to your style, then check out our latest blog!

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