How to Dye Your Hair: An In Depth Guide

How to Dye Your Hair: An In Depth Guide

If like many, you’re looking to dye your hair at home without all that salon fuss, then our carefully composed guide to home dyeing is here to lend that much needed helping hand!

Whether you’re new to the dyeing process, or are a seasoned pro, we’ve combined all of our top tips and ‘need to knows’ to ensure you achieve that salon quality finish you’ve been dreaming of.

Whatever your style, budget or experience, Dye My Hair is here to lend a helping hand in your journey exploring the creative worlds of colour and cut!

Our Top-Tips For Dyeing Your Hair:

  1. Always Make Sure You Have More Than Enough Dye: Trust us, there’s nothing worse than getting into the process and finding yourself short of dye! Here, the saying that it’s ‘best to be safe than sorry’ really does ring true. Always make sure that you have more than enough dye to cover the desired area, sometimes this could even mean purchasing more than one box of dye if you have short and thick or long hair.
  2. The Importance Of A Strand Test: Many people tend to by-pass the process of performing a strand test and jump straight into dyeing. Here at Dye My Hair we can’t stress enough how important performing a strand test really is. Although the aspect of switching up your style might overpower you with excitement, there’s nothing worse than diving head over heels into a process the yields disappointing results. A strand test can help prevent anti-climactic results and can allow you to get a better picture of what the end result might be. We suggest that you perform a strand test on a section of hair (approximately ¼ inch thick) that’s easily disguisable. Leaving the dye to work its magic, you surely won’t regret having this sneak peek before going the whole hog.
  3. Get Your Hair Prepped For The Dye: Ensuring your hair is 100% ready before you start the dyeing process is almost as important as the dyeing itself! Make sure that you both brush and section your hair according to your liking before you apply any dye, this will allow you to both style and tailor your look just as you like it. Even the smallest knot in your hair can cause problems, so it’s best to ensure your hair is silky smooth before you begin dyeing.
  4. Keeping Your Hairline Clean: There are many an old-wives tale surrounding how to ensure your hairline remains clean during the dyeing process. Here at Dye My Hair, we recommend using products such as Vaseline or Lip Balm to prevent the dye from spreading unwantedly. These products contain Petroleum Jelly, a well-known essential for caring for dry/cracked skin, which also works wonders for both removing hair dye stains on skin.
  5. Always Start From The Top: Another top tip is to always start your dyeing process from the roots and gradually work your way down to the tips. This is because the top needs much longer to develop, making it much easier (and less messy) to come through to the ends.
  6. Washing Your Hair Properly: Perhaps of equal importance to the dye process itself, the maintenance of your freshly dyed hair is another thing to bear in mind! Here at Dye My Hair we highly recommend that you wait as long as possible before you opt for your first, post dye, hair wash. This ensures that the newly applied colour develops further, but also allows you to enjoy your new vibrant locks that little bit longer! When the time does come to wash your hair, always ensure you use warm water and sulphate-free shampoo. By using such products, you can ensure than your hair follicles aren’t subjected to harmful ingredients that could potentially damage your hair.

The Importance Of Pre-Lightening:

Although it’s not considered a necessity to bleach or pre-lighten your hair before you go ahead and dye your hair, it can be seen to give greater and much more vibrant results, such as those closest to the colours shown on your dye’s colour swatch. Although bleaching or pre-lightening may enhance the pigmentation of your chosen dye, it’s important to remember that ‘whole-head’ bleaching can be highly damaging to your hair. Therefore here at Dye My Hair, we recommend that you bleach in moderation, focusing predominantly on your roots and tips.

Should I Bleach My Hair If I’ve Only Recently Dyed It?

Bleaching your hair, after a recent dye, can be done however here at Dye My Hair we recommend that you seek advice from a professional stylist, due to the amount of damage that might occur. It might be a case of waiting for the dye to fade before you begin another recolouring process.

What’s the difference between a Dye and a Toner?

Many people often confuse the two with being muchly the same, however, this is not the case. Although a toner operates in a similar manner to dye, it is not to be used on all hair colours and is often utilised on hair that has been recently bleached or hair that is blonde. Toner is designed to rid the hair of unwanted tones, such as oranges and greens, produced during the bleaching process. As the bleaching and lightening process is one that is harsh and potentially damaging, the process of toning is designed to be depositary and enhancing in nature.

Understanding Duration:

Here at Dye My Hair we pride ourselves on offering a range of different dyes suited for different durations. From hair chalks to semi-permanent dye, it’s always highly important that you understand and follow the supplied instructions carefully as this can differ from brand to brand. For example, although semi-permanent dye from both Manic Panic and Splat last up to 6 weeks, we highly recommend that you fully read and understand the included care guide to ensure you get the most out of your dye!

What are you waiting for? It’s time to embark on the journey of colour creation! Whatever your favourite shade or hue, you can rest assured that Dye My Hair will lend that helping hand in ensuring your achieve the look of your dreams!

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How to Dye Your Hair: An In Depth Guide

How to Dye Your Hair: An In Depth Guide

Discover everything you need to know about how to dye your hair safely, successfully and correctly in our comprehensive guide!

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