Colors Of Hayley Williams Hair That Aren’t Her Traditional Red

Colors Of Hayley Williams Hair That Aren’t Her Traditional Red

Hayley Williams of Paramore fame is also well known due to her ever changing hair color. While she often opts for shades between orange and red, she has also sported a range of other colorful ‘dos. We all know this hair dye fanatic can pull off any color she desires so here is a look at some of our favourite shades of Hayley Williams hair.

Paramore first hit the music scene in 2004 but it was Hayley Williams hair 2007 that first made her a hair icon. Her yellow and red ombre is sure to set your reminiscing about the trends of the noughties when straight hair and side fringes were at the height of popularity.

It is safe to say Hayley Williams has experimented with plenty of other styles since then, each one more gorgeous than the last. In a recent interview, it was revealed that Hayley Nichole Williams natural hair color was unknown. She claimed she has been dyeing her locks for so many years that she doesn’t know her natural hair color, although many suspect it to be a light brown. Here are our 5 favourite Hayley Williams hairstyles.

Hayley Williams Hair Color Look Book

We have decided to steer clear of her classic red and orange color palette and show you a different spectrum of Hayley Williams hair dye.

Her current look for Hayley Williams hair 2018 is a bleached blonde style. This pale, neutral color is miles apart from her usual neon style but we love it! Hayley Williams hair blonde just proves she could dye her hair any color and rock the look. This muted color is paired with a straight fringe and medium length cut and totally highlights the natural beauty of her facial features. To achieve this look at home head to our natural hair dye section and choose the shade that will best suit your style.

Hayley Williams Blonde Hair

Image Source Pinterest

She debuted this look in 2017 so now we are going to take a look at some pre Hayley Williams hair 2017. In 2014 she stepped out with an amazing head of bright blue hair. This vibrant shade reflected her fun personality and the short, choppy style was perfect for this electric tone. To achieve a shade similar to Hayley’s blue we recommend these dyes:

Hayley Williams Blue Hair

Image Source Pinterest

Hayley Williams Yellow Hair Color

For some of 2016 she experimented with yellow colors. Hayley Williams yellow hair is sure to inspire you to try this bright sunny color. Somehow she makes this color super edgy and still has her fabulous punk vibe. Check out these top shades:

Hayley Williams Yellow Hair

Image Source Pinterest

This isn’t the only yellow style she has tried. Check out this Hayley Williams haircut in green and yellow. This bold color combo is sure to help you stand out from the crowd and could be a great way to freshen up your color if you have already tried yellow hair. Head over to our green hair dye section to choose your favourite shade.

Hayley Williams Hairstyles

Image Source Pinterest

From Hayley Williams 2018 to noughties hair, we have waited in anticipation for every new hair color and style that Hayley has brought us. This final style is a pink ‘do with cute fringe. This style in a ponytail is sure to give you plenty of inspiration for how you could style and dye your hair. To achieve this color we suggest using these dyes:

Hayley Williams Pink Hair

Image Source Pinterest

If you are planning on trying any of these styles then why not tag us in a picture of the final result on FacebookTwitter or Instagram. We would love to see you getting creative with color and what better person to inspire you than Hayley Williams.

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Colors Of Hayley Williams Hair That Aren’t Her Traditional Red

Colors Of Hayley Williams Hair That Aren’t Her Traditional Red

Plenty of us are envious of Hayley Williams Hair. No matter what color she chooses, she always looks awesome! Dye My Hair is taking a look at some of her best alternative colors from yellow to blue

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