Green Hair Dye Colors: From Dark Green To Lime

Green Hair Dye Colors: From Dark Green To Lime

When you start looking closer at a hair dye color you realise there are so many shades to choose from. Green may seem like an unusual choice of hair color at first, but you can make your green hair dye even more unusual and fascinating by selecting a fabulous shade that will complement your style.

We have recently seen Zayn Malik trying out a lime green ‘do and of course we are always inspired by the electric green hair of The Joker but whether your inspiration comes from the celebrity world or the comic book world; we know you will want the best green hair dye brands for your hair. Here is a list of a few of the shades you could try:

As you can see there are already a few decisions to make. From a light pastel shade to a dark forest green, the shade you choose will influence your wardrobe. If you love light colors and pastel shades then opt for a similar hair color. If you prefer a dark alternative wardrobe then a dark green hairstyle should suit.

Dark Green Hair Dye Brands

When shopping for dark green hair dye permanent we know you are looking to achieve a sophisticated shade of green. These darker tones can look amazing when paired with naturally dark hair colors. Leaving a hint of your natural color will give you a chic style. You could try a dip dye, shadow roots or highlighted look. We think this shade is the best green hair dye for dark hair because your natural color won’t show through as quickly. Remember, you may still need to bleach your hair first in order to achieve a bright green shade.

Dark Green Hair Dye

If you would like to take your green hair dye for dark hair a shade lighter then be sure to browse our alpine green colors. This shade introduces blue undertones in order to give you a cool, shimmering shade. If you are looking to achieve a green ombre style then this shade is a great starting point. Pair with a lighter shade such as emerald green and we are sure you will love your new look. It is easy to achieve at home with a little patience.

Alpine Green Hair Dye

Light Green Hair Dye

If you are thinking about green hair dye permanent we recommend starting with a semi-permanent or even temporary product so you can be totally confident that you have selected the right shade.

If you are daring to go for a bright style then we expect you will be looking at our emerald green hair dye. Inspired by the gemstone, this tone has a fantastic glow that will help your hair look bouncy and healthy. If you want to tick green off your list of hair colors to try then go bold with an emerald shade.

Emerald Green Hair Dye

Do you fancy trying something light and bright such as lime green hair dye permanent? For the perfect balance between bright emerald green and the fresh hue of mint green, why not style your hair with a pastel green shade. The pastel craze was huge last year and we think it is going to continue to be a big hit. Pastel tones are particularly suited to naturally light hair colors because the lighter your hair the brighter the color will show through.

Pastel Green Hair Dye

Our final shade is mint green. The lightest shade in our family of green hair dyes, be prepared to put in plenty of time to create this style. You will need to bleach your hair and allow it to recover before applying your final shade. We also recommend using color protect hair products after you have applied the dye to keep your color looking brighter for longer. This soft shade of semi permanent green hair dye UK is especially popular during summer and spring due to its light style.

Mint Green Hair Dye

Are you feeling a little overwhelmed at the thought of sporting a dazzling green hairstyle for a few weeks? Start with baby steps and select a green hair dye temporary. With our hair chalks and gels, you can simply wash out your color when you are ready. These products are great for festivals and parties.

As you can see you have plenty of different colors to think about when you are choosing your green hair dye so if you are in need of more hair inspiration head to our FacebookTwitter or Instagram pages to help you make your decision. We post plenty of pictures and articles to help inspire your hair creativity.

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Green Hair Dye Colors: From Dark Green To Lime

Green Hair Dye Colors: From Dark Green To Lime

Are you think about trying out Green Hair Dye? There are plenty of shades to choose from including dark green and lime so we have written this blog to help you decide which color would best suit you

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